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Dating scammer John Williams, John Collins, John Brown


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Name: John Williams, John Collins, John Brown



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Cliamed to be a builder and had a project in Malaysia, but one got there needed money to pay the tax before they would release the cheque, and of course had NOONE but me to send him money.

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2012-02-05, 23:29:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2012-02-05, 23:29:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2012-02-05, 23:29:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2012-02-10, 08:39:23
anonymous from Canada  
So now after more investigation, he is no at all in Maylasia and the IP address is from the United States. I am still corresponding so i can get more information, and sadly he has more women he has caught in his web.
2012-02-16, 06:17:11
[hidden] from Australia  
This low life piece of crap has scammed over $20,000 dollars off my partners mother, claimed to be in Malaysia and made her believe he loved her and needed money to be able to be with her, she does not deserve to be ripped off financially, or mentally stuffed around by an oxygen thief like this, it is just wrong and also puts pressure on the rest of the family to know this gutless piece of crap is getting away with it... These type of morel less people need to be stopped and punished severely for the mental and financial stress they bring upon there prey and their preys families!
2012-02-16, 11:31:56
Miss Marple  
Reply to:2012-02-10, 08:39:23

Scammers from Nigeria has accomplices in Malaysia and scams women all over the world from the scam is possibly originating from Malaysia even if the IP shows Usa.Scammers hides offen theire location as they are criminals and do not want to be discovered of course! The man on the photos is probably not even aware that someone uses his pictures to scam women with! So who are behind the scam initself can be hard to know.I advice to you poster fromCanada as he has scammed you on money to cease the contact as the scammer will never stop asking for money from you! I know scammers that threats and are mean to the victims when they do not get what they want ,so for that sake i am telling you to cut with the scammer !I am very sorry that you are scammed !

//Miss Marple//
2012-02-16, 12:13:25
OJAS from United States  
Please listen to Miss Marple, do your research, avoid scams!

Scammers have accomplices everywhere!

There was also once a bust in Netherlands of about 70 Nigerian scammers
2012-02-17, 15:03:54   (updated: 2012-02-17, 15:04:32)
anonymous from Canada  
I am so glad I am not the only one taken by this guy. And believe me I cannot afford to lose money any more than the others, but truth be told, it is only money, and it will probablly take me ten years to recoup by at least I am alive and well and can recoup. Thanks guys, Peter keep up the good work!!!
2012-02-17, 16:57:08
Miss Marple  

You are not alone to have met an scammer,i have met an scammer my self once and that took me an while to come over,i hope you recover emotionally and financially from this one day .Please ask anything if you wonder about these sort of scams,i have been on this forum since 2009 and helped victims.Please stay safe out there.

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2012-02-17, 22:51:31
anonymous from Canada  
is there somewhere I can email without it being shown here for all?
2012-02-17, 23:46:01
OJAS from United States  
@Canada 2012-02-17, 22:51:31,
Setup an account http://www.delphifa..644.shtml
Log on
You will then be able to ✍ Miss Marple, within this site by clicking on ✉
2012-03-01, 12:21:01
anonymous from United States  
I have already posted my experience but not sure i added his name , went by john mark, or mark john , or dr john, email was phone 447? please post his name...thy
2012-03-07, 08:30:58
anonymous from Canada  
He is once again preying on evow,
2012-03-27, 02:12:21
anonymous from Australia  

My mother started speaking to 'John brown' about a year ago. He has also scammed her, he still to this day is speaking to her. She has sent him money for his cheque to clear, he's used the money every time, claiming either it was stolen, he needed it because he broke his leg, the excuses went on. To this day she has sent him over $50,000. It breaks my heart to see such a wonderful and giving woman get hurt like this, she refuses to believe he's a scammer. This has caused major problems, for my mother and the family. It hurts to see someone you thought to be so strong, break this easily and believe he's a good person.
2012-03-27, 03:50:13
whyme2012 from Australia  
Hello anonymous from Australia,
I am from Sydney Australia and I have also been scammed and really want to help your mother if you allow me too I am willing to give you my email address on this site so you can contact me. please email me and I will help your mother.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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