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Dating scammer Robert Bolaji Roberts


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Name: Robert Bolaji Roberts



Other Comments:
Albert is back at it! The new aka is Michael Darwin, yet his email is He is using to prey on women. Very similiar begins, he was born in Berlin, German moved to Hamburg, Germany. Wanted to become a professional soccer player until on of his friends pushed him and he fractured his leg ending his dreams. Both his parents are dead. (His mother was an American and his father a German they met when his father went to school here in the USA and then fell in love got married had him). After his parents passed he went to Austraila to RMIT for Engineering, where he met his wife. they dated for 5 years got married, had their daughter Karen,then he caught his wife cheating with his best friend, has been divorced for 5 years. Claims to have worked for a large construction company in Gardena/LA area of CA. Just moved to Joliet, Il to start his own business Michael Darwin Construct/Consultancy. Got investors to back him in building a 30 unit condo complex in Cape Town South Africa. (He is on Linked and facebook) the investors gave him 60% funding and he put up his own 40%. sudenly he is out of money and the work has stopped. The investors won't give him anymore $$$ to finish the project, they'd rather take the loss.I am sure part two will get better...

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2012-08-17, 09:12:55
aka Michael Fritz Darwin now? Why all the name changes?
2012-08-17, 12:16:07
Michael Fritz Dar as well? Get that equipment fixed yet?
2012-09-17, 23:53:33
how can this info be verified? I think my friend met this Dawin guy and is in online love with him. i'd hate to ruin a god thing for her if this stuff is posted by bitter ex's. But if it's true and verifiable...
2012-10-01, 22:06:38
I'm his latest victim! I'm so thankful that I realized this before I sent him any money. I really did think that I was falling in love with someone who is real, but I was so wrong! At first, I was so embarrassed that this could happen to me. However, I am not the one who should feel ashamed. This man should! Please beware of this scam! He seems so genuine that you can be completely taken in. He's dangerous, so run in the opposite direction at all costs!!
2012-10-02, 08:32:41
If only there were a forum to talk with those of you who have encountered this POS using this poor gentleman's pics above. What website did you meet him on? User name for him? The name he gave you? What was the sob story this time?

Looks like most of these pics are from quite some time ago as well 1990's era. You can also see quite a difference in the age from one pic to the next.

Heard he's going by the name of Gerald Daniels on FB too...but with a different guys pics.
2012-10-02, 09:16:19
anonymous from United States  
I can't wait for his scammer buddies to run to his defense and tell us how kind and gentle he is. Very believable! These 3 collaborating together as one person remind me of the 3 Stooges.
2012-10-02, 13:38:40
anonymous from United States  
Here's the baiting pic from

2012-10-02, 13:47:28
anonymous from United States  
Add this to the collection of stolen pics
2012-10-20, 10:42:58
anonymous from United States  
I met this 'Michael Darwinn' on in July 2012. Shortly thereafter he said he'd gotten a contract to build an apartment complex in Cape Town South Africa. Up until fairly recently (within the last two weeks) everything was close to perfect. He never asked me for anything and was very attentive and passionate in his correspondence and phone calls (yes calls). It is only through a very GOOD friend did I find this website and realize that I was involved in a SCAM! I can't overstate how disappointed I am. Why do this?
2012-10-20, 12:00:49
anonymous from United States  
Oh its now!
2012-10-24, 09:57:49
anonymous from United States  
Can everyone start to list his yahoo and other user names ( & FB) also include any pics that are different.
2012-10-24, 17:48:12
anonymous from United States user name
2012-10-24, 17:55:07
anonymous from United States  

2012-10-28, 22:41:43
anonymous from United States  
Thank you to whoever posted the last pic! Hopefully, you have some more info on him that you can share? Was his story the same as the first posting? Any additional pics?
Yes he is a master manipulator,liar and cheat. Do not feel embarrassed at all!!!! He plays on womens kindness and goodness through their heart to steal their money. He shall be judged for his actions, but not by us. He shall reap what he has sown, take satisfaction in that. If he knows the Bible he knows whats coming his way for his actions.
Also, us coming together collectively as one...well he's screwed. (Hope that made you smile??)Where there is solidairity there is strength. Do not let this low life bottom feeder deter you from continuing to find the love of your life! If anything use it for learning what you do/don't want/need, be wiser and keep smiling!!! Trust me it gets better
2012-10-29, 10:49:48
anonymous from United States  
Yeah the slimball and his cronies not only steal peoples pics to make their unethical living, they have no shame dragging peoples kids into this as well!!!! I so hope the REAL guy in the pic finds this out and snaps their scumbag butts in two!
The scammer ring would like you to believe this is 'Michael and his daughter Karen'.
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