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Dating scammer James Ramos


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Name: James Ramos



Other Comments:
Had been talking to 'James Ramos' for about a week did not know about scams and then asked me to send $1500 to Achimota
Ghana to so this diplomat could bring all his worldly possesions to me from Iraq to look after until he arrived home in August. I emailed the diplomat and he sent me an address which I googled and it brought me to your site. I then emailed 'James Ramos' who was also supposed to Western Union $1500 to this person told him I suspected this to be a scam and have not heard from since. I have since researched James Ramos who does exist in the States and believe he is the victim of identity theft however am not sure where to take it from there. I also have had five other conversations with people on all male four of which are US Army who as soon as I mention scam and what happened they disappear. Is this common?

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2012-04-15, 13:18:42   (updated: 2012-04-15, 13:30:22)
Miss Marple from United States  
What emailaddress is he going under? yeah keep the iphone! scammers do not only ask for money,they can ask things they need for in their scams as computers,cellphones etc.
//Miss Marple//
2012-04-17, 21:35:52   (updated: 2012-04-17, 21:39:43)
anonymous from Australia  
Hello Ladies,
Be aware this man is going by the name of Aaron Ramos on Oasis Active with username golflover12, I have notified Oasis Active of this
2012-04-18, 03:23:47
whyme2012 from Australia  
Hello Ladies,
Be aware this man is going by the name of Aaron Ramos on Oasis Active with username golflover12, I have notified Oasis Active of this, so hopefully they delete his profile.
2012-04-18, 04:31:16
whyme2012 from Australia  
Hello Ladies,
Be aware this man is going by the name of Aaron Ramos on Oasis Active with username golflover12, I have notified Oasis Active of this, so hopefully they delete his profile.
I also just found his IP address which is from Ghana Africa
2012-04-19, 19:05:51
Miss Marple from United States  


Male 48
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2012-04-22, 02:16:33
anonymous from United States  
2012-04-22, 02:16:34
anonymous from United States  
2012-05-16, 12:12:37
Well, he's still up to his ol' tricks. I was contacted by Eric Smith...but after several half-truths - he came clean and told me his real name is Eric Ramos. He says he grew up in NC...but he does not write like he grew up in the states. He initially tried to tell me he was from Cove City, NC...but he didn't know where that was...hmmmmm

Unfortunately, there are many of these guys out there. It's hard to know what to believe. He used different pictures...but it is the same guy.

I am extremely cautious and as soon as they tell me that they are an only child, parents are dead, widowed or divorced with no living flags go up. So, once someone tells me that they are the army, on business or otherwise, I just move on.

Hope this will help someone else move on.
2012-05-16, 16:49:07
eastersunday51 from United States  
These photos are of Terry Ramos, in Afghanistan nearing retirement. He uses a courier, Andrew Vaughn Woolnough to transport mail to and from his location. Born in Chatanooga, TN but moved to FL. Uses address 205 North Park, Apopka, FL 32703 to get mail. Email = Met on Claims to have a sister named Kathryn Rene Ramos Lang of 821 Borde Del Camino Dr. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 ----After 2 weeks of messages, I was told by the courier that 3 boxes of gold valued at $6.5 million was on it's way to me. I don't think so. I am out $50 but it was a great investment in being a smarter consumer.
2012-05-23, 09:57:26
anonymous from Germany  
I speak with Bill Newton, sometimes henry Newton, he told me, his wife named him Eric
He is using the same pics with Name Ramos ????
He told me, he is in syria with us Army And his wife died with an accident 7 years ago, his son bright 9 years old, lives in Ghana with his Cousin. He want me to give him Money for School for his son, but i gave him no Money, now he told me, his son had an accident And the Hospital needs 250 € for Operation.
I really like him a Lot but i gave no Money And now i found the pics here... :-(
2012-05-31, 16:28:43
anonymous from Germany  
Hey.. this guy contacted me also..he said his name is Danny Ramos, that he wants to get married, loves me and stuff like this!
I did not send him money.. i am not stupid;-)
And he did not aks yet ;-)
But i guess i will send him some 'nice' words take care!!! And never ever send somebody money you dont know!!!
2012-06-21, 18:38:31
anonymous from United States  
this creep is using my home phone as his. i am in lawrenceville ga.
i do not know what to do. called the phone company they will look into it.
so if he gives you my phone number 770-339-3546 please do not call it
i do not know this bottom feeder.
2012-06-22, 13:16:43
anonymous from Canada  

hello hes now on he has a profile on there I feel sorry for you all that lost money to this person thank you for this web site
2012-07-01, 12:29:15
It sure is amazing how this has happened to me. I have been talking with this guy for a month now and he is going by Benrt Ramos Larry with me and email address of I feel so stupid. He has told me the story of having a son name Herman that is 15, a sister name Ruky going to school at Kwame Nkrymah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana (which does exist), a brother and a mother as well. He first asked if I could send some money so his son could get him a Samsung Galaxy the new one which runs around $400-$500 and told him that I didn't have that kind of money. He's now asking me for $500 to send to his sister to get a laptop for school. The address he gave me for that was Ridwan Ibrahim, Accra, Ghana 00233. Needless to say I started doing some research on the address itself. I haven't sent any money to him. He was also telling me that he is in Afghan and would be coming home by the end of July and wanted to move from Chicago, Illinois to where I live because he wanted to be closer to me and my daughter. It's amazing how a guy can get to you so quickly. He has told me that he wants to get married and go to Brazil for a 2 week honeymoon and he also has said that he has come across some money that he wants to send to me as well. This here has really put myself in a situation that I will never trust another soul in my life. The thing is you may play with my feelings, but don't dare mess with my child. At of this moment he has no clue that I have caught him in this act, but it want take long for him to find out. And top all of this off, I can't understand why someone would want to disguise himself as a military officer (if that's the case). You don't need to be using our men as diguises. They have faught for this country just so we can have the freedom we have. One day GOD will punish you for this and you call yourself a Christian, Christians don't scam people and hurt other peoples feelings like this. I feel sorry for everyone that this has happened to including myself. You try to trust people and all they do is screw you over.
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2012-07-01, 13:33:45
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:Benrt Ramos Larry
The soldier on the photo has nothing to with any scams at all,his photos and many other military personals photos are stolen by West-African scammers and used to scam women with.So the person or persons you have talked to is probably scammers from Ghana as the money that was asked for was going to be sent to Ghana.please cease all contact to the scammer ,block the emailaddress as they will never stop asking for money!!!

I know you feel humiliated and embaressed,you are not the only one believe me,so many women and men have been scammed so badly by these african scams that originates from Nigeria and Ghana,there are victims that has lost everything and more,so i am glad that you did your researches online and did not send any money as the money can not be recovered !

Please take your time also to read my thread how you recognize male scammers where you will find good and useful information so you can avoid these scams online!

How you recognize male scammers :

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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