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Dating scammer Gary Schwiet


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Name: Gary Schwiet


Orlando, Florida

Other Comments:
This person approached me on the website There were several pictures he claimed his name was Gary Schweit. I copied and pasted the pics in google image, to my suprise the picture is of a man by the name of Todd DeGusipe who is a prominte business owner in Florida. I approached him about this name of Gary and the pictures didn't match I had told him what I did, he claimed he was hiding from his wife! and he did take everything off of this website. At this time he was in Cypress he said he owned several business and he was doing Security Doors and now all of the sudden he is in Nigeria! Go figure. Last night I approached him about his education and where he got his degree's, then all of the sudden he needed to get of the yahoo IM.Today I have not heard from hiim.

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2012-06-04, 22:53:11   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-06-06, 17:51:45
anonymous from United States  
love4:53:31 PM Todd DeGusipe: are you there 4:53:37 PM phyllis_wntrs: wow where have you been4:54:30 PM Todd DeGusipe: i have headech since all this day4:54:47 PM Todd DeGusipe: i'm just getting better 4:54:51 PM phyllis_wntrs: oh, well take something4:54:52 PM Todd DeGusipe: how you doing4:55:34 PM phyllis_wntrs: i'm ok4:55:36 PM Todd DeGusipe: alright 4:56:32 PM Todd DeGusipe: that is good 4:56:39 PM Todd DeGusipe: i am broke here 4:56:49 PM phyllis_wntrs: sorry don't know what to tell you..4:57:02 PM phyllis_wntrs: you own a funeral home, have them forward you some money4:57:03 PM Todd DeGusipe: and i don't have much money here 4:58:06 PM phyllis_wntrs: call home4:58:10 PM Todd DeGusipe: yeh4:58:35 PM Todd DeGusipe: i want you help me collect bill pay 4:58:42 PM phyllis_wntrs: NO4:58:55 PM Todd DeGusipe: let me have your name and your home address 4:59:09 PM phyllis_wntrs: NO5:00:21 PM Todd DeGusipe: i new that you don't want to do any ting for me 5:00:36 PM Todd DeGusipe: and i know what to do for you ok5:00:48 PM Todd DeGusipe: i new you house and your family ok5:01:04 PM Todd DeGusipe: i will show you what i have 5:01:49 PM Todd DeGusipe: don't you know that i new all your family ?5:02:01 PM Todd DeGusipe: you are joking with me here 5:02:30 PM phyllis_wntrs: what do you mean by all of this Todd. you don't know my house and my family5:04:21 PM phyllis_wntrs: here lately I only here from you when you want something..5:04:23 PM Todd DeGusipe: i ask you to do something for me and you don't do it 5:04:33 PM phyllis_wntrs: when it comes to money NO I can'tIM Jun 6, 2012 5:10:46 PM5:04:38 PM Todd DeGusipe: i can do anything for you ok?5:05:05 PM Todd DeGusipe: i am the one get my money ok?5:05:09 PM phyllis_wntrs: you just said you have not money5:05:17 PM Todd DeGusipe: i am not ask money from you ok?5:05:20 PM phyllis_wntrs: you just told me you didn't have any so how can you get it5:05:36 PM phyllis_wntrs: you want me to help you get money and I won't do it..I don't want to be involved5:05:45 PM Todd DeGusipe: i will do bill pay for you ok5:05:57 PM Todd DeGusipe: and you will send it to me here ok5:05:59 PM Todd DeGusipe: ?5:06:11 PM Todd DeGusipe: that is what i want 5:06:12 PM phyllis_wntrs: how are you going to do that5:06:41 PM Todd DeGusipe: my client want to do that for me only5:07:21 PM Todd DeGusipe: you will just help me collect bill pay only5:07:38 PM phyllis_wntrs: No I can't do that5:07:49 PM Todd DeGusipe: oh ok 5:07:52 PM phyllis_wntrs: have your family in Florida do it5:08:04 PM phyllis_wntrs: I don't want to be involved5:08:06 PM Todd DeGusipe: you will see what i will do for you ok?5:08:12 PM phyllis_wntrs: nope5:08:28 PM Todd DeGusipe: don't tell me this involved again ok5:08:56 PM Todd DeGusipe: see i new all your family and your house ok?5:09:10 PM Todd DeGusipe: i can do anything for you ok?5:09:16 PM phyllis_wntrs: No you don' do not know my family or where I live5:09:22 PM Todd DeGusipe: just go away here 5:09:41 PM Todd DeGusipe: i will let you know ok?5:10:06 PM phyllis_wntrs: Ok5:10:12 PM phyllis_wntrs: I can go away..I have been away5:10:15 PM Todd DeGusipe: i am gonna do bad thing for you and you will see 5:10:36 PM Todd DeGusipe: remeber i new you family ok5:10:46 PM Todd DeGusipe: bet it with me IM Jun 6, 2012 5:17:08 PM5:11:04 PM Todd DeGusipe: i am sure you now 5:11:04 PM phyllis_wntrs: by the way Mr. Todd DeGusipe is home in Florida, I looked at his facebook today and he added a friend yesterday.. So I know i'm not chatting with him5:11:16 PM phyllis_wntrs: you planning to hurt me..5:11:35 PM Todd DeGusipe: i will realy do that for you now 5:11:47 PM Todd DeGusipe: if you don't answer me now 5:11:56 PM Todd DeGusipe: i need money here love 5:12:11 PM Todd DeGusipe: if you fuck up i will fuck you up ok5:12:20 PM Todd DeGusipe: you can go now 5:12:26 PM Todd DeGusipe: shit 5:12:49 PM phyllis_wntrs: why do you want to hurt me5:12:55 PM phyllis_wntrs: that will not get you anywhere5:13:09 PM Todd DeGusipe: because i need money 5:13:20 PM Todd DeGusipe: i need money oh ok5:13:54 PM Todd DeGusipe: just do what i want and not tell any body ok5:14:09 PM Todd DeGusipe: if you tell anybody i will know here 5:14:24 PM phyllis_wntrs: please leave me be5:14:36 PM Todd DeGusipe: because i am here looking all your hopuse here 5:14:44 PM Todd DeGusipe: live and direct5:15:03 PM phyllis_wntrs: and direct..whats that mean5:15:35 PM Todd DeGusipe: i am looking your house here5:15:58 PM phyllis_wntrs: how can you do that..5:15:58 PM Todd DeGusipe: even you move to another apertment i will know ok5:16:10 PM phyllis_wntrs: mmm I see5:16:19 PM Todd DeGusipe: i am with you anytime ok 5:16:37 PM phyllis_wntrs: please don't use bad language here, that is one request I have5:16:41 PM Todd DeGusipe: send my money i need money here ok5:16:45 PM phyllis_wntrs: where have you been5:16:51 PM phyllis_wntrs: when is the man sending it5:16:58 PM Todd DeGusipe: don't ask me 5:17:08 PM Todd DeGusipe: i need money here Show more messages ... 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2012-07-13, 03:28:57
anonymous from Germany  
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 6:54 PM
Subject: Martin Fletcher

Dear Mr. Henle,
I have been trying to reach you by telephone without success. I do want to speak with you before I send the $5,000 USD to Martin to aid in the transaction from which he will pay me $500,000 USD.

If you are kind enough, please call me at 321-574-0464 (USA)

Rick Espinel
2016-03-09, 20:52:34
Elizabeth Grace from United States  
I also have been contacted by this man.
Asked for $200 ,so he could get his contract payment.

Name; Galen Johnson, Galen Chwiet
Email -
Phone #2348140608695



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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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