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Dating scammer Austin Grello


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Name: Austin Grello



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He has been hijacked, shot, robbed, detained by customs and framed by the Peruvian Government. Initially he worked for Shell Oil and owns a mansion with full staff in Florida. Constantly needs money because he cannot access his 'millions' overseas. Has been attempting to come 'back to America' for a year now...but something always happens. AVOID THIS cousin is falling for this and believes anything he says. Her home is in foreclosure and she can't pay her bills because she sends it all to him. Do not be as stupid as her!!!

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2009-11-14, 02:37:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-11-18, 13:04:44
My cousin just wired him $1400 because he is stuck in Saudi Arabia. This man is going to pay for this someday. I know she is lonely and stupid but how can someone be this heartless?
2009-11-20, 14:36:22
this guy looks familar
2009-11-20, 14:43:11   (updated: 2009-11-20, 14:48:20)
the email does no match and neither does his last name but i was talking with a man named austin and i have his pics that i will post i dont know if he is the same man but i admit that i sent him 500 dollars for a plane seat he said that he was in some sort of plane wreck and needed more money for medical bills but i did not beleve it and refused so he stopped talking to me the man i saw looks like him and the story of him in the oil industry is similar also he was flying from saudi arabia where he was helping him mom who is in unicef he would send me poetry that turned out to be published on the web please be careful
2009-11-24, 08:38:20
anonymous from United States  
I also was scammed by this man. I met him on eharmony (or should I say talked with him on eharmony). Never seen him face to face although he made mulitple promises to come see me. Always needing money for some reason or another. Sent him $700 for a plane ticket to finally come see me and then the plane was highjacked. That was the end of it for me. I have too many college degrees to be played an idiot like that. I mean really...who believes a plane with americans on it would be highjacked and it and it would not make the news in the states or on the internet!!!! It is sad these jerks prey on women who are just looking for love. Eventually all that happens is they lose their savings, homes, family and friends. Please beware of this man. He will take you for all you are worth if he can.
2009-11-24, 15:23:32
for whatever reason this site wont let me post the pictures i have of this creep even when i created account i will post them on a site and let everbody read the link later because i am almost sure this is the same man who did that to me and he needs to have atention brought on him
2009-11-24, 18:23:39
you can see my austin's pictures here on flickr it is the same guy i know it
2009-11-25, 02:27:12
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-11-24, 15:23:32

The only reason any picture is not allowed to be posted here are as fallows.

# 1 No Nude photo's of any kind.

# 2 No pictures that show Minors [ Children ]
Please block the face of Minors appearing in a photo with a adult.

# 3 Photo's that are not Jpeg format will not work on this site.
If they are Bitmap or any other format the system will not copy them.

I Hope this has cleared up your question as to why Your pictures do not post.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-11-25, 06:36:03
anonymous from United States  
It should be remembered that it does not matter what the pictures are because the fact is that the man in the pictures is likely NOT the man pulling the scam.
2009-11-28, 13:50:24
This is so scary. I was being flirted with by this man on MySpace earlier this year when suddenly he went MIA right after asking me for help with a place ticket out of Africa. I heard the same story about the oil and mansion...
Anyway, out of nowhere, he deleted his profile and me, like a dummy, have spent the past few months trying to find him! I was actually scared something bad had happened to him! My Google search found this today and I feel fortunate. I can't believe I was falling for it. Oh my, back to singlehood. But at least it is a singlehood with a positive checking account balance.
2009-12-02, 11:19:55   (updated: 2009-12-02, 11:20:43)
Candace Fisher from United States  
Oh my of my co-workers stumbled on this website and brought it to my attention. That picture is of my brother-in-law. It was actually taken at my wedding. His name is not Austin Grello. This is completely illegal and I am reporting as identity theft and if someone is using this information to get money from people the people giving him money will also be in question.
2009-12-02, 18:39:33
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-12-02, 11:19:55 (updated: 2009-12-02, 11:20:43)
Candace Fisher from United States

OK You say You are Related By Marriage to the guy in the picture.

Please keep in mind His picture is being used by a scammer.

It is posted here as evidence of a crime.

Never post any of Your personal information on this site.
No e mail address or like in Your case Your name.

The very scammer who stole the picture in the first place can now use
Your name.
Scammers watch this site all the time.

Your Brother in Law needs to be made aware His pictures have been stolen.
Just like the thousands of other pictures on this site.

Scammers almost never use their own photo's.

Only about 12 pictures on this entire site are of the actual scammer.

Most pictures are obtained from Modeling or Porn Stars.

Some pictures are taken by scammers from their victims.

Please do not try to remove the picture from this site.
By doing so the scammer who used it will use it even more
and the problem will be made worse.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-12-02, 21:45:02
OJAS from United States  
2009-12-02, 23:06:08
When did these scams happen to each of you? It is very nerve wracking that anyone can be anyone on the internet & you just don't really know who you are 'talking to' on various sites.
2009-12-03, 08:04:45
jennymathey from United States  
to anonymous - first i am sorry for bad writings because i had accident that leaves me not able to talk real good i started taking to this man last winter from eharmonyand it kept going for about 5 months i thout eharmony to be safer than places like myspace or facebook but it wasnt he always had an excuse for not showing up and even had other men call and pretend be police or health worker he always said he was american but his voice often sounded to have an accent and he blamed it on being tired he would get angry with me when i would ask for more proof of who he was or he would ignore my questions by sending poems the final straw was when he said he had to go to saudi arabia to fix an oil place for his mom i call unicef and spoke to many people who said there was no oil donation and they suggested i was being scammed after i told my whole story and offer help i woudl wire him money and you cant track wire money so i read about scams online and saw that many women were telling the same story i was living at frist i was in denial and said not me but i was wrong i was one of them i am now in therapy for bad depression i should have know that a man as handsome and rich as he claims likes women who are young models and not the 48 year old divorced ugly fat grandma factory worker that i am i lost so much money and dignity because of him the hardest part was telling the people who were worried for me that they were right please be careful women please listen to me and not do what i did i am happy to answer any questions if it means no other women will do what i did or will put a stop to what they are doing
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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