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Dating scammer Benjamin Bruno


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Name: Benjamin Bruno


London,UK but he's address was in Michigan USA

Other Comments:
He said he was a widow,from bremen germany and had 13 yrs old boy and currently he lived in England as a marine chemical substance..we exchanged email...a lot of flowering mouth from him...after that he want to send a package...this was he said inside the letter 'This is i bought for you darling,set of gold jewelries,,one iphone and laptop,big rose flower,· 2 dozens of T-shirt (on it is written your name and my name),· Black, Blue, White, Red Ladies Blazers. (4 pears),Avon perfume and The Pink Room No 1 Fragrance, a soft, silky intriguingperfume made up lily and 50,000pounds (FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS) inside the parcel when you receive it honey try to call me or send me mail so that i will know that you have received it. i'm travelling to Mexico tomorrow for business trip i will stay for 2 weeks time,then i will come over to your country please darling if you receive the parcel please use the money there'...and have website too to wait the tracking and his number 00447014218538 or 00447526072826

name: expressend -carrierservice united kingdom

then someone called from malaysia to send them the taxes thru western union it was $750...they want that money too...a lot of lies from them but still he said he's
he had a photos too but i don't know if he's the one...

This is the name who want to send them thru western union but i told them that cannot send...
Buka Sani ( financial managers)
Tel number : +60162661190
10 jalan 227 s5 46100 pj kaula lumpur malaysia

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2012-08-03, 13:05:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from Philippines  

2012-08-03, 13:05:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from Philippines  

2012-08-07, 07:19:55   (updated: 2012-08-07, 07:21:50)
arped from Philippines  
that was the dating site...

2012-08-07, 07:29:47
2012-08-07, 07:31:30
arped from Philippines  
2012-08-07, 20:50:10
Miss Marple from United States  
The man on the photos has nothing to do with the scam as the photos are stolen probably by Nigerian scammers that operates out Nigeria and with accomplices in Malaysia,please stop all contact with this scammer as he tries to scam you now and probably get you into money laundry..and you are lucky you did not send any money to this scammer as you would not see them again..

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2012-08-17, 07:36:35
arped from Philippines  
thnx Miss Marple....God bless u with this site...
2012-08-18, 08:14:10
anonymous from Vietnam  
From same stupic of Benjamin Bruno and some his photo send to me , affter a week conection with him i felt he is scammer and i did check by email address so i knew how he is.. thanks for this site

Thanks for your prompt response, am really impresses with your good respond. I am Benjamin Bruno from France presently working here in London United Kingdom; I was born Nov 15th 1965. I was once married, but lost my wife some years back, during her child delivery, I was sad then that I lost my wife but happily that my child survived. I wanted to remain single but as years goes by I realized that two is better then one so that I decide to seek for another serious relationship from Asian woman because I want learn more from other cultures. I wish you’re looking for a serious relationship here and I wish we are going to continue to explain more about each other. Am an aviation engineer by profession.
I have not been to your country but looking forward to get a contract with one of the aviation company there, it will also create an opportunity to visit and know more about you and your country. I love my job despite the stress I got from it.
My dear I am 100% singles and free I was married at the age of 32 but lost my wife, I m with my only daughter right now I am alone looking for a serious relationship with someone serious to share my life and ideas with, it has been difficult to make this decision but I realized that I m still young and need someone to share my life with. Age does not really matter for me this time because I need woman that will support with me and take care of me, someone that we help to build my future plan and family.
I have never fall in love since I lost my wife and it is been years now she is gone and I think that I have given her the respect and love , My dear I would like to know more about you, your marital status, like I said age does not mean to me. , how do you live, alone or with your parents? I am a Christian, but I am not religious fanatic all I know that I respect every religion in the world and we have only one unique creator.
I would be glad to know more about you, kindly send your picture to me I will open a phone communication at due time so that we can start a phone conversation in order to make this relationship stronger and confide on each other more. Please let me know what is your opinion or views about this letter. Hoping to hear from you,

2012-08-18, 08:17:57
anonymous from Vietnam  

2012-08-30, 02:00:31
got the same email from saying he is sending me parcel an engagement diamond ring, iPhone 5 which i doubt since iPhone 5 is not yet release in the market. gucci bag and some cash. then send me the tracking details. as the parcel arrive in malaysia the courier is asking me to send USD870 thru western union with this address
Name: Buka Sani
Address: 23 Jalan Klang Lama, Pj, kuala lumpur Malaysia
Amount: $ 871.00 USDollars
mr mark anthony is begging me to pay since the content of that parcel is valuable and the courier won't return it to him. i told him that it is very impossible. and told him i know this is scam. the so called courrier and mr mark anthony kept calling me to send money but i ignore their calls and emails. i hope they won't bother me anymore.
2013-02-26, 18:09:18
anonymous from Philippines from cherryblossoms site is always sending me letterit good that I know now that he is scammer
Thanks that I visited this site.

2013-02-27, 20:43:03   (updated: 2013-02-27, 20:43:45)
Miss Marple from United States  

I am     male
Looking for     female
Desired Relationship     Friendship, Long-Term/Marriage
Ethnicity     White/Caucasian
Love is the medicine for broken heart
My match age    
United Kingdom

2013-06-02, 00:18:12
anonymous from Malaysia  
This man is not a scammer I believe that someone is using his pics to destroy the image of the young man so please let us don't judge him for nothing.
2013-06-08, 07:29:33
anonymous from Singapore  
this man is a scammer and he had used exactly the same ploy. You know he even has the Malaysia Courier which is crap cause such a company does not exist and they demanded SGD700. Fortunately for me and I do thank this site I did not pay him.

It all happened on FB and within 2 weeks he was proclaiming love and wanting to send 20000 pounds with a laptop, a i phone 5, a pink room perfume etc. Get real no one will send all these in real life within 2 weeks.

He even had his address and mine printed on the airway bill and yes I played along and yes the courier company from Malaysia called and demanded SGD700 which of course they never received cause I told the courier company to return the box back to the owner.

Benjamin Bruno also has a UK mobile number which I know well is fake and yes I have also spoken to him but he does not sound french or German but more Nigerian.

When I confronted him and even gave him the link on his scams, he was in a self denial stage and even proclaimed he is innocent.

This scammer also lives in the 1st meeting and will always remind the person he is going to scam on the first meeting and does not want to move on.

Just be careful is all I advice cause this guy preys on Asian women cause he assumes they are gullible and yes he hands them over to his fellow scammer ie the malaysia courier company cause the calls I did receive was from the UK and Malaysia but get real when you receive a parcel you DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING UNLESS YOU SEE THE PARCEL so dont ever let scammers such as Benjamin Bruno get the upper hand.
2013-09-19, 08:16:00
anonymous from Germany  
Ich habe gerade die Zahlung abgeschlossen und ich bin sicher, Sie
haben die Bestätigung von meiner Bank in Bezug auf die
empfangen Ihre E-Mail zur Bestätigung der payment.a insgesamt 17.900 £
überprüfen geschickt wurde, £ 15.900 für das Auto und die zusätzliche
2.000 £ für meine Versenders Gebühren, die Sie an die Adresse werden
unter Senden wird über westliche
Gewerkschaft, die restlichen 2.000 £ ist für die Western Union
Gebühren und für Ihren Stress und Transport zum Western Union Büro ...

Name: Buka Sani
Staat: Kuala Lumpur
PLZ: 52100
Land: Malaysia

Alle anderen sollten Dokumentationen von meinem Pick Up-Agent
hergestellt werden. Sie sollten das Geld bald senden, so dass der Pick
Up geplant werden würde und Sie möchten wissen, wann die Pick Up würde
beginnen, stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie home.I beraten Sie sowohl Ihrem
Posteingang oder Junk / Spam-Ordner für die Zahlungsbestätigung
Nachricht überprüfen .. Meine Verlader würden herum kommen sich zu
Ihrer Nähe zu haben das Auto abgeholt, sobald Sie die Versandkosten
Gebühr zu ihnen geschickt haben ..... Sie können eine Western Union
Agenten in jedem Beitrag zu finden
Büro, oder suchen Sie nach einem nächstgelegenen Western Union Agenten
in Ihrer Lage auf ihrer Webseite unter

Ich werde warten, von Ihnen zu hören, sobald das Geld auf meinem
Absender geschickt worden.
Vielen Dank für das Geschäft.
Mit besten Grüßen,

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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