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Dating scammer Mark Ferris Graves


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Name: Mark Ferris Graves



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2013-10-10, 20:21:17   (updated: 2013-10-10, 20:23:07)
anonymous from United States  
Was surprised to find his name here but I cruised around your site for tips and ...go figure, he was everything you said! It was quite surprising that he said almost word for word what other guys had said and done. He had a consruction 'contract' come up in 'Ghana'. And just as I anticipated...he soon said he needed some help to pay for excavators and he could prove the details of the cheque he had that he would pay me back once back in the states. Thank goodness for this site and I just hope people trust their gut... It usually knows. I didn't fall for one second of this dudes scam, it just amazes me that there are people like this :(. Oh, and he uses
2013-10-10, 22:13:25
Miss Marple from United States  
US,thanks need photos the scammer is using in the scam mails also the scammer sent you below check it please is that the same photos ?

2013-10-24, 20:42:19   (updated: 2013-10-24, 20:45:25)
anonymous from United States  
Here are a couple of emails... I cant upload photos..the 'choose file' button is greyed out and wont let me select.
I hope you're having a nice day, my day had been good do far, I miss talking to you. I was very sad when we didn't get to talk last night cause of the connection but I hope it's going to be good tonight so we can have a nice conversation.
Your thoughts have been on my mind since we met on the site and it's a good thing, we're off to a good start. I like you very much, you are a type of woman that every man would to have for himself as his one and only. If only we lived closer, I believe we will come together when time is due as I would like take things very slowly with you.
You might be the one I have been seeking for all my life and finally you're here, you might be an angel sent down from heaven and you landed right on my heart spot to make my life complete and me a better man. I am happy for us, friends are always friends and hopefully we can be best of friends. Hope to connect with you on messenger soon, take care and hope to hear from you soon xoxo

I'm really glad to read back from you, you put a smile on my face. I am really glad to have met you on here and hope we can continue like this as I believe we will get somewhere. Thanks for answering all my questions, that makes me know you better and also a happy belated birthday to you, wish i was there with you to give you a kiss on your cheek. Its good to know you are a July born as my birthday is this upcoming july 26.

I am going to answer the same questions I asked you, I am glad you are a very honest woman, I know you are and you can bet I am too. I never tell a lie as I have no reason to, my wish is that this world would be a better place for us all to live in as it was before and we all will be happy.. here it goes
I do believe in love, I agree everything happens for a reason.

I am a confident man and I expect the same in my woman, honest, loyal, trust worthy and with a good sense of humor.. Respect for sure is a must!

I am 100 percent okay with public intimacy, I dont mind sharing a kiss or two with my partner is public as I would like to show the world how much I love my woman but keep it secret when the love is growing..

I miss everything about having a relationship partner, I like to do everything with my woman when am in love.. Take shower together, cook together, go for drives, trips and soo many lovely things together. I miss the touch of a woman

Oh well, being single to me is the crazies thing happened to me.. I am not eager to fall in love again but I definitely don't wanna be single for too long. I guess its time now

My favorite song.. I love a few, Aaron Neville dont know much, Labrinth ft Emile Sande beneath you're beautiful and a couple of country songs.

I love movies.. Brave heart, forever you, The notebook and Gladiator
I admire my kids very much

I sometimes count my steps whiles walking, especially on the beach

I drink a little wine and I don't mind a beer on a sunny Saturday

I believe in the most high.. I was raised a catholic but not much into church lately. Every good thing comes from Heaven

I guess thats all for now, you can ask me some more if you have any.. Hope to hear from you soon

Take care xoxo,
2013-10-24, 20:59:58   (updated: 2013-10-24, 21:05:57)
anonymous from United States  
Hi, how you doing? I hope you're doing good, as I am doing very well here. I just got back home from work and thought maybe I'd send you a little something to read as you've been on my mind all day. I can't wait for us to know each other more and to start a serious relationship together, I just like everything about you and soo glad to have you as a friend on here. You're very beautiful and have all the qualities to be a good woman for a good man like me, I wish to have such a woman like you by my side for the rest of my life as I would cherish and love you till the end of time. I think we just met and have to be serious and take things slowly so we could get to know more about each other. I like the way we do correspond whenever we can and that alone increases what i feel for you inside me, I just want us to be free and open to each other so we can learn to trust one another. I want to have you as my everything and make you feel wanted, I cant wait for that day we will come together in person so I can look straight into eyes and tell you whats on my heart for you, i want you to  make me a better man. To have you sharing your life with me and me sharing my life with you is truly a gift from God to as i really wish to be with someone like you sweet one. The look in your eyes in your photos make me happy, your smile are all greater gifts than I probably deserve, but I am grateful for them all and I know I am not perfect and I have not made things easy for either of us but I would like to be that missing spot in your heart if you would be mine dear. I will do whatever it takes to make this work, distance and age doesn't matter if you really love the person, what matters most is your honesty and trust for that relationship to work out. without romance, love gets dry. without respect, love gets lost. without caring, love gets boring. without honesty, love gets unhappy, and without trust, love gets unstable , I hope you understand me better. I don't wanna take this far with you, I hope you can understand my feelings better with all these I've said to you. Forgive me if I'm going too far but as I said, I like to speak out my thoughts and feelings towards someone. I promise to step on the brake and not crush, I've added a few photos I thought you'd like to see. The other one was with my son Jonas and his friends, we went hunting but caught nothing LOL. hope this finds you well, going to have my shower and get something to eat.. have a nice one and hope to hear from you soon xoxo
Take care,

On Sep 6, 2013, at 10:14 PM, Mark Ferris Graves wrote:
Hi dear, thank you for your lovely email. I always love reading from you, hope everything is doing good with you up there as I'm fit here. The weather here is normal, sometimes very sunny and also cold. I miss talking to you, will try to call you on this weekends. I hope you're doing good with your job and not working too hard.

I understand you not telling your kids about me yet, I agree with you and would like to meet them as a surprise when im back to the states. Construction going on well here and hope it gets better, my plans are just simple ones.. I wanna get done quick then come see you, I'll be staying in a hotel for some weeks and we will be spending some quality time together before I move back to Canada to see my kids. Then we can both decide our future together :-)

I cant wait to see you and to be with you, my feelings increases for you every second.. hope this finds you well, have a good one and take care xo


2013-10-24, 21:11:31
anonymous from United States  
It was via text that he all of a sudden needed money. Uh huh...
Number he has used..

207 331-5983
And a random one out of Texas which I didn't keep

Good luck! Stay smart- there really are good guys out there....I am convinced you aren't going to meet em on the Internet

I will check back to see if I am able to post the poor schmucks photos that these slime bags are using
2013-10-24, 22:29:39
Miss Marple from United States  

I cant upload photos..the 'choose file' button is greyed out and wont let me select.

The button is always grey ,have you tried to push on it ? please try again ..I will check your sent mails here ,thank you !

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2013-12-01, 15:41:05
anonymous from United States  
Hi,I was also scammed by this scumbag and even after he was caught by me,he still tried contacting me.I believed all his lies.I should have believed my family and friends who tried warning me but I have to say,this guy was good.He knew exactly what to say to reel me in.His name is NOT Mark Ferris Graves and the pics he uses are not of him,he is actually a black man and not from Canada as he claims.You should check out his Facevook and you will notive that he has no friends.He and all those like him are the scum of the earth and will get what he deserves.I would upload his pic but I don't know how to do it!
2014-01-24, 20:04:18
anonymous from United States  
OMG unbelievable this man said he loved me..#sicktomystomach
God dam scammers
2014-02-02, 18:02:53
anonymous from United States  
This man is still out there scamming and when I called him on it he tried to say someone was monitoring our conversation when I called him on it.0lwasw mmmmmmm u table. Please be careful this guy turned really nasty when I asked him about this pahe
2014-02-02, 18:14:45
Miss Marple from United States  
2014-02-02, 18:02:53
anonymous from United States

Please post photos the scammer is using and is easier for people to be warned on this scam ...
2014-02-04, 16:07:49
anonymous from United States  
This guy is a scamming lose now is thing is he is going to the UK and needs jelp4.her goes by o wish I old put his picture up he is on a couple different sites with the same green stripped shirt.He is a scamming lose don't fall into his trap
2014-02-04, 16:09:38
anonymous from United States  
This guy is a scamming lose now is thing is he is going to the UK and needs jelp4.her goes by o wish I old put his picture up he is on a couple different sites with the same green stripped shirt.He is a scamming lose don't fall into his trap
2014-02-04, 16:14:27
anonymous from United States  
His or cupid name is greenoble6
2014-02-04, 16:14:27
anonymous from United States  
His or cupid name is greenoble6
2014-02-04, 16:14:27
anonymous from United States  
His or cupid name is greenoble6
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