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Dating scammer Richard Brown


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Name: Richard Brown


declares from US, real location GHANA

Other Comments:
Came to me from
Found him with 5 profiles on badoo and on three of them he had location Ghana

11:09:10 PM brown3237: am from new york?
11:09:15 PM brown3237: doing business
11:09:20 PM brown3237: hope you like it
11:11:39 PM brown3237: cars
11:11:42 PM brown3237: business
11:11:49 PM brown3237: and sometimes laptop.
11:13:06 PM brown3237: no my late wife had a lung cancer been in hospital for 3 month and passed a way
11:36:36 PM brown3237: can u buy the web cam tomorrow
11:36:43 PM brown3237: i want to see you in cam babe
11:38:40 PM brown3237: so i have to see you before okay
11:38:45 PM brown3237: am not here for that
11:38:55 PM brown3237: if you don't like me then you can go
11:49:29 PM brown3237: amsingle for so long and i am very hapy to meet you but you are not open minded to me

11:06:58 PM brown3237:
11:07:04 PM brown3237: hi
11:07:09 PM brown3237: are you there
11:10:55 PM brown3237: do you have the web cam now?
11:57:49 AM brown3237: i ost my wife
11:58:13 AM brown3237: she had an accident (could not remember what he said before)

2:16:18 PM brown3237: internet cafe
2:16:25 PM brown3237: as i told you
2:16:40 PM brown3237: but i have a little problem here
2:16:51 PM brown3237: it about my Credit card?
2:17:50 PM brown3237: since yesterday am trying to cash so
me money so that i can come back home , but the card is not working here
2:19:16 PM brown3237: but here is not working and i don't know what to do now?.
2:19:42 PM brown3237: as i need to come back i have booked my ticket but i have to pay my bill.
2:19:53 PM brown3237: i mean the Hotel bill.
2:22:23 PM brown3237: i only need a little money to pay them 2:22:27 PM brown3237: the bill
2:22:34 PM brown3237: like 300euro.
2:24:12 PM brown3237: i know that if i come back it is going to work there so any place you can get it to borrow me i will pay you back

8:24:10 PM brown3237: i did not say that i said some times i travel to the Africa countrys
8:24:14 PM brown3237: not Ghana.
8:24:20 PM brown3237: if am right .
8:24:37 PM brown3237: no
8:24:56 PM brown3237: how can i be here for my business and i will need help again.
8:25:14 PM brown3237: hope u did not understand me still.

8:04:18 PM brown3237: how are you doing today? i miss you and i am always thinking about you as you are the only one i have , no one else again. still waiting for you to hear a good answer from you .
8:04:39 PM brown3237: kiss and hug to you
8:04:53 PM brown3237: you are my future wife and everything

7:47:27 PM brown3237: any site you will se my picture is not me okay

12:28:34 PM brown3237: hello, how are you doing today ?
12:28:53 PM brown3237: hope you are fine by the grace of God.
12:29:10 PM brown3237: missing you one day is like missing you nthousand times .
12:29:29 PM brown3237: i want to hear from you
:29:36 PM brown3237: take care
12:29:52 PM brown3237: i am always thinking about you and the mom .
12:30:11 PM brown3237: hope to come back to you very soon when you help me

after that he attached 20 smileys to me

12:12:26 PM brown3237: i will pay you back
12:12:29 PM brown3237: i promise
12:12:32 PM brown3237: take care
12:12:39 PM brown3237: i like you so much
12:12:46 PM brown3237: kiss and hug to you

another 20 smileys

8:23:15 PM brown3237: but you need to help me
8:23:23 PM brown3237: so that i can alsohelp u
8:23:36 PM brown3237: when am back because i have a lot on my card.
8:31:33 PM brown3237: just ask only 500 euro and i will pay themm back okay
1:24:25 PM brown3237: i just need like $400 now to add to the money to come back Baby?

1:35:48 PM brown3237: tell me if you are not going to help me , so that i can know that am going to die in Africa here
1:37:15 PM brown3237: then can u send me some clothing to wear?
1:40:08 PM brown3237: youare the only one i like
1:40:09 PM brown3237: no one again.

3:36:57 PM brown3237: yes but if i can get some one tohelp me ?

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2012-07-27, 04:21:39
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
on this photo is his younger version

Found him on badoo as Zareh Vartanian as Zareh Vartanian from England as Zareh Vartabian from Ghana


2012-07-27, 04:29:04
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
IP Address Ghana

Typical for him was I was the only one to help him. He had undying love and even named me as Ms. Richard´s in front of some his friend in Ghana who used to wrote me by this name - Ms. Richard... I wrote Richard Brown I do not like that idea and blocked him on msg.

With second photo he is on dating sites.

2012-07-28, 08:52:55
Miss Marple from United States  
All scammers says the same thing to the victims that they are the only one who can help them out with money or other help..
so you got married away???..Ms Richard..LOL LOL

Here he is as Mark Howard...


I am a communicative, kind and cheerful man. I am very active and goal-minded. I like beauty around me and I am fond of creating cosines s and harmony in my home and in my soul. I appreciate a good joke and I always laugh over a good one even if it is about me. Communicating with people I am always open-minded and sincere. I was brought up on traditional family values and looking for someone having traditional family values, too.

Where are you, the woman of my dream? I search for tender, caring, kind man, who shares my interests and views on life and future family. I hope you value integrated and open relations between a man and a woman. I value in you intellect and erudition, purposefulness, manhood, sensuality and sexuality, desire to love and be loved.


2012-07-29, 04:53:11
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
Thank you for your comments Ms. Marple I love them and with this one I had good laugh... He was already at Pigbusters where he started to communicate and I saw from beginning that due to grammar he will be scammer. When found him as Zareh from Ghana and asked him for that he was there on business... When he constantly begged for money I recommended him to find a wealthy woman and send comment to Pigbusters from our communication that was published... I blocked him so finally peace.

I know scammers are targetting women between 40 and higher rather than young one as they expect them to have savings. I have a bad luck - my statistic says that out of 11 people who comes to me 8 are scammers... Last time when I published on Pigbusters scammers on admin of the site after clicking on 3 profiles send me message my search was to wide so they blocked mine activities. Will write to them that if that is revenge for reporting scammers than I consider is highly unproffessional. What I did I took at least their nicknames and put them to Pigbusters.

As the general Ham, I have another recordman in number of profiles - that is Fred Wilson impersonating general John Abizaid. He has still more profiles...

I am really fed up with copied texts of scammers mails and their undying love I know it from memory and after 1st message from them especially when they try to get out of the site all is clear.
2013-08-23, 07:54:21
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
Got mail from yahoo that this scammer mail address is not valid any more. It is clear with his photos all over the internet that he will make new one or couple of new one addresses.

2013-08-23, 07:56:09
hemisphere from Czech Republic  

2014-01-20, 05:49:50
anonymous from Italy  
sono stata truffata da questo uomo che dice di chiamarsi con tanti nomi richard brown, timo hoffmann, jason miller,charles wiegand,e ultimo robert harmonn,grande truffatore deve andare in galera ruba tantissimi soldi,alle donne che dice di amare e vuol sposare state molto attente
2014-01-20, 05:58:59
anonymous from Italy  
grande truffatore gli daranno l'ergastolo si presenta con tanti nomi questo e'bugiardo richard brown qual'e il suo vero nome merita di morire
2014-01-28, 16:34:56
anonymous from Italy  
grande uomo truffatore questo uomo in foto verra' presto arrestato
2014-01-28, 16:34:57
anonymous from Italy  
grande uomo truffatore questo uomo in foto verra' presto arrestato
2014-01-28, 16:34:57
anonymous from Italy  
grande uomo truffatore questo uomo in foto verra' presto arrestato



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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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