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Dating scammer Lawrence David Dale


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Name: Lawrence David Dale


UK, Australia, Alaska

Other Comments:
His name is Lawrence David Dale and I met him on According to him, his birthday is October 18, 1962. He began texting through 2 phone numbers. 1-856-513-2937 & 301-200-0022. Email addresses, Prior to this, I have not heard from him for several weeks and quite suspiciously he stopped texting me when I told him about another scammer that I had met on On January 28, 2013, he starts texting me again saying that he did not receive any of my texts since he was in the UK. He says that he is a Pipeline engineer with a graduate degree in Marine Metallurgical Engineering. He went to Melbourne, Australia for undergraduate school and his second degree was from Dublin Ireland but later he told me it was from Oxford in the UK. Later changed the story to that he went to Junior High in Dublin Ireland and college at the University College of Dublin, UK. First he tells me that he has lived in Maryland for about 2 months in Ellicott City. Later I asked him about this and he told me that he worked in Texas for 9 months and was staying at the Tremont hotel at St Paul Street in Baltimore. He never really rented or bought his own house here in the states and work brought him to the Maryland because that was the location of the presentation for the job was held. He said that he maintained the BP oil rig in Alaska for 5 months when he first came to the states.
He signed up for Match while living in Ellicott City when he lost the contract. He tells me that he is originally from Australia and moved to the UK after his brother moved there. He has worked in Africa, Italy, Holland (Shell Petroleum for 8 years and stationed in Holland for 3 years) before the UK. He is working in the US on a work visa and has 3 years left on it and says that he has a friend with British Petroleum who can give him an extension. He gets a job in Alaska on Endicott Island for Exxon, leaving on February 1, 2013. As we talk there are more inconsistencies with multiple people (accountant, niece, pick up people) involved but many actually all be him. Especially true for the accountant since I am talking to him and he tells me the accountant sent me an email and I didn’t receive an email and all of a sudden the email shows up.
Also, says he has a brother who died several months ago and send a picture of himself with his brother. Also, says that he cannot access internet so asks you to access his account to send money for supplies. the account is fake. He also says he has a niece, Jenny, who wants to talk with you.
Her email is

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2016-08-30, 06:45:07   (updated: 2016-08-30, 07:08:27)
anonymous from Australia  
He's now using the name Nic ladies... Got strung along, red flags when he had no digital footprint and he asked for help to pay for tools but only wanted it through western digital. He plays a good game... Will have all the answers. Don't send any money!!! Would love to know who the hot guy really is...
2016-08-30, 15:15:00
anonymous from Australia  
Sorry western union... Email is now
Denied it when I sent him a snapshot of this page saying 'it didn't make sense' then blocked me...
2016-09-06, 00:45:10   (updated: 2016-09-06, 00:47:38)
anonymous from Australia  
Name: Nicolas Holdt
Phone: 0109 862 064
He's still at it.

2016-09-09, 18:37:25
anonymous from United States  
Yep still at it

2016-09-21, 04:17:46
anonymous from Australia  
Same guy now going by the name Nicolas Brant, email address, phone number 0468 326 208, exactly the same email about his sister and dead wife and son in London.
2016-09-25, 06:16:22
Hi ladies,

I have been speaking to this guy who addressed himself as : Nicolas Brant. The he sent to me near to identical as what has been posted here. We have been speaking for 3 weeks and supposed to meet next Saturday.

I showed a girlfriend his messages on WhatsApp we have been sending and she felt that his responses to my messages where vague and suggested I ask him to Skype. We spoke over the phone for the first time time tonight and it did not seem right. I started to do some investigation and cut and posted his email and discovered this website. Here is the email he sent to me from email:

Good morning *****

How are you? hope you had a great night and your day has started well. Thanks for sharing your email with me :)

I am mixed German/Spanish, hope accents dont bother you. I was born and raised in Madrid, lived in Aussie for 12 years since I got married, she's Australian.

I have been a widower for 5 years. Lost my son's mum during child birth, he lives with my Sister in London as there was no way i was able to take care of a day old child, but I travel a couple times every year to visit them. Good thing is my they are relocating to Australia by next year so it will be nice to have them in the same city. Both parents have passed away, sometimes I really do miss them a lot, they were inspiring and I know I learnt a lot from them.

My last relationship was a year ago, it lasted for 2 months as she was divorced and still hung up on her ex, i have been single by choice since then.

Most people describe me as intelligent, communicative, emotionally open, honest, insightful, psychologically minded, personable, very comfortable with myself, able to engage with every other person in a wide range of situations and circumstances and enjoy new experiences and new learning. I'm a man with strong convictions and definitely have my own point of view but pride myself on being open to other thoughts and opinions too. Generally I am a passionate person, both with my personal affection and sensuality with others and in my excitement and emotional involvement in all things I do. I've developed a good sense of humor, a fairly quick wit and generally, a positive outlook who tends to see the good in people and not judge them. I can be serious and reflective, and pride myself on being a responsible and reliable person. I tend to be a good listener but also am comfortable expressing myself. I'm most attracted to women I find are also intelligent and emotionally healthy. I'm drawn to a woman who is independent yet nurturing, verbally and emotionally expressive and genuinely is comfortable with her sensuality and sexuality.

I am the first to admit to my short comings as I am far from perfect and have the humility to admit when I am in the wrong. Passion runs through my veins - maybe its the Spanish in me, everything I do, I do with conviction and feelings, so naturally I am drawn to people that have those same qualities. Confidence, kind heart and conviction is a beautiful thing.

Honestly, communication and trust are my key compass points. I am as honest as the day is long, never cheated on a partner and believe in monogamy. Authenticity, integrity, honesty and respect are vital aspects to people in my opinion. I try my best to be all of those, and I role model them for my son as best I can, and look for that in my partner also. Being able to trust one's partner is key. Open, honest communication about feelings and issues is important to me. The ability to listen, hear, receive, take responsibility where necessary, apologize if needed, grow and expand into more divine love is my thing. I'm not perfect, I can be reactive, but I own it. I apologize and do everything I can to make good. To grow as a person, mind body and spirit.

I'm an independent Mechanical Engineer/contractor into repairs and maintenance of tunnel boring machines and I Fly in and out for work on contract basis. I enjoy what i do for work even if it's a high pressured one, its got its own challenges like every others do :) , I like an independent woman that will be able to keep herself busy even while i am away and still stay committed to each other in love and heart.

I want an equal to share life with, someone that is comfortable in her own journey and skin, someone who's dreams compliment or broaden mine, someone who has a thirst for adventures, travel and happy to invest in a future. I love to dress and smell good, love going to the movies, listening to music, playing basketball, keeping fit at the gym, exploring new areas and traveling.


I believe in a 50/50 relationship. We are all 100% responsible for ourselves, individually. We bring that 100% into a relationship, where we are then 50% responsible for the relationship. If one person isn't meeting the other half way, then the 'system' is out of balance. This is OK when there is give and take ie sickness, bad day, grief, etc. However, the balance needs to be brought back into alignment with gratitude. When one person is always doing the taking, or trying to drag the other person up to midway point, then it won't last. Resentment builds. Some people are stuck in that system, and for some it does work, if that's where they're at in their development, however, for me, that's not living fully. I have the awareness, therefore, I can't live like that. With the right person, it just flows easily. Not necessarily without challenges, which is where self awareness, emotional intelligence and good communication skills step in. That's what I would like in my relationship, for it to go the distance. Those skills get you through the sticky bits.

I want to love and be loved unconditionally, It would be nice to have a partner who can listen with an empathetic ear, who finds joy in the small things, enjoys family, tries new things, accepts differences, has an open heart, loves to laugh and most importantly knows that none of us are perfect, so judgment is best left elsewhere. Further to this, someone I can talk to about anything, who respects who I am and what I stand for, someone who wants to be touched, someone who loves and wants to be with just me, someone who can receive what I can give. I also miss cuddles on the couch, breakfast in bed on a Sunday, lazy afternoons together doing whatever.

I would love to continue communicating, learn more about each other and look forward to meeting each other when i return back in 2 weeks if you haven't been snapped up by then :) and sorry i didnt remember mentioning i was away for work in KL

Feel free to ask away as I'm an open book

Nic xx

All the photos he also sent via WhatsUp were similar those posted here including ones of him and his child - this guy is sad and needs to be stopped.
2016-09-26, 00:25:13
anonymous from Australia  
I received the identical email last week. Going by Nic Brant. Loaded his number into google search and this website came up. He sent same pics and a vid.
2016-09-27, 15:19:22   (updated: 2016-09-27, 15:28:00)
anonymous from Australia  

2016-09-27, 15:20:30
anonymous from Australia  
2016-09-27, 15:28:57
anonymous from Australia  
2016-10-02, 09:10:39
anonymous from Australia  
I've just had the same and got curious about the vague responses. Can't understand why he is playing this game. Same email and photos and number as above. I'd never have sent money but what a waste of time and energy. Thanks for sharing all.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Lawrence David Dale
Dating scammer Lawrence David Dale

2016-10-02, 09:10:43
anonymous from Australia  
I've just had the same and got curious about the vague responses. Can't understand why he is playing this game. Same email and photos and number as above. I'd never have sent money but what a waste of time and energy. Thanks for sharing all.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Lawrence David Dale
Dating scammer Lawrence David Dale

2016-10-03, 21:41:11
anonymous from Australia  
He spun his crap to me as Nic Brant for 4 weeks but I played along to see how it would unfold and pretended to send him money to get him excited! He was very slow at asking I must say...had to speed things along with a 'work bonus' coming through! Clearly not phased by it when I told him where to go....onto the next one! Scumbag! But gave me some satisfaction wasting his time too! I'd like to know who the hot guy really is as well...probably oblivious he's identity has been ripped and scamming ladies everyday! Pretty sure they are a team of people because responses to Whatsapp messages were always received within 5 mins....there is a dead giveaway there and then! No man does that!!

2016-10-03, 21:44:01
anonymous from Australia  
Just in case you want to donate to this gorgeous is details

2016-10-04, 12:31:48
anonymous from Australia  
Fake itinerary to make you think he's 'Nic Brant' flying back...but flight numbers are wrong!

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