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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Mariya

Name: Mariya


not known

Other Comments:
in her first letter to my private email address she told me that her income is low, in her second letter she did not answer any questions from my answer to her first letter. For more, she is using the bat:

1. from the mail header
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.53d)

2. her letters
2nd letter
Hello Ralf.
How are you doing?
I am very glad that you have written to me. I with impatience waited
for your answer. I wish to know about you more. Do not hesitate set
questions, I with pleasure will answer all your questions. I want,
that you have found out about me more. And what character at you?
I want, through the Internet to find the man of the dream. With which
it is possible to create serious the relation, to create a family. I
do not have children. I very much love children. I want that in the
future I had children the boy and the girl. But I dream to create a
family with the person whom I will love. But now it only dream. Of
what you dream?
Send me more photos, and I will send you the. I hope, that to You to
like to receive my photos. It will be very pleasant to me to receive
Your photos.
You can tell more in detail about the hobby or about what you love
????????c? at leisure? It will be very interesting to me to find out
about it.
You like to take a great interest in sports?
I like to go in for sports. I take a great interest in run in the
summer, and to ski and on the fads in the winter. I love when men read
me verses, speak pleasant words. I like to listen to pop, still I like
to look films about love. I like to read the book: love novels. And
you like to listen to music, to look films, to read books? I think
that I the romantic girl. I like to make well with which to me it is
pleasant to communicate. I love when the man concerns me with kindness
and with understanding. It is pleasant to me when men read verses and
name tenderly. I like to be engaged in house cleaning. It is pleasant
to me when cleanliness and a cosiness in the house. You like to be
engaged in house cleaning? Still I like to prepare, I consider that
each girl should be able to prepare. You love is tasty to eat?
As I wrote that that I work in shop, I am pleasant like in shop there
I serve people. I like to people to speak that that approaches them
from clothes. As I all the day standing towards evening what forces do
not remain.
I hope ours with you dialogue proceeds and will be lasts further.
I hope you will answer my questions, and please write more about
I will wait your letter.
Yours Mariya.

my reply
Hello Mariya,
thank you for your letter. There were no problems to understand your letter. I have never been married and do not have children. This does not mean that I was always single, but it were the wrong women, and so all relations ended. Now I'm already single for 2 1/2 years, and single means that here was no woman in my life in this time. Also not for a short-term relation ... I'm looking for a long-term relation only.
Do you have your own computer, or do you use the internet cafe?
In my job I'm doing a mixture out of finance plannings, controlling, and operations.
Bad habits ... well, I like to have one beer in the evening. And possibly I'm not doing enaugh sport. But I do not smoke or take drugs, and I do not have overweight.
Have you been to West Europe already?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,

1st letter
Hello Ralf.
It is pleasant to me to receive your letter, I am very glad. Thanks
that you have answered me. I hope that at you time will write me
letters that we could find out more than the information about each
Now a little bit about me.
I the cheerful, kind, gentle, romantic GIRL. To me 26 years. My name
is Maria. I live in Russia, in village Ezhovo. Growth of 176
centimetres. I work as the seller. My work is pleasant to me. I
would like to find out where you work and whether your work is
pleasant to you? I during free time from work have a rest with
friends, we walk with them and it is interesting to us to
communicate together. And you have a rest with friends? Than you are
engaged at leisure? I am engaged at leisure in cleaning in the
house, I cook food on kitchen.
I live with mum. We earlier with mum lived in a city, but we would
not like to live there because there it is noisy and drunk people go
many. It is not pleasant to me drunk people because I do not drink
and I do not smoke, I consider that for the girl it will be very much
not decently. And you have bad habits?
I on the work receive 250 euro. It is not a lot of, but it is
necessary to live for this salary. I hope that in the future I will
earn on the house where I will live with the favourite family.
I wish to find good work. I was not married because I have not met the
person with whom it would be possible to create a family. And you were
married sometime?
I will write other information on in other letters. I send the photo
and I hope that I on it will like you.
I ask you to send me your photos. Tell about yourself on more, what
you interests, your hobby in what character at you where you work,
than a free time be engaged? I very much hope for that that you will
answer my questions. At me not so well it turns out to write in
English and consequently if to you something will be not clear that
you ask me and I will try to explain to you.
I will wait your letters.
Yours Mariya.

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