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Dating scammer Fred Welth,Freddy Welth, Freddy Willis


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Name: Fred Welth,Freddy Welth, Freddy Willis


Presents himself as a successfull bussinessman from USA
Real location GHANA

Other Comments:
I was contacted by this man from Wayn. Beeing widower, having one son (on skype with name as Fred Willis). Both names and all pictures he uses are stolen. I saw him on web camera with the main picture - even that was fake.


DESTINATION..............................ACCRA, GHANA
ADDRESS.................................... SUIT 2 ROOM 6 LABADI BEACH HOTEL, ACCRA GHANA
QUESTION........................................ MY BEST COLOR


He gave mail of fake lawyer with mail and phone +233202843082 - Ghana -that one send me exactly the same name of Felix Idugbe. Very likely they were connected or he was his accomplice...

Seems that this scammer is working with another so called lawyer barrister Kwekumills with mail and so called hotel Manager Felix Idugbe was presented by lawyer as 'policeman' as well as please send the money to Mr Etabuno Inikori,Accra,Ghana - another 'policeman' connected with this scammer and his friend lawyer whom nobody knows in High Court of Ghana. Scammer Fred Welth wanted me to send to my account from 'India' thousands of dollars what I refused and did not gave him any personal info nor acc info

11:43:27 AM fred welth: i was scarmed 25,000 euros
11:43:41 AM fred welth: tought i was doing business not knowing 11:43:49 AM fred welth: i was being scarmed
11:47:35 AM fred welth: well in a week time i get my compesation and fly back home

(compensation from Ghana ???) - nonsense

9:42:43 PM
fred welth: am really do need help from you right now
9:43:09 PM
fred welth: am in india right now as am talking to you
9:43:47 PM
me: oh, what the hell are you doing there ???
9:43:57 PM
fred welth: and just got a call from a business friend who has being promissing to pay back the money i borrowed him some months
9:45:00 PM
fred welth: and right now i cant asses my account so dont really know if i can trust you on something and ask him to send the money to you
9:45:06 PM
me: and what sort of help do you need from me ?
9:45:35 PM
fred welth: through your account and you withdraw and send to me
9:48:10 PM
fred welth: well dear he is too busy and cant go to wstern union he will have to call his bank so they transfer my money to your account
9:48:18 PM
fred welth: and you send to me
9:48:21 PM
me: how it is possible you cannot access your account there ?
9:50:01 PM
fred welth: i tell you am on business in india right now my dear and had little stress with my account before in left wish my mannager will rentify when am back
9:53:02 PM
fred welth: am a business man dear
9:53:10 PM
me: so you borrowed money and your manager had find it ?
9:53:19 PM
fred welth: common i took loan on bsinesss
9:53:43 PM
fred welth: from my bank and the manager is my friend
9:53:46 PM
fred welth: well is okay
9:53:50 PM
me: why loan when you got money from Ghana ?
9:54:45 PM
fred welth: am a business man dear you really dont know me and my business is not a small type okay
9:54:50 PM

He came from Wayn, skype freddywilis57 and this successful bussinesman can wait for my account for ever... lol

3:37:58 PM fred welth: i know
3:38:06 PM fred welth: i will write him now
3:38:40 PM fred welth: but he also said you not ready that he told you how you can get the money
3:39:11 PM fred welth: but you not serious about it or you come down to ghana
3:45:08 PM me: exactly, victim is always asked for amount to open account in the country - once account is opened there it will never reach victim account as it is always used for so called washed money
3:45:47 PM fred welth: well then come down
3:46:20 PM fred welth: i have serious problem my health to look after now
3:47:45 PM fred welth: well do what ever you can since you dont want to listen to me Northwest Open Access Network Global Crossing Ghana

When he send me mail header also showed Ghana.When I confronted him seeing his two profiles on yahoo - one with location in US other in Ghana, he denied and said if I am crazy...

I made research on his photos he uses : - there are 2 profiles with name Morgan Harrison and Harrison Morgan with the same photo - probably again 'borrowed by scammer'

scammer was always sending me E-type program with viruses - so I never accepted that. When I asked why he is sending to me he said for correction of english. That his english must be perfect when doing bussiness...When he was not having it at the hand he made typical african mistakes in whatever he wrote. Saying he had dyslexia...hahaha

His other photos :
under first photo - all names under such photo belong to the David Mann, seems scammer 'borrowed' his pictures.
picture no.2 belongs to John Mageau and is used by scammers - relating this picture came this: - Ghana on - another picture with such name leads to facebook - exactly as headers of his mail showed Ghana
under pic no. 3 - this picture he used on web camera

Personal Note
No matter how successful you are in your venture, but that seems not enough when it comes to happiness cause no special one to share my love with and all the great moments and feelings but i am always happy grateful to god for my daughters cause when i look at her i see i got several reasons to be happy. I am a real estate developer and investor by profession so i travel Asia and Europe for business sometimes buy gold from south Africa, Saudi Arabia, is not easy being a single father i try to please my daughters and put her first in all i do cause she mean so much to me now but i wish i find a true love a woman that will love me for me and build a home together now that she is grown and moved on in life, but i must say i cherish your friendship that's more for me now and hope you feel same way too my friend. cheers and god bless you and your family and keep you sound and safe in good condition
(suddenly not having son but daughters)

Am Freddy Willis from California a self business man and a single father of tow daughters who lives with me and due to thye nature of my business i travile alot but spend time with my kids when am hop.we some times go to the beach,visite the park,shopping and some times cook for them.all this makes me feel happy and knowing they the reason why am living today.but above all,love is the most imoprant thing we all need,a man needs a true woman to share is love affection,dreams with and together build our world and give our kids the life they wanted,dear i must say life is useless with love because well need some boday to call our own and love forever..

Well all i need is a woman who knows the true meaning of love,marrage,children and a GOD fearing woman who will stand by me through all times and never hide anything.a woman who has self control of her self,love kids and will protect her merrage no matter what and never listen to issue of outsiders but always knows the bed room is a place to discouse and settle issue.

And i must say thanks for the mail once more and please tell me more about your self so we can get to know more and chat too,stay bless through Christ.

I hope you are having a good day. Mine day is also fine. Everything is usual here with - lot's of work, lack of free time.;)So, now more facts from me. I'm Freddy Welth 47 years old and I live in California. I have been living here for whole my life. My city, have a huge railway station unit, i think is among the biggest in the eastern part of California! Do you like the place where are you living???

As you already know i think about myself like about the butterfly! My character, my inner and outer world - everything is alike
butterfly's;) Naturally i am calm person, i like summer and outdoor activity. It is possible to think that i am fragile person, but, being a man butterfly, i have a strong soul. Also I am an romantic,
senseful and sentimental man.

Well, what more i have to tell you about myself???By the way, you may feel free asking me questions. I will gladly answer all of them.))) I want to tell you a lot of things;) But also i want to ask you a lot of questions, like, What job do you have? Do you like it or not? And finally - why are you on this site?

As for my job - it is quite interesting! I am working as a self business man! I had the chance to opportunity to get high education, and finish my high school.

(probably was not having programm e-type at the hand when such grammar

Content-type: text/html


2012-07-15, 12:52:19
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
Stolen photos this scammer is using.

2012-07-15, 12:55:15

2012-07-15, 12:58:15

2012-07-15, 13:02:48

2012-07-15, 13:12:32
Skype photo and name Fred Willis is his another fake name - when corresponding with me he said that that is his sonĀ“s photo.

Seems that this scammer was not able to remember even how many children he has or their sex...

To whom belongs stolen photos 3 and 4 I was not able to find out. Believe that belongs to somebody not involved in the scams at all.

He is constantly on messenger looking for ladies with his 'undying love' for money.

Remember these photos ladies - Fred Welth alias Freddy Welth alias Freddy Willis
is not successfull bussinesman but SCAMMER from GHANA.
2015-07-31, 15:26:13




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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