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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 

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2020-04-21, 16:53:06   (updated: 2020-04-21, 16:54:27)
The difference between scammers and whores is that with a prostitute you get something for your money.
Parasites like this woman Valeria give you nothing but lies and deception.

As soon as any woman asks for money cut your losses and get the hell away from them. I did and it was the best thing i ever did.
Has anybody seen this evil bitch recently? Not seen any new photo's for some time now. And she used to love posing for the camera's. She even told me she was a model before i met her.

If you guys still want to look for a partner from a different country you would be better to forget Russia/Ukraine and the likes and try the Far East. It's a hell of a lot cheaper. Though there are scammers there too, but most of the women are a lot more honest and horny as hell. Lol.

A big thanks also to Doc for removing all the shit that seems to appear here. Keep up the good work.
2020-04-22, 19:07:22
You can see that all the scammers/liars are working flat full time. Just look at the number of new posts here on the site.
2020-04-30, 16:24:55

2020-05-16, 05:20:25
I was surprised to hear that she is still scamming and meeting different guys. I am amazed she is still getting away with scamming which is theft. How has she got away with it for so long?

It is a long time since i last met this evil little gold digger 7 or 8 years. I decided to call it a day, for a number of reasons.
I met her via 1 of the scam dating sites and at first she seemed to be a sweet and genuine woman looking for a lasting relationship. As our company was looking to do a lot of business in Ukraine travelling there was no problem as i could combine work and meeting up.
I soon realised all was not as it seemed, she always appeared to be a genuine careing attentative woman. How wrong i was.
She would never let me visit her in Mykolaiv saying it was boring there with nothing to do, so we always met in Odesa. She always had a friend with her, i can not remember their names. She would never let me meet her parents or daughter, she always wanted money, gifts, jewellery etc and even wanted me to buy an apartment in Odesa. Saying we could live there together. Lol.

Eventually i came to my senses and ditched this evil gold digger. It took me a long time to get over her.
About a year later i met a genuine Ukrainian lady (working) at Boryspil airport (not on a scam dating site) we got talking and eventualling started dating some 3 years later we married and both moved to Paris where i could still work and where it was possible to travel to both families easily. Yana has never asked for anything at all during our relationship, she says all of this talk that you must provide everything for Ukrainian women is a lie.
My advice to you guys is if you are interested in meeting a foriegn woman travel to the country and meet women, you will have a lot more chance of meeting a genuine woman unlike the dating sites which are full of scammers and gold diggers.

And by the way our company pulled out of dealings with Ukraine in late 2017 due to corruption and dishonesty. Guess that says it all.
2020-05-17, 15:40:46
This will be my first and last post om delphipaq.

1) How many russians and former soviet state Europeans live in Brazil?
Just the russians: 350.000+
2) Does it snow in Brazil?
South Brazil look just like north or east europe and russia in winter season.
3) 🥶
4) Which language is factually closes to Portuguese in words even if far off verbally? Spanish? No.
5) Where would former Russians, that flea the communistic regime, to study higher education's?
In Russia, Moldova, Romania or any of the former Soviet state countries.
They have good reputation and wellknown russian professor's so many study master degree for fractions of the price in US or UK.
6) Can you provide me some common female names from Brazil? Ye:
2020-05-23, 19:24:38
Dating scammers are taught how to get as much cash as possible from you. They are trained to tell you what you want to hear, in the belief that you will think there love for you is real. Valeria is an expert at this.
Guys need to know whatever they are telling you its a great big lie.
Is she still in Ukraine?
2020-05-24, 05:15:52
anonymous from France  
It is true. Dating scammers only want you for money not love. They are big liar.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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