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How to test perl scripts offline


How can I test my perl script offline, meaning without uploading them to the web server?


You may be able to run some simple scripts right from the DOS command line. This will work fine as long as the scripts are not supposed to generate HTML (output would look funny) or process CGI data (there won't be any if you simply invoke the script from the DOS prompt (or whatever operating system you use).

If your perl script produces a web page and/ or processes CGI data, then you'll have to install a web server e.g. Apache ( You'll have to copy your script to Apache's CGI-BIN directory (see file httpd.conf to find out where that is) and if under Linux or other Unix, set the executable flag with chmod. Under Linux and Apache 2, the CGI-BIN directory usually is /var/www/cgi-bin/.

If your perl script also relies on a database or other environment on the production web site, then you'll better duplicate all of that. Don't mix development with production.
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