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Dating scammer Richard Crowley


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Name: Richard Crowley



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Supposedly lives in manhattan. His phone number is 646-493-1140 and supposedly business line 830-282-1293. When I call first one it asks me find out PIN number of owner and in the second it shows a Texan number and nobody answers. He is supposed to be a petrochemical engineer in New York and works in a contract basis. Two weeks ago be gone to Maryland to compete in a bid for a new project there. He was supposed to come here to Houston to meet me. But last week he asked me to wire a guy named Daniel currin from Maryland 668.00 to cover for a certificate he was asked to boost possibilities of obtaining the bid. This because he was too busy as to do that after meetings ending. Too strange for me. Then he never showed up yesterday at airport and sent me about ten texts that due to stress he collapsed at airport and is hospitalized in Dallas. But still needs me to wire the guy the money before he is discharged tomorrow and he finally makes it to Houston and will give me the money back lol. The pictures be sent me look so real but now I'm sure he stole them from another profile. I met him in and after two days he deleted it cos I was what he was looking for.

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2012-12-06, 22:06:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-12-06, 22:06:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-12-06, 22:06:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-12-06, 22:06:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-12-06, 22:06:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-12-06, 22:06:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-12-07, 19:14:20
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you ,this is a scam ! no doubt,do you have any mails from this scammer please post them here,the phone numbers are just part in the scam that you will think he is US which i doubt rather Nigeria ,scammers spoofs phone numbers often .Photos are stolen from someones facebook or could be a victim of scam too.just block this scammer and do not reply him no more.
2013-04-09, 19:47:53
[hidden] from United States  
This person is on This is a Christian dating site. He is good i will tell you that. You have to pay to be on this website so that is why i did not suspect at first. His number is from New Mexico 505-225-1701..says his bday is 4.13.59...he lives in plano texas. his name is Robert Ziv Maxwell
his email addresses: &
he had to fly to PA to bid for contract on 4.6.13. He is a sweet talker and is so caring. he says he is widowed and wife died 9 years ago and they were married for 12 years. his daughter Chelsea is 19 and goes to college in Canada. He is real good on calling you in the morning about 7am before i went to work and would call me after work and would text me all day. He says he cares about me. I gt suspicious as we were suppose to meet and then he had to fly to PA to bid for contract on 4.6.13....then 4.9.13 he says he won contract and has to fly to UK for 5-7 days to sign contact. Then will be back for 2 weeks and then will fly back to UL for 1 month job. I did a google image search today 4.9.13 and this is how i confirmed my suspicions he is fake person.
Here is an email from him with the pictures above attached.
3.31.13 he says How was your night? Hair appointment? i see you want to look good :) . I really don't know what to say about me but here are some things you need to know about me...
I have been a widower in over 9 years now after losing my Wife( she was swedish), she died of diabetes . We were successfully married for more than 12 years and living a great life together before she passed away.You already know i have a daughter who is 19 years old, I love her so much and she mean so much to me. I have become a strong person because of the things I have gone through in life and I truly look at each day as a gift in my life.. I grew up in Sweden.. My mum is Swedish and my dad American, My dad used ( he is very old and has retired 15 years ago) to work with United Nations (UN) that's was how he met my mum while he was on an assignment there. .i was raised by my mom,i had my first degree in Geology and masters in oil and gas management.. we moved back to US some years ago.

I have worked with major oil and gas firms in Sweden and US as a geologist. Right now, i run a small consulting firm that deals with oil and gas products. i love my job/profession and what i do, maybe its the reason i sometimes forget that i am single and i need a woman in my life.

I have been in 2 relationships since i lost my wife and they didn't work out,so i thought it was about time i move on, hopefully i would find a loving, kind and caring woman.who is serious, isn't scared of commitment ,who doesn't let fear run her life and her pursuit of happiness..who is interested in dating one quality person. My motto is never look back, always look forward and everyone deserves to be happy. i am looking for a woman who I can trust and admire and who feels the same way about me. Someone who can't wait to be together again after we have been apart! she will be passionate about life and about being with the one she loves... she has to have her own life and friends but then can't wait to see me the next time we get together. i am a one woman man only and I am looking for a one man woman to share my life with eventually.
How honest and faithful are you? And yeah, i would like to text/chat on phone with you, so leave me your number... By the way,do you have a yahoo account? if no, create one ( it doesn't take more than two minutes) and download 'yahoo messenger' so we could chat there too ( it's much easier and faster there). Send me the newly created ID so i could add you up. Here are some pictures of me. Please take care of you. I hope chatting/texting with you soon.

PS; i am sending you via hotmail because yahoo has been acting up. Each time, i click send and attach file, i get a respond that network timed out.

2013-04-21, 11:19:52
This guy is talking with my friend on He said he is at Silver Spring, MD. And his email to her is exactly the same as the email quoted above. He called me once with his 505 number. Now I am really worrying about my friend. Should I tell her?
2013-04-21, 13:59:54
Bax from United States  

I'm trying not to laugh... wondering if you are really friends!
personally, I want every prospective scam victim on Earth to
know the information which has been gathered about scammers!

Exerpt from;
Times Staff Writer
October 20, 2005
(African scammer, speaking of people whom they find online)
But the few who actually reply make this a tempting and lucrative business for the boys of Festac, a neighborhood of Lagos at the center of the cyber-scam universe. The targets are called maghas — scammer slang from a Yoruba word meaning fool, and refers to gullible white people.

The info. is not conclusive enough to know where the contact originates but
if they want your money and love... and promise to return it... it's BS!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ms. Rhoda Addo from Accra, Ghana

2013-04-21, 15:32:37
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-04-09, 19:47:53
[hidden] from United States

This scammer seems to like scandinavia ,i found this scammer reported where he tells people he is from Norway ..LOL well you should tell your friend that the person she is communicating with is not sincere in any means ! It is a liar and thief that tries to scam your friend ,I suggest you show her this site before it is too late...

Alan Pettersom
Worked at Self Employed and Loving It!
Knows English, Norwegian
From Oslo, Norway


2014-07-21, 14:28:16
He took my money. He is cruel and plays on good people's sympathy and trust. i need to find him. Pls help.
2014-07-21, 20:16:07
Miss Marple from United States  
2014-07-21, 14:28:16

I am sorry that you are scammed ! Scammers are very cruel to people and do not care if they harm people emotionally and financially . These scammer are very difficult to find as they hide behind fake profiles and also behind fake IPs online . You need to file a report to the police and go from there in this . You need also to stop communicating with the scammer as they will never stop asking for money .If you have sent them money once they will never stop . Scammers can also suck you into other scams so changing email address is essential for you .



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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