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Dating scammer David Becker Ozil


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Name: David Becker Ozil



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Don't believe a word he says.

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2012-11-01, 19:06:43   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-12-14, 17:40:34
anonymous from United States  
i meet david becker ozil on zoosk dating service.we emailed each other ever day for over a month and a half.Then he ask me for 2,500 dollars,to fix his machine so,he could finish his job,and come home to meet me.i told him,that,i din't have any money.I didn't hear from him for 3 days,then he called me,and told me,that,he got it fixed,and he would finish the job early,and he would,be here before December the 15.he emailed me,and told me,he had good news,that he had finished,and he was coming home to meet me,and,spend the rest of our life together.he then texed me,and told me that,he had got paid,but,it was in a check,and didnt have enough money to get,his airplane ticket,he needed $300.oo so,i sent it to him,because,i thought it was the truth.Then he texed me the next day,and told me he,would be at the airport tuesday night my time at 8pm.He then texted me back,and said that,he needed more before,he could get on the plane,to show he had spending money,when he did get and my daughter drove over 2 hours to meet him at the airport in birmingham,al.he didn't show up.around 2 am i started get textes,telling me,that the immigration in nigera,had him,and he needed $2,500.00.I told him,that,i would call my senator,and congressman.He told me not to do that,us handle this ourselfes.I called my congressmans office,and they but me in touch,with the oversees immigration.I told him,what,i had found out,and he would not,stop texting daughter searched his name,and we found all kinds of things about,him scammeing women.i am compurter stupid,and i am learning it.this man needs to be stoped,and i will do what ever,i can to help.i don't know how to put his picture,on here,but i have about 5 photo on my emails
2012-12-14, 19:47:15
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks for posting !
Well this reported David Becker Ozil is a scam no doubt..Do you have mails left from this scammer ? Please post the money asking letter here...i understand that all people in this world are not computer scientists so i will give you a smaller education how to manage on this site at lest when you want to make postings and add photos to this site.

First of all you have to save the pictures from your mail into your computer ,open up the mail and you will see the pictures too ,download them in your pictures into your computer...i am not sure what email you have yahoo or gmail ,but there are in these 2 mentioned emails options where it says download next to the pictures in your mails.

When that is done start make a posting as you did and below the where you write your message you have the option add a picture ,press on choose file and you will get up your pictures in your computer ,highlight the picture with your mouse and click with one click (right) then you see on the below right corner options as open klick on that and the picture is now ready to post here ...

2012-12-18, 21:10:03
anonymous from United States  
I posted the original picture of this guy. I didn't keep the rest of the pictures. If I find them I will post them.

I was sucked into his charming ways in Oct. He emailed once a day for 3 weeks. He told me he was in Nigeria doing a government building contract. He would be home before Xmas. With all his great words, and promises up the 'ying-yang', I was falling fast. He talked to me every other day on Yahoo messaging. He told me when he was finished with the job in Nigeria, he was going back to Texas to pack his stuff and move here to be with me. He'd buy a house and invest in a small business, but had no plans of returning to the workforce. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea here - I told him in very clear words, I had no plan of financially supporting him. He assured me he was secure and didn't need my money. Here is the background info: from Germany, widowed, 25yo married daughter. Lives in Austin Texas. I really didn't ask too many background questions, as I was being advised from men at work to 'stop pressuring him'. He'd talk when he was ready. He asked me many times to marry him and pick the date. I am not stupid, but apparantely a bit gullable (first time out). As I kept questioning stuff - he'd do his very best to convince me to trust him, believe in love again, don't question fate, etc.....

After 3 weeks of this constant conversation, he hit me with: I ordered goods from China, and the duty on it is $5k. I spent everything I had, banks won't give me more, I have no one to turn you except you. If I don't pay for this stuff, I can't finish my job, and I won't get paid for the job, and I won't be able to get home to you. I never asked how much he needed or anything other than 'how dare you try to scam me', 'NO NO NO NO', 'you should have been prepared for this before ordering the stuff', it went on and on with me explaining his problem to him. I didn't hear a word from him for 2weeks. Then 'bam', there he was again, telling me that I don't love him, people who love each other help out, how can I let him go hungry, how can I be expected to be married to him if I didn't make sure he got home safely.

It was my own fault I let that last conversation go on for over an hour - telling him NO. He finally said to me 'stop telling me you have no money - you just don't want to give me any' 'stop talking all this rubbish'. Well he got the first part right!!!
That was the last time I heard from him. He has a Facebook account - look him up!! Certainly is a handsome man.
2012-12-18, 21:18:18
anonymous from United States  
RE: David Becker Ozil
Here is the picture that comes with email and his on line dating service accounts.
These accounts will quickly disappear, and he will ask you to delete yours as well.

2012-12-18, 21:35:21
anonymous from United States  
RE:: David Becker Ozil - This guy was probably working a lot of women at the same time.
For anyone who reads this post: if a person sends you email with very philosophical words: copy and paste a couple sentences into Google. There you will probably find where those words came from. I found this to be true from the 'I Love You' letters.

Some men/women use poems and other such items as their own words, but normally state that intention. These scammers are very good. One email uses very good punctuation, grammar, complete sentences and thoughts, etc. But the next email is quite the opposite. It has to grab your attention. In the very first email - it is suspect to copy/paste.

To whomever the post came from that drove to Alabama, I'd like to talk to you. Let's have a good laugh at his expense.
2013-04-29, 22:25:38
anonymous from United States  
I also have recently been scammed by this so called David J. Becker. He met me on Zoosk messaged me that he was not a full member so I was to email him at

I being stupid emailed him and there it began how much in love he was with me and all the sweet things that spilled out of his mouth . He had fallen madly in love with me emailed me pictures. I will post them.

His story was that he was in South america working on a office complex and would be finishing soon within a month and wnated to relocate to my town.

I asked questions about his past and family and this is what I got:
He is 50 years old
Was born in Germany
Has a 20 years old daughter who is in college in Germany
His wife died while giving birth to his child
He has a dog named moxie

He told me that he would make 3.5million on this project and we would live very well with this money.

I found it funny he wrote like he would speak broken english??

Anyway today he messaaged me about how he had a bad day at work and I being nice asked why?
He said he ordered some machines needed to complete his job but was out of $ and could I help him. He asked me for 2,500.I told him I didnt have that kind of money laying around.

I then knew I was scammed...

I told him I could send him a check for the full amount thus wanting a PO boxx to tell the police to catch this creep. He was smarter than that he wanted me to Western union the $ to him.

I thnkfully never gave him any info or sent him $.

This guy is a creep!!

lets spread the word and stop him

2013-04-29, 22:26:43   (updated: 2013-04-29, 22:28:41)
anonymous from United States  
Another of the creep

2013-04-29, 22:32:38
anonymous from United States  

2013-04-29, 22:35:44
anonymous from United States  
A txt from him

'Good Morning Dear. How are you doing and how was your night?? Hope you have a nice sleep? I am getting ready for work now but i just want to write you before going to work!!! Honey I have been thinking about you and i really want you as my future wife, Honey i am very serious about this and i want to start a new life with you , I promise to love you forever ... Yes i have a dog called Moxie . Honey I wake up every morning with thoughts of you in my head. Sometimes I wonder if I dreamed you up, but then I roll over and see your smiling face and I know that you're real. It's not a dream anymore. I know I can make you mad, but you still love me with everything you have. I was scared to love you at first, fearing that you would hurt me, but I dove right in and it's the best choice I've ever made. Now, the only fear I have is rolling over one morning and finding that you were really just a dream. If this is a dream world, then don't wake me up 'cause you're the only one for me. I love you with everything I have.

Honey pls listen to this song!!!

Love always,'
2013-04-30, 19:14:08
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:David J. Becker
Thank you for posting and I am sorry you met a scammer online,please block the scammer ,scammers never stop asking for money.


2013-04-30, 22:19:16
anonymous from United States  
Did some digging in my free time.

Looks like this guys real name is Craig Deghand He is a saleman at Salina Power sports in Salina KS.
He has a myspace profile under Craidshadow. Looks like he lives a pretty comfortable life scamming money from women..

Check it out..

I didnt give him any money but those of you who did know how to find him...

We should all meet and walk in and see his reaction!
2013-05-01, 18:57:53
Miss Marple from United States  
The photos are stolen ,the man on the photos is not the real scammer ,it is scammers from West-Africa who is doing this ...
2013-05-01, 21:20:31
Bax from United States  
... I agree Miss Marple!
As we've learned before,
the address where moneys
sent to, dead give away!

It is nothing you ladies have done wrong to instigate this.
It's a matter of perception and mental recognition to life.
As we chat and our mind percieves, as we see and recognize!

They live in a backwards world, just as there is no hand here!
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2014-08-06, 10:30:23
anonymous from United States  
It appears that a family member of mine is being drawn it to a scam with this supposed individual. There is an open facebook account using the name David Williams.

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