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Dating scammer George Garrett Penhaligon


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Name: George Garrett Penhaligon



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Serial romance / dating scammer - has scammed many women for money.
Find him at - military men - don't get scammed!

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2013-01-04, 08:24:12
anonymous from United States  
here are photos of otheres who have tried to scam me: Philip Cool, Michael Wells, Jim morse as follows, using soldiers ID s/name
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer George Garrett Penhaligon

2013-01-04, 08:28:04
anonymous from United States  

2013-01-04, 08:30:05
anonymous from United States  

2013-01-04, 14:07:33
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks for posting !
Dont worry about your spelling,i understand you perfectly well,yes it seems for me that these scammers operates on this site and targets with different profiles and photos ,why i say scammers because they do operate out of gangs and if not 1 scammer do not succeed then someone else will try to hook ...

One advice if you suspect someone to be a scammer ,do not tell the scammer what you know,he will never admit it ,and secondly he will try to convince you that he is not a scammer,do not get fooled by the scammers words.I advice you to block him ,and if that do not work change your emailaddress.The scammer will stop when he notice there is nothing to get.

Please post the scammers current emailaddress and full name and mails from this scammer .

Scams with stolen photos on Stephen Murphy

2013-01-04, 14:18:33
Miss Marple from United States  
Curt, 52 yr old Single Man
Alberton, Prince Edward Island
Im loving , caring , honest , outgoing , sociable , romantic and an optimist . I can describe my character as mild, cheerful, kind, tidy, romantic.…


2013-01-04, 14:19:01
Miss Marple from United States  
loveawake 'Good looking'

Am looking for my soul mate, someone who is exciting and adventurous, has great sense of humor and enjoys making me laugh...., Someone who is so glad to share, so glad to help and give,someone who i can share my thoughts with and who will makes me feel special and brings out the best in me..., Someone who tries to understand me even when they haven't got a clue....., Someone that would be ready to give so much of herself and can do anything, go anywhere, and sacrifice anything she has for sake of LOVE. I want the kind of relationship that could leads to real marriage.
Profession: military man
'i will love to meet the love of my life'
55 year old male
Seeking a female for anything
Lutherville Timonium, MD United States


2013-02-06, 12:45:37
anonymous from United States  

2013-02-25, 15:59:40
Bridget from Australia  
I too have been contacted by this creep, he is now using the name Thomas Wing, says he is in Military Intelligence, I don't know how they can say they are in Intelligence when they haven't got any intelligence themselves. Told me he had got my picture from a friend of his that used to be on a dating site & saw my picture & e-mail details..What a load of rubbish, since I have never posted any details on any dating site. I knew right away that it was a scam but played along with it, just to see how things would go. He hasn't asked me for money yet, but I did just speak to him on messenger & he told me he had very good news, so good that he couldn't say anything on messenger & would send an e-mail. It's about his pending retirement ???? Got the same old story, second e-mail was all about love & not being able to live without true love & he had joined the Cupid dating site, only for a three day trial period. He had messages from many women but knew they were not real, not on the dating site for the right reasons !!!!!! I SUPPOSE SCAMMING IS THE RIGHT REASON TO BE THERE.' I have decided just to check scammer's & to post any information I find hoping it will help women who find themselves caught up with these parasites. There is a site on Facebook dedicated to exposing scammers.' When I checked him out, he has more profiles than I've had hot dinners. So many names, so many DEAD wives & different children on every profile..He has used many different names here, also on romance scam, Italian dating sites, German, Russian, Irish, Facebook you name it, he's been there. Sent me photograph's that are posted here, but I will upload another one just to show it is the same person. How these creeps can do this is beyond me, living off the misery they cause to others..I did post some details about another scammer here & now this one turns up..They must sit all day in their little Internet cafes & scroll the Internet, hoping to find their next victim. The e-mail he sent to me was an exact copy of an e-mail I did read here & if you take notice of the font used in the e-mails you can see where they copy & paste then add your name, SOMETIMES. This one must be very busy as he never chats for any longer than 10 minutes, then sends e-mail with letters or poetry copied from sites such as loving or love quotes. The next time I speak to him I'm going to call him by the name Stephen to see what type of reaction I get. They do think they are so wonderful with all the crap they send to you & think that you must be swept off your feet. I do hope that women who read these post do take notice & check out these people & NEVER, EVER, SEND ANY MONEY TO ANYONE AT ALL....
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer George Garrett Penhaligon
Dating scammer George Garrett Penhaligon

2013-02-25, 18:06:46
anonymous from Australia  
This guy isn't Stephen Murphy, he stole the pictures to use on his many profiles. The real Stephen Murphy is a SEAMAN, not in the Military. This piece of crap is using an honest man's details as his own. He has many names, but uses the photo's stolen from Stephen Murphy in just about all his profiles. If you confront him he comes up with excuses & says how sorry he is & he does really love you & promises to change. Don't believe a word, it's just another scam, another way of trying to get more money. He is a pathological Liar & he won't change while ever he is getting money from women all over the world. Don't believe a word he has to say, there are photo's of Moneygram slips showing the amounts of money he has scammed. He can't write a decent e-mail & can't talk on messenger because unless he has a script ready, he doesn't know what to say. If you come up with a question for him, he can't answer it so he signs out. Ten minutes later you receive an e-mail saying he is having trouble with his Internet...Doesn't he know you have to have an Internet connection to send an e-mail as well ????? Just goes to show how dumb some of them are. Sometimes he takes 10 15 minutes to answer, you know he is looking up the answer somewhere on the Internet of talking with his cronies as to what to say..He told me he was divorced, when I said later I was a widow, he said yeah, the same as me, my wife died in childbirth 5 years ago, but he has already said he has a 3 year old son ???? This is a little bit hard to digest...A 55 year old man, who is in Afghanistan & has been there for 7 years, wife dying in childbirth 5 years ago & having a 3 year old son...Work that one out....I'm going to check the e-mail he was going to send about his imminent retirement, he will want money for leave papers etc., which I know is not needed....Fun to see though. Give a little bit back to him, he deserves it.. BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL..

2013-02-26, 03:49:47
anonymous from Australia  
I was very pleased to read a letter from a MAN talking about scammers. He was a married man, in the Military & knew the correct process as far as leave, pay, etc., goes. He does tell about the correct procedure regarding leave & pay. To quote him ' THERE IS NOWHERE IN AFGANISTAN FOR THESE PEOPLE TO SPEND THEIR MONEY. I do have a cousin in a very High position in the American Armed Forces & when these jerks try to tell me they cannot access their pay & need special leave requests to be made by a third person, usually they ask you to pose as their fiancee & pay for the privilege.I know exactly what the procedure is. What a joke, the first payment is one of $1,500.00 this is just to get the ball rolling, then comes all the FAKE FORMS from fake Officials....The next payment ifs $7,200.00, when you baulk at that they promise they will pay you the money back as soon as they are with you...You then get a very Official looking e-mail telling you, you have been named as this person's benefactor & while he is with you on leave, you do receive his wages to cover any out of pocket expenses you have incurred & how the Army is so grateful to you for supporting one of our honoured military men.....LOAD OF RUBBISH DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT OR THE E-MAILS/ THEY DO NOT COME FROM THE ARMED FORCES. Take a look at the Military Homepage & it will tell you all you need to know. One of the so called officials is Robert Gonzales. if you receive anything from him. you know it is a scam 100%. There is also a list if Fake forms, take a close look at them & you will see tha you have been sent most of these forms to complete & send back to theor fake e-mail address. Also look at the e-mail & the first thing you will notice is that there is no official heading, no address, phone number, fax number, person of contact or details of any kind, this should set the alarm bells ringing right away..It's very flattering to think that someone writes you such personal mail & that they seem to be very interested in you, but all that they are interested in is how much money they can get from you....BEWARE....RESEARCH RESEARCH...
2013-02-26, 10:23:00
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Oz.

@Newbies who may not have seen these:
2013-02-27, 17:55:03
anonymous from Australia  
I have posted a few comments about this SCUM BAG, I knew he was a scammer but kept talking to him to find out what he really wanted, as I know he scammed a lady in America for everything she had & she is now facing Court charges for being an accomplice to defraud the Government & laundering money. Her case comes up on the 5th March. She lost her home, car, job, everything she had, what a mongrel he is......
He finally did come up with what he wanted, didn't ask for money INSTEAD wanted me to send all my details to a bank in Ghana ( FALSE BANK OF COURSE) so they could transfer more than a million dollars into my account..WHAT A JOKE...These jerks do get a lot of money from scamming, but nowhere near a million dollars. Wants my account details so he can clean out my bank account..I went along with it to a point, phoning the DIRECTOR of the bank, who asked me to send all my details to him & he would handle the transfer personally..His name was MR KWEKO ABU ADDO, when I checked the Standard Chartered Bank of Ghana, they had never heard of him, so if anyone gets a similar request please know it is a scam through & through. I did send an e-mail back to Thomas Wing, the name he is now using & told him I thought the bank might be trying to swindle him. Told him I tried to send the information, but my anti-virus stopped the mail from going through, telling me there was suspicious activity (which was true). He asked me to phone the bank again, I tried but couldn't get through, I did tell him & right away my phone started ringing, but I didn't pick up the call, I knew it was him pretending to be the bank Director, it was just so convenient. LADIES PLEASE BEWARE THIS JERK HAS MORE THAN 77 DIFFERENT PROFILES LISTED ON DATING SITES & FACEBOOK. Don't let him con you..
I appreciate this site so much & the great work you are doing to expose these creeps, you are doing a wonderful job helping so many people who have nowhere to turn. There are other sites about scammers but none that gives so much detail & help as this one does. Exposing these creeps is the only way we MIGHT be able to get rid of them. At least other people can read about them & findout about the names they use, so hopefully so many of them won't be conned into sending their life savings to these jerks.
Excuse the word, but that's exactly what it is, they think if you are older you might be STUPID ENOUGH TO FALL FOR THERE SCAM....I won't be speaking to him anymore, I've blocked his e-mail address & put him on my ignore list on Messenger. If you are contacted, do the same....DON't TELL HIM ANYTHING......

2013-02-27, 20:55:45
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Oz.

Nigerian Internet Scam Disclosure (Part 1)
Nigerian Internet Scam Disclosure (Part 2)

419 The Nigerian Scam 1/2
419 The Nigerian Scam 2/2

2013-02-28, 01:14:32
anonymous from Australia  
He would have checked out the electoral role to find another alias he could use & there would be information there to back it up if someone was to check it....Don't be fooled, HE'S GOOD... But not quite as smart as he thinks he is, he has made a few mistakes. He was first divorced & had a son, later on he was a widow ? shouldn't that be widowed for a male ??? with no son as his wife supposedly died in childbirth....
To many irregularities if you really take notice of the conversation, not that he really wants to talk about anything other than how much he LOVES YOU...CRAP.....I suppose he doesn't have to worry about a script to go by, just spouts love all the time. Really doesn't answer any questions, but very keen to ask them.....
I did send him an e-mail saying now we both know who you really are, (Without telling him a single thing, just using one of his scamming christian names) there's not much sense in continuing our conversations, but he still wanted to know if I had contacted the BANK...MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, It's all they care about & trying to shame them doesn't work, the just seem to disregard it. It would be a cold day in hell before any of these creeps got one cent out of me, & as far as giving bank account numbers, FORGET THAT....They will clean you out before you had finished your conversation...It's not just ONE OF THEM, they do work in groups & they have their web cams rigged with a photo long before they show it to you. The tell you they are not computer literate, but they know all about web cams & how they work & they also know how to get information from Western Union, they can give you your nearest location & the phone number of the nearest office to you, while asking you to go there & send money immediately for some imaginary accident they have been involved in...It also amazes me how the Director of the Bank will call YOU....I really don't think bank directors do make personal calls to a foreign country & to a person he doesn't know ?????? The list is endless, just TAKE CARE & BE AWARE.....

2013-02-28, 10:22:26
OJAS from United States  
U.S. Military uses .mil for email domains, not .com as in yahoo or other free mail!
Military also assigns an APO / FPO address. Ask for those addresses, scammers can never provide them. Tell them you want to send money / gifts addressed to their field commander, otherwise they get lost along their way in Nigeria or Ghana! ;)
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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