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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Robert Bright Williams, Robert B. Williams

Name: Robert Bright Williams, Robert B. Williams


1806 Jungle Road
East Legon,

Other Comments:
Cell Phone (burn phone) 011-233-274-655459
Taunton, MA USA Magic Jack Land Line: 508-977-7251

I 'met' Robert B. Williams on the website '' devoted to those seeking permanent relationships when he contacted me on March 5th. We expressed an interest in each other. He claimed to reside in Taunton, MA, USA. He said he was British; however, he didn’t have the traditional British accent, after having lived there most of his life – I told him he sounded Ghanaian. He claimed to have an ‘international accent’, due to his extensive travel. He said he was an international jewelry designer, and was working on a piece for an associate in Dubai, would be flying there on 3/9, and we would meet when he returned. The calls he made to me were all incoming on my cell phone. My Verizon detail shows the origination location of all calls, so that I can verify that the number he was calling from was a residence landline in Taunton, 508-977-7251, through Magic Jack. He provided verifiable flight information from BOS to JFK, and JFK to DXB. Calls he made to me from Dubai are verified as originating from Dubai by Verizon. On 3/12, he advised that he received an email from Newmont Mining in Ghana regarding a job offer, and he would be flying there on 3/13. He provided verifiable flights from DXB to ACC, and his calls from Accra, Ghana were verified by Verizon as originating there. He claimed to have accepted the offered position and was beginning work on 3/19. We corresponded mostly by Voice Call on Yahoo IM, and sometimes in text writing on Yahoo IM. His cell phone number, 011-233-274-655459, is a burn phone for which he was purchasing time. On 3/15 I received a shipment of a gift package that included a double orchid, a teddy bear and chocolates with his computer-generated printed note. He claimed to have arranged for it while he was still in Taunton. He supposedly signed the Employment Agreement on 3/19 and began work as the Control Manager. He had claimed to have studied Goldsmithing at The London School of Goldsmithing; however, I could never verify this. We corresponded for several hours each day. As the end of March approached, he advised he was not going to be paid by the company until 4/30, and that he had less than $100 in pocket. He sent scans of the utility invoices and the first three pages of his Employment Agreement. With these details I felt justified in loaning him $1,500.00, to pay off the current bills, buy a clothes washer and have money for food and essentials until his 4/30 pay date. I created a Promissory Note, and he signed and scanned back the signature page. I made the wire transfer on April 4th to a bank account of a 'co-worker' of his that was helping him out. I told him that if this was a scam (which I had discussed with him several times from the beginning) that it was over, because no more money would be coming from me. He claimed it was not, and our 'relationship' has continued on a daily basis. In the middle of April I received an FTD gift pack shipment valued at over $200 that included a dozen red roses and vase, chocolates, a teddy bear and heart necklace. In the past 2 weeks, he has had some fantastical occurrences at his work: four days prior to the 4/23 date he was supposed to get his passport with work visa returned to him, the Managing Director stopped him in the hall and asked him how he was doing. He told him he wasn't happy with his living conditions (housing provided by them, power out 85% of the time, everything so expensive, heat index 109 degrees), and after two meetings he advised the result was that they were withholding his passport, until he paid the $65,000 Termination Fee in his Employment Agreement. On 4/30 he advised that they had withheld his paycheck and he was no longer working there, and that they were giving him 90 days to come up with the re-negotiated Termination Fee of $35K, and that he could stay in the house and use the car/driver. During our conversations I had mentioned that my mother had inherited a small amount of money from the sale of her deceased sister's house. Apparently he thought this would be accessible to him. Today he advised he would run out of food on Saturday, 5/5, and his utilities would be turned off on 5/6 for non-payment, and that he had no more cash. He asked if either my mother or father would provide him with a loan. I told him they had never met him, and it was an unreasonable expectation to even consider it. He said he had talked with his mother, who did not have funds to loan, either.

On May 1st I filed an EthicsPoint complaint with Newmont Mining, based in Denver, CO. He was very angry and said they were involved in the corruption and would not be able to help him. Again last night, 5/2, he confirmed that I should not talk to anyone, that it would only make things worse for him. Today, 5/3, I received a call from the two lawyers working on this case over the past 2 days, and they have confirmed that the contract is fraudulent, and for this particular position, would have been generated it in the US, not Ghana; that they do not have, and have never had, an employee/contract worker named Robert Bright Williams; that the 'co-worker' whose bank account was provided for the wire transfer is not anyone employed with them; that the bank account number is not one associated with any of their employees; and that the address provided to me by Robert for the housing provided by Newmont as a part of the Agreement, is not an address related to any Newmont properties in Accra. They have confirmed that this 'relationship' that began on 3/5, has been a complete scam from the beginning.

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