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Dating scammer Brett Clark


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Name: Brett Clark



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Met on Claims he is in an Officer is the US Army stationed Iraq and his permanent home is in Rockwall, TX. Will send emails and chat so that he seems legitimate. Will claim he's coming home in one to two weeks after a construction project and can't wait to meet you. Then he states the US Army is out of funds and asks for 'help' to get home. I traced the IP address from the emails sent all of them originated in Nigeria. I don't believe the man in the photo is the actual scammer.

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2009-11-16, 19:38:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-11-16, 19:38:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-11-16, 19:38:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
How you recognize male scammers.

2009-11-16, 20:09:09
This guy, proclaiming to be Brett Clark, asked for money after one week. When I confronted him, I haven't heard from him. I feel sorry for the guy in the photo...he probably has no idea what's going on. All I know is that he claims he is in Iraq, but the IP address is in Lagos, Nigeria.
2009-11-18, 21:13:18
anonymous from United States  
Wow, I have had the same thing happen to me the past two weeks. He contacted me from

Identical situation. He sent me six photos over all. My son found his IP address being from Nigeria as well. He is trying to get me to western union $2500 to a pilot to privately fly him to the US. He claimed his Major told him there were no funds to fly him home. Everything he was saying about the military is not true. They obviously don't know procedure or at least hope some woman wouldn't know the difference. First off, military soldiers don't get to ask to go home just because they want to. That was priceless. The emails were ridiculously romantic (over kill). Red flag went up right away, and I am playing this one out while I have friends in the military looking in to it.

I hope there are not women who have sent these people money.

I know it's not the real Brett Clark, someone has stolen his photos and his name. Brett Clark is a Colonel in the Air force. Who is a very attractive man, it's no wonder they would want to use his identity.

2009-11-18, 22:43:59   (updated: 2009-11-18, 22:55:42)
UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! This was the intro email I received from 'Brett Clark' along with 3 photos. Then sent 3 more (all in uniform) in another email. He aslo mentioned needing $2000 to give pilot that was going to fly him home from Iraq because the US ARMY was out of money!! I have many family members in the military so I knew it wasn't true. Also said wife died, and 9 year son lives in Ireland.

Hello Sweetie,
Hey Its me Brett from,I thought i should tell you a little about me.
I would describe myself as happy, unpretentious, loyal, confident (but not
arrogant), kind, fun, attractive (on the inside... the outside you'll have
to judge for yourself),
adventurous, optimistic, athletic, successful and well rounded with a good set
of values . I believe in living life to its fullest. Sure, I like 'guy
stuff'... sports (especially tennis, golf, hockey, baseball, football and
skiing), classis cars and fixing things around the house. But, I'm deeper
than many men and
also enjoy cultural activities like theatre, architecture, travel, museums,
wine and cooking. I believe trust, common interests, lots of laughter,
chemistry, passion, teamwork, mutual respect and good communication are some of
the keys to making a relationship successful. Corny maybe, but I do have a soft
spot for those less fortunate than myself, children, animals and good
old-fashioned romance. One last thing.
I'm looking for an intelligent, fun, caring, upbeat, active, independent,
pretty and grounded woman interested in developing a meaningful relationship.
Admittedly, I'm particular, but I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with
,you should be particular too) Also, I'm not interested in going out on
dates just to date. I'm not a 'player' and would prefer spending quality time with someone special. So, i think we might make a good match
I hope to hear back from you soon.
Waiting to hear back from you
Take Care
2009-11-22, 22:44:19
anonymous from United States  
Here is the IP address when traced.

This is the AfriNIC Whois server.

% Note: this output has been filtered.

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname: ORG-SA57-AFRINIC-20050513
descr: Assigned to Lagos dial-pool customers
country: NG
admin-c: NS4-AFRINIC
tech-c: CM9-AFRINIC
status: Assigned PA
mnt-lower: STARCOMMS-MNT
source: AFRINIC # Filtered
parent: -

address: Plot 1261, Bishop Kale Close, off Saka Tinubu
address: Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
phone: +234-1-804-1234
fax-no: +234-1-811-0301
e-mail: ********
nic-hdl: NS4-AFRINIC
source: AFRINIC # Filtered

person: Catalin Miclaus
address: Plot 1261C, Bishop Kale Close, off Saka Tinubu
phone: +234-1-8041234
fax-no: +234-1-8110301
e-mail: *******
nic-hdl: CM9-AFRINIC
source: AFRINIC # Filtered

2009-12-31, 14:30:23   (updated: 2009-12-31, 14:35:31)
i was approach by this individaul as well. i had been on for awhile and was looking to make my boyfriend of ten years jealous and thought i would use this site to get back into the field of dating again. I chat with this profile: Brett Clark for three weeks before he asked me for $3000 for plane ticket back to the states. I chatted with him until he asked for money and a big red flag pop into my vision. i don't give my boyfriend money i thought it was hilarious that someone would think that if they say tech book romance that someone would actually send that kind of money in this day and age where money is so tight.
2010-05-06, 15:38:57
This scammer is also shown on as 'greenbrogers49' I am glad that I found this site to see if the person is for real or a scammer. I was asked for $2000 right after the night before we were chatting about scammers on line. He is now going under the name Brett Rogers, grew up in Ireland, wife had cancer and died 5 years ago and he has a 10 year old red headed son living with his wife's friend in Ireland.
2013-05-02, 00:56:29
anonymous from New Zealand  
This identity contacted my sister on He is also going by the name of Tim Rogers. He even sent her the letter shown above, word for word other than the name. My sister was totally taken in by him. He claims to be an Australian who is a contracted engineer in Afghanistan contracting for the US army. He rang her the other day saying that he would be leaving Afghanistan in just over a week to come to NZ to be with her. That night I thought I should do some research as it all seemed too good to be true. And it was. Now my sister and a group of supporters at her job
are playing him. She's fed him a story that her son has had large amounts of prime real estate signed over to him by his paternal grandmother and that because her son is under age, she will be the trustee. My sister is actually a single mother and her son is the only male grandchild in the paternal grandmother's family. She's told Tim (the scammer) that since her boy's inheritance is worth so much, that there is an expectation that, when my sister is ready to move with it, that she (my sister) pay the costs of the lawyers fees when she is ready. Yesterday she asked BS Tim to help with the fees. He's taken some of the bait. Apparently he said 'that will be great for us honey'. He gave some story about security and not being able to access his funds, but he would speak to her in more detail last night.
I haven't seen my sister since yesterday but I was told he contacted her today. She and the people at her job, who all know about this now, are having lots of fun reading his emails, and are enjoying seeing whether attempts to scam the scammer will work and they are working with her. I don't think it will work but damn, its fun trying, and knowing my sister is now in the box seat. Will get back if it works.
2013-11-05, 07:04:02
anonymous from Sydney, Australia  
I came in contact with this same guy on I'd only just joined. His alias is: Waqalevu19 and he is now calling himself Tim Potter. Thank goodness I found out this guy is a scammer. I'd just spent hours this evening chatting to him on Yahoo Messenger. I was really taken in. He seemed so charming. And yes I received the email quoted above, word for word.

I have a young man staying with me from New York, and he suggested putting his photos into google....and guess what? Up came all this information including this blog about a scammer called Brett Clark. I'm pretty savvy, so would never have sent a stranger money, but I'm glad I only wasted one evening on this guy. I've reported it to

It's funny, he looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where I'd seen him. He must have cropped up on another Australian internet dating site RSVP years ago.
2013-11-05, 18:10:44
Bax from United States  
address: Plot 1261, Bishop Kale Close, off Saka Tinubu
address: Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Many times reported to anti-scam sites. Here is an original report:

Created by James Gordon on 06/14/2007 06:57 PM
Originally posted at: Southwest Ohio Real Estate
Comments (11) scam, ripoff, crazy email

: I am well known in Nigeria!

Message details:
From: Fred Hopkins

This scam has tried everything from romance with bait-pics to fake FedEx. spams.
See the full list;

2013-11-05, 19:03:13
Bax from United States  
Although this next article is at 24 paragraphs long, it is connected and worth reading.
Here you will see the inside story of what a Most Wanted Criminal scammer is all about.

American Nigerian Tobechi Enyinna Onwuhara wanted by the FBI for conspiracy to commit bank fraud
Posted by Admin on March 16, 2010 or,

Current Update;

'Onwuhara is a key member of a group of Nigerians who allegedly have been conducting fraudulent banking activities from Florida and Texas, since 2005,' the FBI's most wanted website states.

You are here: Home NSW Article
Search smh: Search .
One of FBI's most wanted caught living it large in Sydney
NSW DateFebruary 18, 2013 Ilya Gridneff

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer sherry Adams

2013-11-05, 21:23:58
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-11-05, 07:04:02
anonymous from Sydney, Australia

Please post current emailaddress the scammer is using ,photos ,letters
2014-03-13, 21:03:26 from New Zealand  
Yes; he scammed me with the same M.O! He said his name was Tim Potter email address;
We have been talking for months but he got a lot of money out of me and sent a so-called American Passport (fake) with photo's of his 19 year old son. I really fell for him; and not being too savvy with all of this; I wanted to believe him as I was going through a real bad divorce and I met him on! He disappeared month when I asked him when our marriage will happen; and where was he all this time? He said-'He had finished in Kunduz but the Al Qaeda was out to kill him and he got shot on the arm and tried to get the nurse to notify me. He was in Kabul!

He also rang my number, and has quite a sweet voice-I consider myself a clever person as I Manage my own office; but he knows the signs and can read you like a hawke @ 10,000 feet!

As soon as I made up a big story that I was hurt blah blah and asked for my money back; called him Liar and Fraudster; he still made up with me and get this-asked for more money lol!
I told him who he was so he's finished with me;and I never knew about this site...if only aye?

I am feeling so much better now although I have lost money, Let's go get him aye?
P.S I just recognised another guy doing the same thing so, I will get my revenge with him as well!

Watch this space! I have now got a new Hobby-to get these lowlifes ASAP
P.SS should be shut down as it attracts the likes of him like flies to s***
But I will get this guy first; as they use other Sites as well! Game on! Oh by the way, he is a great support and has Mastered this technique so much that if he was doing the same thing as a Legit Counsellor; he would have made millions by now!

Keep me posted please?

Thanks to all



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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