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Dating scammer Ivy Larry


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Name: Ivy Larry


Abomey calavi , Ohio Benin, Cotonou, Benin

Other Comments:
This girl i learned known in June 2007she told working for a social institution.
After a short time she promised to will be with me and will vist me and takes money for that to get a new passport. Then her mother becomes ill for station there is to pay 300,-- Euros, afterwards she ask me to pay blood for her mother for about 800,-- euros. then she need a healthy pass that should be 880,-- Euros
Than she has to make a spend at her church.
In the meantime another person send me a flirt of her as attache:
Hello Roy,

Goodevening......Thank you for your chat this evening! Im very glad to get acquainted with you! I wish that our friendship will last and hopefully will turn into something good and nice to talk about....

Roy,our correspondence will help us to find out if we are compatible and share the same values of life.i,m glad that you live a good and steady life.I am also happy to tell you some more and everything about myself as i hope to know everything about you.i think this is the best way to build a foundation for a great relationship in the nearest future if it be the will of God...I feel so pleased that as i write the to you,you will know me better..

Roy,here are some questions that i,ll like to know your opinion on these issues as i hope you,ll reply me with answers to all my questions.

Which qualities do you value in a person most?

My answer to this is honesty, loyalty, respect, the will to keep promises, sense of responsibility,fairness, and if it is a relationship- tenderness and
faithfulness.I promise that I will be always honest to you, and I expect the same from you.

Will you?

Honesty is the best policy in life! We should tell each other the truth whether the other likes it to hear or not, of course not in a rude or unpolite way.Life is too short to waste it with playing games with the feelings of someone else.

I want to point out that Im very serious about relationship and that Im truly looking for my future husband, not looking for fun and adventure. Im only looking for true human quality in my future husband. I want the true beauty that lasts forever and that only can come from inside. As you know the outside beauty will fade away as one gets old, however the inside beauty actually glows. Real beauty only comes from the good heart. Not all people are same though, and thats why Im determined to find the right one. Hopefully we can become such persons for each other, and I will be happy if we find our love and our happiness together.

My dad was a textile trade merchant here in cotonou since i was born but unfortunately he died five years ago of paralysis.i still miss him till today and this moment that i write of him.Dad is of dutch ancestry but a national of south Africa while mom is both French and Beninoise. We have all lived our lives here in this is home to us.

My mother Vivian used to own a grocery shop but now she does petty trading.Susan is my little sister and she is 10 years younger than i am.she just passed out of secondary school and awaits university admition.thats life how life has been for us.But we are a one happy family....i have attached some pictures of me and also my mother with me when i was a little girl and of my father too...I just wanted you to know more of me since you are busy with work..

In my job I sometimes work hard but Roy, money and success are not the most important things in my life. What I really care about and need is friendship and love.Im lucky to have a few true friends, I only miss in my life a man whom I can love and who loves me, who will be my best friend, my lover and my husband.

I work as an I work as a public relations office in a small but growing charity organization here in Benin. My financial situation is not very okay at the moment but I dont think in a materialistic way. I live in a nice silent apartment near the center of Abomey-calavi here in Benin republic with very good connection to a natural environment. And there is a lot of green life around.

I love to live in Benin, its a wonderful city .Im pleased with my life but hope to find the amazing happiness that the love of a man can bring and also the blessings of holy matrimony.

I enjoy outdoor activities as much as the cosiness of my apartment. I like sports in the fitness club, walking in nature with a good company,dancing,reading, going to the cinema (my favorite movies of those which I have seen recently are 'Little Man' and 'my super ex-girlfriend'), traveling, and meeting my friends. I like pets but I have no space for them in my apartment. I believe in harmony and love, and I am always responsible in my actions. I dont look particularly for a husband from abroad, I keep my eyes open here as well, but it is really hard to find a man who doesnt look only for fun and pleasure Roy.

I already was near to give up the idea of finding my soul mate by internet because I didnt make any good experiences. Many ads from men turned out to be unserious or coming from agencies which also wanted me to send money. Well, I am so glad that you are different, I have a very, very good impression of you.

I dont see a man as a sexual object. Sex can be wonderful but without love it leaves us in the end empty and hurt. Im not a woman for one night, and I hope that you are careful as well concerning sex.

Tell me, what is the meaning of marriage for you?

My parents were married for more than 30 years and they were happy together, and as they did,I want to marry only once in my life. I believe in happy contented family and in the sanctity of marriage, it should be respected as one of the most important Values of a human being, it should never be trampled down as useless. Divorces now are frequent all over the world, people plunge into marriage with a little Understanding of the real meaning of this agreement and when the going gets rough, because of the weak foundation, the marriage collapses, and the usual result is to finish someone else, well for me this is a senseless act. You cannot solve the problems by getting another partner, the change must start from the person itself. You have to look deeper into your own attitude and change for the better and only then you will find a better compromise with your partner...i will have to take a rest now,i'm so tired and will have to rest,please do write to me or we will meet online to chat.

I will wait for your reply. Please answer to all my questions!!!

I wish you a wonderful day!
With tenderness,

After that i send a copy of passport to the embassy and ask also ife there must be a healthy certification before coming in to the EG.
They told the passport is false, and the only vaccination you have to have before coming into the eG is to have something against yellow feaver.
IT s a scam what Ms. Ivy do in connection with her travelo agency to collect peoples money by lieing and scaming.
Report from Embassy :
wie vorhin vermutet geht es hier um einen Betrugsfall!!!! Diese Bilder haben wir bereits unter vielen anderen Namen fters erhalten.
Ausserdem ist dieser beninische Pass seit vielen Jahren nicht mehr gltig.
Und obwohl der gescannte Pass sehr alt ist, ist es doch nochmal geflscht!!!!

Es wird bei keinem Schengenstaat Gesundheitsattest verlangt!!!!!


Rein Betrug!!!!

Ich wrde Ihnen dringend vorschlagen jeglichen Kontakt mit solchen Leuten bzw. Betrugsorganisationen unmittelbar zu vermeiden.

Freundliche Grsse


Sehr geehrter Herr Ahovey

In der Anlage bersende ich Ihnen ein Bild der Person, sowie eine Kopie
des Passes.Ich werde mit gleicher Post ms.Larry dazu bewegen sich mit Ihnen
in Kontakt zu setzen.

Mit freundlichem Gru
Ralph Bleichwehl

-----Ursprngliche Nachricht-----
Von: .COTO RK-VISA-200 Ahovey, Eric
Gesendet: Freitag, 19. Oktober 2007 09:09

Sie geraten hchstwahrscheinlich ins Netz der Betrger!!! Keine Visastelle
verlangt irgendein medizinisches Attest um Visumantrag entgegen zu nehmen!!!

Wieso mchten Sie unseren Antwort auf Englisch haben?! Sie sind doch
Deutscher und Benin ist ein Francophonenland!!!! oder luft der Kontakt
zwischen Ihnen und jener 'Bninoise' auf englisch?!

Wir mchten Sie darum bieten, die Namen, Vornamen, Geburtsdatum sowie Fotos
von dieser 'Beninoise' uns zu zuschicken und ihr empfehlen zu uns vorbei zu
kommen, damit wir Ihnen beiden durch Beratung behilflich sein knnen.

Unsere ffnungszeiten sind: Montag bis Freitag: 09 Uhr 00 bis 12 Uhr 00.

Freundliche Gre


Von: .COTO RK-VISA-200 Ahovey, Eric []
Gesendet: Freitag, 19. Oktober 2007 09:09
Betreff: Re: Kontakt mit dem Botschafter

Sehr geehrter Herr
Sie geraten hchstwahrscheinlich ins Netz der Betrger!!! Keine Visastelle verlangt irgendein medizinisches Attest um Visumantrag entgegen zu nehmen!!!

Wieso mchten Sie unseren Antwort auf Englisch haben?! Sie sind doch Deutscher und Benin ist ein Francophonenland!!!! oder luft der Kontakt zwischen Ihnen und jener 'Bninoise' auf englisch?!

Wir mchten Sie darum bieten, die Namen, Vornamen, Geburtsdatum sowie Fotos von dieser 'Beninoise' uns zu zuschicken und ihr empfehlen zu uns vorbei zu kommen, damit wir Ihnen beiden durch Beratung behilflich sein knnen.

Unsere ffnungszeiten sind: Montag bis Freitag: 09 Uhr 00 bis 12 Uhr 00.

Freundliche Gre


alles, was bei der Ausreise geprft wird, ist der Eintrag einer gltigen Gelbfieberimpfung im Impfpass.

Mit freunldichen Gren
Gabriele Gbgnonvi

Original Message -----
From: 'To: ''.COTO WZ-100 Gbegnonvi, Gabriele''
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 12:52 PM
Subject: AW: Kontakt mit dem Botschafter

Sehr verehrte Frau Gbgnonvi,
und die beninnoisen Behrden verlangen auch kein Gesundheitsattest vor
verlassen des Landes.

Mit vilen dank im voraus

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2009-05-21, 18:27:28
anonymous from Mexico  
This girl is Anna of Zelenodolsk, she is a seller but when I asked search a friend in her city she doesn't wrote more because she is working with other scammer Viktoriya Alekseeva, her e mail

2009-05-21, 18:29:00
anonymous from Mexico  
Anna of zelenodolsk and her mother

2009-06-29, 10:00:38
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-06-29, 09:26:52
anonymous from Bangladesh

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive.)
2009-06-29, 09:27:53
anonymous from Bangladesh

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive.)
2009-06-29, 09:28:36
anonymous from Bangladesh

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive
Never put your non-sense postings on here.
Not a Dating Site !
I already hit SPAM on you.
You are just only '' SPAMMER ''.
Never waste spaces.
Spaces are only for victims.
Stop your childish behavior!
Go away !
This image was also posted here:
Most of this site's traffic comes from.. Ukraine?

2009-06-29, 11:05:15
Floyd from United States  
Good Morning Wanwan

some people are just idiots.... I spammed Bangladesh for his stupidty
2009-06-29, 12:36:36   (updated: 2009-06-29, 12:42:27)
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-06-29, 11:05:15
Floyd from United States

Good Morning!!
And Great !!!
I love to see your GREAT comment!!
Thank you=Ariga to !!(Japanese language)
I appreciate your friendly supports,thank you !!
Lately scammers try attacking on Delphi,
opinion leader like agent86,Dirk,,,,.
so we watch scammers,idiots.
Thank you Floyd !!
Please give us your friendly hands !!

Mata-ne(it means see you soon )

from wan wan !!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Watt Doherty
Dating scammer SMITH ANDERSON

2009-07-13, 13:11:49
I have received
Hello Ali!
Have a good day.
I am very happy, she replied that my message.
I for the first time they met over the Internet. And consequently, I have some 'concern.
I want to apologize to once why do not live in the country and wrote in my profile. I live in Russia.
The reason that I misunderstood a computer, and yet very masculine and familiarity with the Internet.
I mistakenly indicated the village residents I have come a mixed question, with the country where I want to find
the man of knowledge.
So I made a mistake in my profile.
I hope that is not an obstacle to the continuation of our knowledge.
Why, I really liked you.
On the basis that I was recommended to me on the website - your profile and gave me the most interesting.
I hope that we can communicate and we have more information than the other.
And I'd like continue a very understanding.
Now let me say I have a little more 'on me.
My name - Anna! To me of 28 years!
I was born 21 July 1980.
I finished training in college, a Seller's specialties - consultant.
Even in this Colledge I studied English, but I can talk freely about it.
Furthermore, I studied a little Italian, but I know that is not yet very good and, therefore, I am sorry if I forgive you that write correctly.
And I can speak Italian, but I still do not have much to write. So you can not be confused by what my letter will be little inconsistent.
I am the woman who appreciates love, loyalty, honesty. I am not afraid of the difficulties of a life.
I have never been married. I therefore facing service Conoscenti here because I have difficulty with finding
the good person.
Come I am very lonely and I need to have more part of a professional and kind person.
My growth - 164 cm, my weight - 52 kg.
In this letter I send some of my photos.
Again I say to you that I am very glad that you wrote to me.
I look forward to continuing our knowledge, therefore, that, now I already informed you have caused sincere interest in
Please ask questions, I am happy to say about me.
Please send some photos. It would be very nice for me, a look at your photos.
I wait for your messages, I also hope that very soon I answered.

Letter as well and thanks gOD THAT I HAVE SEEN gOOLGLE FOR SPAM e-MAIL aDDRESS.
2010-04-26, 13:29:42
anonymous from Norway  
HI! I Have not been scammed, but they tried to do it to me. I got to know a girl who called herself Suzzy, but I soon realized that this was not the case.
I have pasted in a letter from her 'travel agency' in Benin:
Good day ( my full name)!

Miss Suzzy Aden with file number SU/11460/A does not need a new Passport as her Passport will be valid for ten(10)years.We require you pay for the procurement of a Visa to Norway for her,she was in our office yesterday to find out the cost of tickets to Oslo,Norway.The cost of tickets to Norway are as follows,

First Class:2450 EUROS
Business Class:2100 EUROS
Economy Class:1600 EUROS

We will apply for Miss Suzzy Aden's Visa from the consulate here,trust us to give you the best services,Miss Suzzy Aden's Visa will be ready with 14 working days from the day we start working on it.

The only way we recieve money from our International customers is via telegraphic means preferably via Western Union Money Transfer,We have had lots of problems with the bank sending in the past.All payment must be addressed to accountant of this agency(Gray Matas Travel and Tours)in the person of


22 Missebo rough,
Republic of Benin.

We require the following information from you after sending the funds for her Visa to Norway,This will enable us recieve the funds and start work.

1)MTCN(Money Control Transfer Number)
2)Your full Names and Address
3)Amount Sent to us
4)Test Question and Answer

Due to the poor technology know how of this country,it is impossible to send ticket from other countries to be used here,we strongly advise the tickets are bought here to avoid complications that might arise as a matter of this.

Thanks for your patronage,

Excellence is our watch word,

best regards

Andrew Okeke

Principal Consultant.

Republic of Benin Office
22 Missebo rough,
Republic Benin

Whatch out for these guys, they are a joke!!
Here is pic of 'Suzzzy':

2013-03-04, 18:52:52
Same letters ... also from benin
with these photos

2013-03-04, 18:53:20
anonymous from Mexico  

2013-03-04, 19:38:15
DOC from United States  
anonymous from Mexico,

Picture search traces to a Norwegian blogger....Kristina Andersen

2013-03-05, 04:59:00
OJAS from United States  
2013-03-05, 05:18:22   (updated: 2013-03-05, 05:22:34)
Maybe this Kristina 'acee-ducee' ... huh ?

Slang Dictionary three .... A sexual game between two women The sex fight game, played between two women who fuck each other with their clits. For more details ...

2013-03-05, 14:02:37
OJAS from United States  
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