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Dating scammer Natalia Sokolova from Yakutsk, Russia


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Name: Natalia Sokolova
City: Yakutsk, Russia
Born: October 10th, 1980


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2006-09-18, 21:56:36
anonymous from United States  

Hi,dear Brian, so sorry last answer!
I must tell you that internet is a new
way of communication. You need to know that I am not very good at
so please be a patient while reading my letter and seeing a lot of
mistakes. I like your photo, you look very well!!!
I think that you want to know more about my interests, likes and
my hobbies. I also would like to know more about you. I want to know as
much as I can. I will ask you all the questions I want to ask in my
I live in Russia in a small town, not far away from the big industrial
city Yakutsk
My city is quite far way from Moscow. Moscow is a capital city
in my country. I am writing you from the internet cafee in city Yakutsk
because there is no possibility to use internet in my small town.
We have only 4 digital telephones in our town and we can't call abroad
this line.
Even if i want to call abroad in any other city in Russia, I have to
such calls from the operator.
I am usual girl. I am 25, my date of birthday is - October, 10, 1980.
I hate getting older every day, when i see old people I am always
about my future.
I am doing everything to keep in shape. I am working out frequently.
I do a lot of excersices despite all the difficulties in my life.
My height is approximately 175cm (5.6) and my weight is approximately
All other things you can see by my photos that I send to you.
People tell me that I look good. I think every woman has its own
I never married and do not have any children.
Let me tell you about some sad things. I think you have right to know.
I never saw my parents. My mother left me in the Maternity hospital and
I was
raised in the Shelter for orphans, but I think it is not a problem for
to know that I have no relatives. Russian government helped me a lot,
they provided me with a small flat in the communal appartment when I
18 years old. I studied in the medical university for 5 years and I got
my dentist diploma.
I think it is hard for you to realize this, but the true fact is that
it is
very hard to live in a small town in Russia. There are no possibilities
to get a good job. The life standards are low. A lot of young people
this town and go to some big cities for better life, but they are not
there. This is why I decided to leave Russia. I know it might sound
but this is not the place where i want to raise my children and have a
I want to meet my second half. I don't think i can explain that in
I am not affraid of working this through. I am sure you won't be
when you meet me in real life.
I will have all the documents for travelling in few days and I will be
to Moscow and from Moscow to your place. So I need to know where your
is so I can give it to the agency. I need to know the name of the
where you live and the closest international airport. I will be buying
tickets while I am in Moscow. Of course if you want me to come.
I think it would be a great idea to meet my love and stay there with
forever. I know it is not so easy as it might sound.
I want to love and be loved. I want to build our own hapiness. Mine and
I don't smoke but I tried smoking when I was younger.
Sometimes I might have a glass of wine, it helps to get relaxed.
I take care of my face and body. This is all I have.
My soul might have a better interest for you in the future, when you
find out
more about me. I think that won't be long.
I am not a little girl and I know that almost all men are looking at
the body,
legs and face. God created the men like this. I hope you didn't get
while reading my letter. I hope you understand what my goal is.
If there is something you want to know then please don't affraid to
I want you to write me and tell me if you understand what my goal is,
what my soul is all about and what I am looking for. If you don't
understand me
or you think that I am not the right girl for you then tell me so, so I
continue my search.
I have some important questions for you:
What alcohol drinks do you like. Do you drink a lot? Can you be rude
with women.
Ok, I think I will be finishing up this letter, I think you're tired of
this letter and if you think that I need to make my letters shorter
then let me
know. Please don't get scared if I don't write you right away, probably
I don't have
much time to visit the internet caffe cause it takes 90 minutes by bus
to get
here to the internet caffe.
Please write more about you, about your likes and dislikes. I must stop
Kissing you! Talk to you later.
I will give you some more details about my trip in my next email.
I will be missing you, Sincerely yours Natalia

2006-09-18, 21:57:42
anonymous from United States  

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2006-09-18, 21:59:01
anonymous from United States  
2006-09-18, 22:00:01
anonymous from United States  
'Natalia_email' <>
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2006-09-18, 22:01:23
anonymous from United States  
'Natalia_email' <>
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2006-09-18, 22:03:55
anonymous from United States  
'Natalia_email' <>
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2006-09-18, 22:05:01
anonymous from United States  
'Natalia_email' <>
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2006-09-20, 14:56:45
anonymous from United States  
My honey , that's me again,
I don't know where to begin. It is hard to talk about it. When I went
to the travel agency to pay for my trip. I told you about it in my earlier
emails, about this big city getting me scared. There are so many people
here, everbody is running somewhere and I think they don't see anything
around them, they don't care for people who are next to them. I went to
the agency by the underground as this is the fastest and unexpensive method
to get from one place in this city to another one and this became a
nightmare for me. There was a lot of people, everyone was pushing
in the vagon. Disaster happened to me, while I was making my way down to
the agency. The thing is that I always put my money in wallet and I put my
wallet to my bag. I placed my bag over the sholder and I didn't feel it when
someone made a small hole in my bag with a razor and nicked my wallet with
the money. I know it might sound crazy, but when I came to the agency
and this is only 3-4 minutes away from the underground station I suddenly
realized that my bag was cut by the razor and my wallet was stolen with
all my money that I had to pay for a trip (1250 us dollars to be exact)
I didn't know what to do when I found out about my loss.
I wanted to scream and shout about this. I started to cry. The manager
in the agency tried to calm me down. The manager gave me some meds to
get me relaxed. I don't know what to do. This was all my money I was saving
so hard. If i could just help you to get me out of this trouble here in
this horrible city. I have no one to help me. I don't know anyone.
You're the only one I could ask for some help. You can possibly help me
out and I can borrow the money for the trip to you. I will pay you back
this when I come to you and get my job going. I have to pay for my trip
within the next 1 day before my interview as I have to show my flight
tickets and all the documents package to the people from the embassy.
They have to make sure that I am not planning to stay in your country
illegally and that I have my flight round trip ticket with an open date.
This is one of the rules about obtaining visa.
I have some money at my flat which I am renting here in Moscow.
I have $550 us dollars there which I left as my pocket money and wanted
to buy some presents for you with that money, but I guess I am going to
use that for my flight if you can help me out.
I've been told by the agency that you can use one of the international
agencies that deal with transfering money abroad - Western Union or MoneyGram.
This is one of the fastest ways to send money from all over the wolrd.
I went to the local bank and the manager at the bank explained to me
how these systems work.
All you need to do to send the money is my name, my surname (first name and last name)
and I will be able to get the money in any Western Union or MoneyGram
agency in all over the Moscow.
We need to make it pretty quick because we don't have much time as my interview
is only in few days and we got to do it before the interview.
If all is fine then I will be taking the flight which I gave you the info about
in my last letter!
I need 700 us dollars. Can you help me out with that amount of money?
If everything will be fine between us I will be able to stay with you for more
than 3 month, I can stay with you for up to 12 month during my first visit
to your country and then get an extension to my visa. All I need to do is to
book a date for my return date. Or I can come back earlier if something goes wrong
and we don't feel this chemistry between us.
A little more information about the Western Union or MoneyGram.
These are 2 different systems, but they works similar. You can choose any.
You can find any local Western Union or MoneyGram agent in your area. You need
to find it and go there to send the money under my name.
You will be asked for my full name and surname, my address in Moscow where
I am currently staying.
Here is all the info you need to know to make a transfer:

My address here in Moscow where I am renting my flat

country: Russia
city: Moscow
address: Palkona street 41 flat # 54
postal code: 210309
full name: Natalia Sokolowa (i hope i spelled it correctly)

As soon as you provide them with this info they will be able to initiate the
transfer and I will be able to get this money in just 10 minutes in Moscow.
But I need to know Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) that the agent
will give you in order to pick up this money. I will also need to know
your name (first name, last name) as you given it to agent for the transfer and
the location of the Western Union/MoneyGram money was sent from.
They agent here in Moscow will ask for this information.

I am really not comfortable sending you a letter like that. My head is spinning
round, I still hardly believe in what happened to me.
I wait for your letter badly. I don't know what to do if you can't help me.
I am really scared. We are so close to each other as we've never been and all is
ruined by this incident.
I appologize for getting you through all this, but I really have no other options
You're the only hope.
I hope you won't be dissapointed when you meet me. Bye bye!
Yours Natalia

Actually, Natalia is doing real good. Goes by the name Natalia Sokolowa these days, still using the same photos though. You have to admit, she has gumption. She still uses the email. I have found it funny.

Look out for hnow


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2006-09-21, 00:34:24
Mrs. C from United States  
ever notice how many of these documents just have the first initials of her name?

since it is a legal document wouldn't she have to sign her full name?
2006-09-21, 06:28:29
anonymous from Canada  
Thanks, she has tried me.
2006-10-02, 14:30:31
anonymous from Switzerland  
Add another name to your list - <Tatyana> Same letter. Good English, though. All these gals are cute.
2006-10-02, 14:35:26
anonymous from United States  
this girl has just cotacted me fronm american singles she has scam all over hewre and her she 1st email exect letter fuond here good looking =====no brains
thanks for the info her email name natalia

the rest is up to you
2006-10-03, 14:50:52
anonymous from Canada  
Go the same messages from name natalia....I think I am going to play her for a while!!!

wish me luck
2006-10-05, 14:58:50
anonymous from Colombia  
i dont know you but i have a yakut girlfriend and i was just searching for information about yakutsk and i find this one, well you look really nice and beautyfull..
i am a colombian, my name is nicolàs and i speak russian.
paka! kresibaya
2006-10-06, 16:43:15
anonymous from United States  
My name is Bill and she tryed to scam me for $700. I live in Indiana,USA.
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