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About purchasing and investing in Real Estate. From mobile homes, studios to single family residences.


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List your house for FREE on the MLS


I hear in order to sell my house, I need it to be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). How much will that cost me.


If you pay 3% of the sale price to a realtor, then the realtor will pay the listing cost.
There are also cheaper possibilities. You can work with HelpYouSell (google for this term with your city's name) or other discount services. They may put your property on the MLS for a flat fee like $500.

The latest site is iggyshouse -

They will share with the buyer 75% of the commission they receive. And yes, for sellers, they will put a property on the MLS for free. It costs nothing unless you make a sale. Their tag line is 'List for Free with Iggy'.

Now, don't ask me what 'Iggy' means.

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