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Dating scammer Greg Kampstra


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Name: Greg Kampstra



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scammer from malaysia

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2012-10-29, 23:28:57   (updated: )
[hidden] from Indonesia  

2012-10-29, 23:28:57   (updated: )
[hidden] from Indonesia  

2012-11-20, 16:50:16
anonymous from United States  
Scammer asks for bank account information, Social Security number. Says he is doing a money transfer for a 'friend'. Needs bank loging and password. Too much information which is not necessary for a basic money transfer.

When all the information is not provided, he quickly disappears, claiming his mother died.
2012-11-20, 17:28:37
Miss Marple from United States  
Can you add some information on this scam as profile ,where did you met this scammer and mails from this scammer as introduction mail and where he asks for all this information you described here...

I think the scammer tried to see how far he can go with you when he also asks for your social security number ,typical scammers that deals with stolen credit cards .So please provide information into this thread.

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2012-11-28, 18:07:07
anonymous from United States  
Contact with 'presumed' scammer has since concluded.

No conclusive evidence this person is a true scammer.
2012-12-01, 18:19:59   (updated: 2012-12-01, 18:51:03)
this man is scamm or cheater base in malaysia
his phone number +601.463-00747 or +1. 213.984.3394
His name Greg Kampstra or FLUCT JAGON
another email :
you can find him in to many dating site.
someone all ready report him on http//ekaterinascamm
all ladys becarefull, with this man.

this is another picture

2012-12-01, 18:20:00   (updated: 2012-12-01, 18:48:14)
this man is scamm or cheater base in malaysia
his phone number +601.463-00747 or +1. 213.984.3394
His name Greg Kampstra or FLUCT JAGON
another email :
you can find him in to many dating site.
someone all ready report him on http//
all ladys becarefull, with this man.
His another picture in picassa or google

2012-12-01, 19:02:50
yess i know this man on Okcupid and Hi5

this is his picture , same person

2012-12-01, 19:03:03
yess i know this man on Okcupid and Hi5

this is his picture , same person

2012-12-08, 13:08:33
First i want to says, i'm sorry if my grammar bad, bcoz i'm not too fluent talk in english.
In here i'm just try to tell for all woman , please becarefull if you meet this man. Or this email addres .
But i want to give a comment about
I know this man try to cheat me ... but he so smart , he try to cheat me by phone, not by text , maybe he know if he text me , i will show in this site.
but i have a many letter from him, i know this man from since 12 February 2012.
First know him he said he work at OXUS , and then he said he work with KENTEC Global .inc, and the las he said he work on the RIG.
After chatting a few time he purposed me, and one day on October 2012 suddenly i have a call from a lady who says she is from hospital in malaysia , he said this man Greg just crush by car , and now his coma in hospital , she want me send the money via western union , because Greg need this money to immediately for a big operation. If i'm not do that (send the money ) this man or Greg will die.
At that time no talk more i close her phone , becuase 100 % i realized i just talk with a scamm or cheater.

In my mind finally after almost 10 month , now i know who are you , before my instinc as a woman ever urged me, about this man.

This man tell me he have a contract at Sabah (Malaysia ). n
He give me his phone number :+601.46300747
the number from the lady call me is : +601.1116303521
his also ever give me his phone number at Texas +1 .2139843394
Beware this man also use the email addres :
is the same man who use this email addres : ( as a female )
his another name is Fluct Jagon
this man if you search you will found him in a few dating sosial network example :
Hi5 , OkCupid , , FBRomance, Google+ , wayans dating site from malaysia.
I thought this crime not just all from a black man or nigeria , but i thought some real from white man, because i'm ever talk with him, i hear his voice not like a black man voice.
But i believe a Karma , what we do that what we get in this life.
all i want is all woman aware and be carefull when first talk with someone just know from dating or social network .
Now too many cheater or faker online try to find a victim.
I had a good Fortune , because i'm never send them money.
maybe they think they are smart , they are forget we are a clever woman.
Never give up, for all my friends wherever you are , i still believe in this world still have a good personality man or woman . We just need more extra power and patient to find them.
I think when i have a more time i will copy his mail for this site.
i'm still have a another picture about him.
2012-12-08, 13:09:29   (updated: 2012-12-08, 13:09:56)
hi dear,
Its so nice to know your mum is feeling much better,i suppose you will be happy at the rate of her improvement.. Dear, i would have given you my Seattle contact number but since I will be arriving
south east Asia by weekend for a contract, I will try to get a local line and would be better for us to
keep in touch via text messages or calls as I think hearing your voice will be another step better in the
course of knowing you since we have not done this long distance affair. I have skype but most times the
network proxy on the rigs will not permit one to access there skype I think its all for security reasons.
My dear, if there is anything your mum needs for her quick recovery, do let me know maybe I could get
them and send it to you before I leave okay sweetie... always love to read from you
2012-12-08, 13:18:19   (updated: 2012-12-08, 13:34:28)

For security reasons, I restricted and cancelled my bank accounts. Was advised by my bank's fraud protection department to never give out my account again and change all my passwords. Scammer proposes to use your account for wire transfers and even proposes offering a 'percentage' of the transfer. Asks for virtually ALL your identifiers PINS, Social Security Number, PASSWORDs.
In hindsight, this is probably an identity theft operation.
Professional Scammer is also found on Facebook under the presumed name, presumed photograph and very little acquantainces, all South East Asian women. I met this individual on early February 2012 via Interacted for 8 months.
Inconsistent birth dates, credentials. Very quick to mention 'love'. Professional charmer. Knows what a lady wants to hear to draw her in, and knows what to say to finally draw a lady out.
2012-12-08, 17:38:33
hi my dear friend thank for your mail, it's very helpful , my dear..
2012-12-10, 09:36:08
anonymous from United States  

Nigerian scammers in Malaysia
2013-02-19, 21:18:42
anonymous from Indonesia  
hello how are you my name is elia me from Indonesia
I was 17 years old and want to find a flawless interesting
I want to get to know you more

I am single and never dated
I wish I could meet you
and hopefully your problem could be solved



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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