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SpySheriff displays secure32.html - where does Secure32.html come from?


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My computer got infected with Spysheriff and I was able to remove it. But it still shows a blue background and the bogus warning as the background - which is set up in file c:secure32.html. When I delete the file, it comes back. Where does this Secure32.html come from?


The file secure32.html is generated by a program called Paytime.exe.
Paytime.exe is located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\paytime.exe

How to solve this problem:
  1. Bring up your taskmanager by pressing Control + Alt + Delete, in some Windows versions select the 'Processes' tab. Then click on 'Paytime.exe' and end the task.
  2. Delete paytime.exe, which you should find under c:WindowsSystem32
  3. Delete c:secure32.html
  4. Run Explorer. It will tell you that it cannot find the path for secure32.html. Use the default configuration of Explorer and everything will be OK.

Content-type: text/html


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2006-01-16, 00:14:50
anonymous from Australia  
You are awesome! took awhile for me to find someone that knew what theyre talking about but it was worth it. thanks a million!
2006-01-17, 22:50:24
Ivonne from Dominican Republic  
Thanks a lot !!
Now my pc is ok Kiss for you xoxo
2006-01-18, 06:14:56
anonymous from Australia  
omg thanks soo much- i thought my comp would be BROKEN! thankkkssss :D
2006-01-18, 16:22:17
Thanks so much. I had been going round in circles looking for a fix. anyone reading this do it. its the best fix i have found.
2006-01-19, 12:50:49
Sharat from India  
thanks a lot , 'Use the default configuration of Explorer'means after following steps 1 -3 if you still get the message cannot find c:\secure32.html do a ok go to ie , then change internet options from control panel set any home page and everything will be perfect= thanks again

2006-01-19, 19:26:44
fery from Indonesia  
2006-01-21, 06:00:04
anonymous from Netherlands  
thanks a lot............. i hate spysheriff GOD... WHO ARE THESE FOULS :@
2006-01-21, 16:44:15 from Canada  
great...simple solution
thank u once again
2006-01-21, 19:20:56
anonymous from United States  
i am still having trouble removing secure32.html. i made it through the first 2 steps but still have the error message. can anyone help me figure out why i can't rid my computer of this code? thanks in advance
2006-01-22, 01:16:16
anonymous from United States  
Hey You All who helped with this situation I owe you dinner. Those who designed this mess we just dealt with need to have thier balls yanked out thier hard drives HDD's
We Thank You
2006-01-22, 16:08:30
I shot the Sheriff from United States  
I shot the Sheriff with your help. Your solution was quick and to the point. It would be nice to know where and how he got invited in.

I now know to check if I encounter any other problems like this in the future.
2006-01-23, 01:55:17
junbsmt from United States  
It works, such a great help! Thanks a million!
2006-01-24, 16:51:21
anonymous from Belgium  
OH MY GOD!!! you are the best!!! I just got my computer back from a shop and i totally flipped out when this happened. stupid guys that do this on the internet!!! many thanks for the person who wrote the solution!!!
2006-01-25, 12:15:18
I dont have any files like spysheriff, winstall.exe , 13242.exe paytime.exe in my taskmenager.My problem: when I connect to the internet my computer was reboot in 60 seconds.Tell me:

The system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
System Shutdown was initiated by NT Authority

WIndows/System32/services.exe terminiating unexpectedly
status code -1073741674 . Please tell me solution.
2006-01-26, 06:17:33
anonymous from Turkey  
I cleaned up winstall by Microsoft AntiSpyware, but when I restarted the computer it is appearing in 'C'again.What must I do?
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