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How to waterproof my house's foundation


I have a house with a basement. Whenever it rains, water enters the house via a small hole in the foundation wall. This hole locates only about 1 foot below the ground level. I can tell from the outside exactly how the water got in and plan to set up a better drainage system outside.

Is there any material that I can use to patch up this hole from the inside?


You can get "hydraulic cement" from Home Depot and plug it from the inside. It can even be applied as the water is gushing it since hydraulic cement can fix pool leaks even under water.

For permanent better results, it'll have to be fixed from the outside. I had a few cracks in the foundation wall, so we dug down to the slab, had heavy duty plastic sheet placed over the wall after a compound was applied, then styro foam on top of that.

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