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Dating scammer Algin Giebermann


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Name: Algin Giebermann


37, Arendel Close, East London, UK AE2 PL8 (fake address)

Other Comments:
other info: engineer, widower for 8 - 9 years, past wife's name was Janet
DOB: 11-20-1963, 48 years old, born in Germany, lived in London since he was 10 years old
UK phone number: +44 7045 769668
NG phone number: +234 8182 868842
NG hotel phone number: Andrew - hotel manager?....+234 8034 123057 - scammer refers to this manager as his trusted contact in Nigeria
mother passed away 2 years ago and she used to call her granddaughter by another name, Jenny
daughter: Algin Helen (other name: Jenny) 12 years old DOB: 11-28-1999
only friend: Ken Mulla from East London (possibly an accomplice), supposedly works as a lecturer - used a phone number +44 7035 925315

I met this scammer on He worked by grooming his victim first, then he started asking for money. He claimed to be from East London, but had to go to Benin City, Nigeria for a job contract. While in Nigeria, he quickly ran out of money after he was required to pay the Nigerian tax, before he could start with the project. He didn't have money to buy groceries for himself and his daughter. He also didn't have money for cab to get to work. He also said that his computer became defective and tried to get me to send him a laptop so his daughter could do online classes. He initially stopped contacting me when I declined his requests, but resumed contact afterwards. When the work was done, he concocted a story that he and his daughter were kidnapped and held for a week in Abuja, Nigeria. Amazingly, they were released and he was able to get both of his cellphones and laptop back. Once back in London, he told me that his bank account was frozen unless he paid the tax for the money he earned in Nigeria, which was directly deposited to his UK account. He asked to borrow almost $6,000.00 and that he would pay me back as soon as he gets access to his funds. I told him I didn't have that kind of money. He had a friend, Ken Mulla, who was possibly an accomplice, and was angry that I was doubting the scammer's story. It didn't stop there...After a week, he lowered down the amount to $3,000.00, saying that he made a deal with the bank and so he jus tneeded to come up with half of the money required. I made up a story that Western Union would not let me send that amount of money due to suspicion of fraud. He and his friend tried to talk me into trying moneygram and send it to Ken Mulla's name. Again, I waited few days and told him that moneygram was not willing to do the transaction for the same reason. He waited 2 weeks and lowered down the amount to $1000.00 and asked me to send the money to Ken Mulla's secretary. Not surprisingly, the name on the account was of Nigerian origin. I have been checking the IP addresses used by this scammer since he tends to use different computers, and everything led back to Nigeria, even though he claimed to be in London. I bluntly told him that I am not sending him any money. He said he was hurt due to me not trusting him...(yeah, right!) then I never heard from him again...... What a scum!!!!


2012-03-29, 17:57:41   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-03-29, 17:57:41   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-03-29, 17:57:41   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-03-29, 17:57:41   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-05-01, 03:17:52
anonymous from United States  
My scammer. Giebermann Algin, fessed up. He left London and went to Nigeria recently to supposedly 'collect the money for the job he did in Nigeria from Nov2011. - Jan201'. Few days later, he was out of money already, had no place to sleep. I spoke to the nice hotel manager, Andrew, to help him with a place to sleep, so Andrew did his best to grant my request. Giebermann tried to ask me for whatever amount I could give him, but I refused. Confronted him about all the 'stories' he had been concocting, such as travelling to another country without having any money for emergencies and for 'not having a return ticket to go back to UK, his home country'. He stated that his reason for travelling to Nigeria last November, was to show his friends in UK that he had a job'. He told me that he went back to Nigeria this time around hoping that I would send him money to help get him get back to UK since I have been refusing to send him money while he was living in his own country. He was not an engineer. He is an unemployed high school graduate, couldn't find a job so he resorted to scamming people. He hated to be referred to as a 'scammer', but that's who he is..a con artist...a sociopath.... When I talked to his friend Ken Mulla in the past, he collaborated the scammer's story that Giebermann really was an engineer and owed his own home. Reportedly, Ken M. is suing me in UK for using his name on the scammer's web site. Apparently, someone googled Ken M's name and found out about the dating scammer's info on google. As far as I am concerned, Ken M was an accomplice to all these lies. The 12 year old daughter actually exists as confirmed by a reliable source and I just feel sorry for her. She was left by her father in London to cater to herself. My scammer apologized numerous times for what he had done to me. He said I am a nice and wonderful person and said that he fell in love with me but knows that we could never be together. He admitted that the home address that he gave me was not real. He also admitted that the kidnapping story in Abuja, Nigeria was not real. It was just his way to get sympathy from me, hoping that I would send him some money. From this experience, it makes it harder to trust people online. I am posting this to reiteraterate to everyone that these scammers infiltrate the online dating sites, plenty of them on, eharmony, zoosk and other dating sites. Be careful everyone. Watch out for the ones who claim to be engineers, exporters, in the oil business, widowed, one child, no friends or relatives and they travel for work to Nigeria,Malaysia, Spain, UK, Italy, Canada, and even some places in the US. If you trace their IP addresses, they usually show up as coming from other countries, especially Nigeria, and not the place where they actually say they are calling from. And for someone who claims to be from UK, numbers with this dialling code or prefix of 70 are often used by scammers and con artists as calls can be routed anywhere in the world from them.
2020-06-23, 07:07:20
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