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Dating scammer James Ramos


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Name: James Ramos



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Had been talking to 'James Ramos' for about a week did not know about scams and then asked me to send $1500 to Achimota
Ghana to so this diplomat could bring all his worldly possesions to me from Iraq to look after until he arrived home in August. I emailed the diplomat and he sent me an address which I googled and it brought me to your site. I then emailed 'James Ramos' who was also supposed to Western Union $1500 to this person told him I suspected this to be a scam and have not heard from since. I have since researched James Ramos who does exist in the States and believe he is the victim of identity theft however am not sure where to take it from there. I also have had five other conversations with people on all male four of which are US Army who as soon as I mention scam and what happened they disappear. Is this common?

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2012-10-18, 00:20:51
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Hello Rosie

Thanks for your email.
firstly. my names are David Lew Ramos. I am from Cutler Ridge,Miami,Florida.USA.
I joined that site we met today. i was introduced to the site by a friend who found someone there and they are married living in Sofia.
This is my first time been in a dating site. before i joined i posted my 3 photos and i made my profile complete and it has my info. i later noticed that my photos and profile is still pending for approval that is why you did not see it on the site. i have been to Bulgaria because before. i dont really understanding what you mean by scammers because i am a Christian i never heard of that before. i will be sending you my photos and hope you do respond back with yours. do feel free to ask whatever you want to know about me.

can you please tell me more about your self, where you live, what is your profession, i will be waiting for your respond okay. you can add me on Skype david.lewman1

do have a wonderful day


2012-10-25, 04:56:35
Please do not write my name. But Aron Ramos also tried to scam me. He asked for bank account. I said don't. Have one. He wanted to borrow money. For his ill daughter Jenny. Living in a birding school. This was in September. Of 2012.
2012-11-05, 13:54:18
anonymous from Netherlands  
Hi everyone, This man uses teh name Bryan Ramos and Gary Ramos, and The pictures shown on here are the same he has been using with me. So be carefull everyone.
2012-11-05, 20:40:11
Miss Marple from United States  
Please post his money asking letter!

Gary Ramos has also emailaddress:

2012-11-11, 08:27:29
anonymous from Russian Federation  
И еще много фотографий этого человека было получено мною за два месяца с клятвами о вечной любви и заботе. В обмен , если я помогу переправить ему чемодан с большой суммой денег, которые он боится везти через границы. Затем стал просить деньги за возможность оформления провоза чемодана с помощью неприкосновенного дипломата Morris Hatton . Чтобы предотвратить задержки Morris не хватило денег в лондонском аэропорту для расчетов с английскими таможенниками в размере 400 британских фунтов.
Они стали настаивать, чтобы я переслала vestern union эти деньги 6 ноября на имя Morris Hatton. Что я и сделала. Получив эти деньги , они сразу же поставили условие, что я должна послать еще 400 фунтов, чтобы подготовить документы, для российской таможни в английском аэропорту. Здесь закрались сомнения в правильности моих действий и я категорически отказалась от дальнейшего финансирования их пересылки. James стал утверждать , что у него вся жизнь зависит от этого груза и есть только одна надежда на мою помощь. Но мне уже нечем было ему помогать, и интуиция подсказывала, что здесь неправомерные действия. Я отказалась быть ему помощником. Он написал еще несколько писем и исчез . Похоже Morris и Ramos одно и тоже поддельное лицо, которое находилось 6 ноября в аэропорту Хитроу в Лондоне, где он получил перевод vestern union на имя Morris Hatton 400 британских фунтов. Он позорит не только американскую армию, но и английскую таможенную службу. Неужели столько времени ,его никак не могут разоблачить?
2012-11-12, 08:31:24
anonymous from United States  
They are using the name Johnny kenell now
2012-12-03, 07:10:00
[hidden] from United States  
Watch out for these names.
James Collins, Rick Edwards, David Ramos.....they IM on tell you they are in the military serving in Kabul all with similar stories. I have been using various first names so that don';t know it is me.
If you watch on the IM messages you will see they are entering text then typing. They are copying from their script. They have a script. I have seen the script 4-5 times now. I don't know how we can stop them except to shut them down immediately, report them to the dating site....refuse to engage in their conversations because they are grooming you like pedophiles do. YES, you are being GROOMED.
DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER SEND THEM MONEY OR GIFTS. They are a group of nigerians or in ghana, getting their thrills off by scamming people.

2012-12-09, 00:34:01
anonymous from United States  
Oh no. I cannot believe I had almost fallen victim for that sick man. I have been through too much horrible stuff in my life. And this just tops it all of why I don't trust men at all anymore. He has been telling me his name is Charles Ramos and is Commander Sergeant Major in the US Army, and he is retiring December 29, 2012 and coming home to New York first, and he says he is in-love with me and wants to marry me even though I told him I am obese and have many health problems. lol. That guy has so many identities and aliases, and time on his hands. He must be in the military for sure, which is very sad. He needs not only to be exposed, but to be sent to jail permanently. He contacted me on on November 15, 2012, and he has been communicating with me through yahoo messenger & email since then up to date as of December 9, 2012. This is definitely the same guy in the pictures. Some of these pictures he gave me or were posted on his yahoo profile that I asked him to forward me as he regularly changed them. He has not asked me for any money at all, and he says he wants to own his own business to buy/rent houses. And he says he has a 15 yr son named George that lives with a family nearby his base until he retires and coming back to states with him once he is done serving. I kept requesting for him to send me LIVE videos or for him to call me to hear each other LIVE, but he refused to call or send me videos or chat live saying he would get in serious trouble. When it got tense of his refusing to abide by my requests, he got upset at me and told me goodbye. Then 2 days later he started contacting me again apologizing saying his feelings never went away. But now he hasn't continued communicating in same ways of 'wooing' me that he did before my requests. I know and see through all of his lies because nothing adds up. I don't trust anyone that has his characteristics at all. He does not know that I am onto him in this way. I just want to participate in hanging this SOB and get him arrested. He needs to be punished for causing so much heartache and pain for women. He sounds like the same monster that my own last 2 exhusbands were. Everyone of the ladies need to beware this guy is still lerking and hunting for a wife to use, abuse and use. Do not fall for his lies. I am not falling for his nor anyone else's trap. Do not proceed

2012-12-09, 00:38:45
anonymous from United States  
Here are more pics he sent me to watch for if he provides anyone else also. Do not get involved with this man that has so many identities like Charles Ramos, etc. His supposed 15 yr son's name is George that is also pictured here.

2012-12-09, 00:46:28
anonymous from United States  
This is another of the several pics Charles Ramos provided me. He is a lying scams. Don't fall for his shivelry and promises to marry anyone. Everyone need to stay away from him.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Claudia Mensah

2012-12-09, 00:53:45
anonymous from United States  
This guy known as Charles Ramos has also stated he has dead parents he never knew, his past wife is dead, and he has no known family anywhere (according to him). He has used email address, with that as his yahoo id as well.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer johnson scott

2012-12-09, 15:08:32
anonymous from Philippines  
I am chattng recently with certain aaron ramos and claims he is in libya for a mission and until now he still call me and leave message on yahoo.he is a scammer trying to extract more money from me.please to those who are out there beware...of this guy who post same picture same as we saw wearing uniform stupid of me believing him...
2012-12-11, 16:45:58
anonymous from United States  
I just talked to th is guy and he told me his name was Ben Richie and was asking for 2250.00 to get home to be with me and then for what ever reason, i googles his e-mail and i found out he has so many other names and e-mail. but what i really want to know is this pic of him really the some person doing this. today is 12/11/12 and i sent me another message i have already told him to leave me alone but he does not want to stop. i know there is somthing we can really do about this please help......

connie R
2012-12-11, 18:50:58   (updated: 2012-12-11, 18:52:43)
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-12-11, 16:45:58
anonymous from United States

but what i really want to know is this pic of him really the some person doing this

No he is innocent to all these scams,scammers from Ghana has stolen his ID and scams women with his photos..lots of military personels,soldiers pictures have been abused by west-african scammers like this..this soldiers pictures are also the most abused one online now by scammers ,please check this video on You Tube about Stg Aaron Ramos which is his real ID,you have to block him from your email,scammers never stops asking for money.
Please post the money asking letter and also the scammers emailaddress as it is evidence of scam.
Scam reports with stolen pictures on Stg Aaron Ramos
2012-12-15, 01:23:19  
He just contacted me today and told me his name is Ramos Sam Johnson and would like to get to know me better . I am glad that I run his name through google and found this sight . I think he is in for a rude awaking. I wish the us goverment would do some thing about him using the us army as his ploy.thank you all for your input this will help others as it has me
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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