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Dating scammer James Ramos


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Name: James Ramos



Other Comments:
Had been talking to 'James Ramos' for about a week did not know about scams and then asked me to send $1500 to Achimota
Ghana to so this diplomat could bring all his worldly possesions to me from Iraq to look after until he arrived home in August. I emailed the diplomat and he sent me an address which I googled and it brought me to your site. I then emailed 'James Ramos' who was also supposed to Western Union $1500 to this person told him I suspected this to be a scam and have not heard from since. I have since researched James Ramos who does exist in the States and believe he is the victim of identity theft however am not sure where to take it from there. I also have had five other conversations with people on all male four of which are US Army who as soon as I mention scam and what happened they disappear. Is this common?

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2014-03-05, 08:24:43
Hi I think I am being scammed by this guy. I just have a question when he emails me it says it was sent from a military computer is,there a way we     could find out if it is the real man or the scammer?
2014-03-05, 15:04:19
OJAS from United States  
Military uses .mil top domain, NOT .com!
2014-03-28, 18:53:39
This guy also go by the name Charles Roland and Scott Ramos, about a year ago he contact me as Charles Roland and chatted me up wanting me to send $500.00 to his adopted African son in Ghana until he meet me in the states on his return from the war, he eve got some African kid who dress in the latest to contact me by Facebook, and as I am sitting here now he contacted me on SKYPE as Scott Ramos and I told him what I know and he asked if I was insulting him, he is so stupid, he change the name but not the pic.
2014-03-28, 18:57:44
Also look out for the name Charles Bradsley, who claims to be in India and got kicked out of his hotel
2014-04-09, 14:55:55
anonymous from United States  
This dude sent my mom a Capitol one card with her name on it but with his info he is a scammer
2014-04-09, 15:58:00
anonymous from United States  
This guy is on Facebook as Holliman Gomez. I knew he was a scammer, but he didn't ask me for any money.
2014-04-15, 16:53:06
anonymous from United States  
Okay so John Ramos has been in contact with me. Says he is in love with me, wants to move in with me when he gets back from Africa. However, he hasn't asked me for any money in fact the complete opposite....he offered to send me money. Not sure what to believe he has to be a scammer....doesn't he.
2014-04-17, 02:28:15
[hidden] from Hong Kong  

Received message from the same scammer's - Daniel Ramos today. He also attached the same photo to me. i didnt get any loss but I need to take this opportunity to let everybody know that scammer. Below is his message:

HELLO, i am working on peace keeping mission in Afghanistan as a US soldier. Let me briefly tell you more about me, I am colonel Daniel Ramos, a US soldier currently serving in afghanistan on peace keeping mission. I was born and raised in virgina,US. I am currently a widow and i lost my wife 6 years ago after 2 month illness, i have a son whose name is Derrick, he is 14 yo and he is the joy of my life. My late wife was a UK citizen and we have lived together untill death do us part. The weather is really good over here except that we have been really busy trying to put everything in other. Let me also use this period to say i am not a man with big family circle, i was living alone with my late wife and son, except that when my mother inlaw came all the way from the UK to visit us time to time.

Well as for me, i am a very loving, caring, sincere and honest man and i respect my profession to the core as a military man. I must say i am looking for a true love, i mean a woman that will love me like my late wife did and a woman i will love with all my life and respect her even more than the way i respected my late wife because i respected my late wife as she was part of me. As i am presently on peace keeping missing here in afghanistan i have to say i am missing the presence of woman in my life and i want to use this opportunity to start a relationship again because i will like to get married again immediately we are deployed from this country and i am ready to travel to any where to meet the woman of my life and i hope you will be the woman i am looking for if we click. I will be glad if you can tell me something about you via email because we are not allowed to use phone over here and my senior colleagues must not know that writing i am writing to someone from here because we are on serious duty. Please take your time and tell me more about your self and i have attached few of my photos for you. I also will say i have access to chat via skype or yahoo messenger, so if you do not mind we can go on chat and chat and get to know alot and everything about each other. So write soon and let me know more about you such as your age, marital status and some photos too etc. and the kind of man you are looking for. I shall be waiting to hear from you again.

Take absolute care of your self.
Colonel Daniel

2014-04-17, 20:19:42
this guy also goes by Ramos Herzet says he is in Africa, Has a son in West Virginia. uses email ramospeaceman
2014-04-22, 14:23:56
anonymous from Brazil  
Agora ele estรก no Face como Charllis Bell

2014-05-03, 16:05:53
anonymous from Ireland  
On the site there is this Ramos guy again and another supposed servicemen who I believe to be from Ghana. His English was not American perfect. I have American friends and I am English. They both ask you to communicate using Kik or yahoo Im. The other guy claims to be from Ohio and when I asked his regiment he said 54th infantry marines cavalry which as far as I know does not exist. I am no longer using that dating site or any other. Im ex army and this lowlife is using real servicemen pics to scam people!!! He is scum of the lowest order. I want to meet a genuine US servicemen but have given up on it as I don't know where to find a genuine guy. These dating sites clearly are not to be trusted. I have reported it to the site and blocked him on Kik.
2014-05-17, 07:17:14   (updated: 2014-05-17, 07:22:11)
hello everyone, i too have met the scammer. he is now using george ramos and claims to be in afghanistan, kabul on peace keeeping and retires in february15, 2015. He is using the diplomat and package with money and jewels. i have been talking to him for about three months now. He and his diplomat has scammed me out of a huge sum of money. Just recently i came across this site and decided to research more. I was so shocked cause all the photos he sent me are posted here. Someone please this guy is still on the loose and as i write is trying to scam me out of more monies cause he claims the diplomat is now imprisoned and i have to send money for his release.I feel sorry for myself and mostly for the real Ramos George who is being abused by this scammer. Can anyone help me locate the real Ramos George? I will do anything to put these people in jail. I have information that may lead to them.
2014-05-17, 09:47:50
Today, May 2014 and this scammer is still on the loose. I have read every single post on this site and all the stories match.I too am a victim and as i write this scammer and I are still chatting. I have learnt so much since we started chatting three months ago.He does not no that i am on to him yet. unfortunately i got scammed out of a huge sum of money and I believe he has other information of mine, such as photos and personl data. This guy is dangerous and vindictive and knows his way around.I am trying to keep him talking so he will not suspect me. Also the real Ramos is out there and i believe you are aware that your identiy has been stolen. I feel sorry for you. I also believe that you read these comments by those of us who have been victims. I have information leading to these people and a telephone number of someone who claims to be a united nations diplomat. This diplomat receives money on his behalf. I also have the name of the diplomat. I believe he can be caught since he goes to the bank to receive the money.I have other documentation of other persons that they are using. Please , if the real Ramos is reading this, I implore you to try and find a way to contact me. You are a trained military man and you should be able to find a way around this. Also anyone who can lead me to the real Ramos , please do so. Too many innocent lives have been killed by this scammer. I read posts as far back as 2010 and the scammer is out there in 2014. Let's do something. He is not God. He can be stopped.
2014-05-24, 10:42:10
Also goes by Name ,Ramos Albert Neubert from Jacksonville, Fl. Worked In Victory Camp Clinic as
Paremedic in Kubal Afghanstain, has a son Alex , deceased wife Sonia.. Borned on January 19 1960. Same man as everyone else shows.
2014-06-24, 16:55:15
anonymous from United States  
Much like everyone else above. Received a message from davis wallace within 2 days he was pledging his eternal love and by the 3rd, i was the future wife. The problem was that he went too far too fast but it then became a game for me. Scam the scammer!!! So i pledge my love, told him i couldn't wait to meet him, on and on.. he told me his wife died 2 yrs prior, that she was from Canada. that he was in England on a job but going to Nigeria.. So on the third day he chatted from Nigeria. He explained how the project he was on required him to put money up first. that he had talked to his mom and she was sending him some money but he was short $1,500. So i of course told him i would be sending him the money. I did report him to the dating site and kept the game on until i finally told him that i would be talking to my brother in law in the FBI. guess what.. so sorry for some nice guy i have the picture from..
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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