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Department Of Legal Affairs And Investigation / 213-401-2878

A gentleman providing the name 'David Williams' (which sounds about as fake as it can be) called me this morning around 7:50am. He spoke with an Eastern Indian accent. He called from the phone number (213)401-2878.

He said that I was in big trouble with the IRS and that I would be arrested this morning. Police officers were on their way and would arrest me in 40 minutes, at 8:30am.

The only way I could stop the police officers would be to pay $70,000 to the IRS. He said that they would not accept wire transfers or cashier's checks, only Western Union. He asked me 'Do you live near a Safeway store?'.

This sounded very suspicious to me. I asked him for my social security number. He could not provide it.

He did not allow any further questions and stated I should not question his authority.

I did not send $70k to these scammers.

It is now 9:15am and I am still waiting for those police officers.

Again, the phone number that called me was 213-401-2878 and they used the name 'Department Of Legal Affairs And Investigation'.

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