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Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh


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Name: mohamad mashaleh


he is from Jordan and he has already scammed couple of women, and he is trying hard on many sites to find a victim, he has been in jail for it already, but is free at the moment

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2010-02-18, 20:00:19
sherlock holmes 123  
This is for you,anonymous from France the ''friend'' of Mohamad Mashaleh the pig, for asking to remove everything wich is written here, the more you guys will protest, the more we will put here,now this is his facebook page, using the same old picture, he has as least 4 facebook's accounts, he is working soooooooooooooooooooo hard to find a victim to pay him out of the mess he has got himself into now

2010-02-18, 20:07:03
sherlock holmes 123  
facebook adress is memo Memo Mash is a fan of:
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•     chanson arabe
•     ılı.lı.AQABA ılı.lı.
•     Texas Hold'em Poker
•     Deniz Feneri Derneği
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Memo Mash
is on Facebook.
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Memo Mash
2010-02-18, 20:19:40
sherlock holmes 123  
Some pocket money for you to spend in the jail, complimentery ::)))

2010-02-19, 03:54:50
ww from Japan  
@2010-02-18, 17:08:05
anonymous from Albany, United States

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Never hide yourself from us !

2010-02-19, 18:03:11
sherlock holmes 123  
This is Mohamad's Mashaleh's FAVORITE picture
You have destroyed so many familys,ruined their financial, but thank God they will survive,YOU will not,
may you rot in the jail,you will have plenty of time to think about everything you did. You are even destroying the imagine of your own country.
Dont dream of cheating more women, you rat,pig,dog, there are no words big enough to describe you, dirty scumbag

2010-02-24, 08:45:15   (updated: 2010-02-24, 08:46:28)
007 from United Kingdom  
There's nowt so queer as folk and you are amongst the queerest!

This image was also posted here:
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2010-03-01, 05:41:52
sherlock holmes 123  
Here comes a list of the email adresses the King Mohamad Mashaleh has been using:

Christ if every person has so many email accounts,the system would collapse,but for sure he has many more

To you Mohamad Mashaleh: I will give you some ideas of new email adresses if you run out of ideas, after you go to jail , of course,what about ......I,hope,you,will,send,me,, or...... I,hope,you,will,get,me,out,of,jail, or....... I,am,a,
Im sure you can use your monkeybrain and find a good yahoo ID

To women all over the world, never ever chat with a man who has an ID like some of these, and also if a man calls you honey,sweetheart,darling and etc, its 100% a scammer,they usually use these sweet words because they dont remember any name, and to not make mistakes they call you sweet names
2010-03-01, 13:11:15
sherlock holmes 123  
Now here is his profile on
He is registered as IWISHITISYOU

Tell us more: (Optional)
I Am owning a taravel agent and organizing tour into my country and some of the other countries around my country.

I am a smart, honest, kind and compassionate, i like travelling, hiking, driving, camping and discovering new things. I have a very good since of humar i like to laugh and to make the others laugh. life is too short lets enjoy it.

I would like to live my life with someone that we can build our life together, full with love and respect.

He stopped using the old pic, this is the newest he is using now, its old also

2010-03-01, 14:21:39
The Mata Hari  
OH he spreads out like virus everywhere

Well Mohamad, you say you are smart???? Do you mean then smart in cheating women??? You say you like driving, hahahaha you have not had a car for the last 10 years atleast
And DONT use the word RESPECT, because you dont know what it means

You say you owe a travel agency?????? Let me correct you, you dont have anything and you are not working now anywhere, and you have hardly been working last 5 years,because you are hiding from the police, the only thing you do now is sneaking into internetcafes, and you are desperatly looking for a new victim.This time its double you need to cheat, you need atleast 50.000 dollars now to buy yourself out of this shit

We will make sure that you will never cheat other woman again, you will not continue play your dirty games anymore, we have a good assistant now and we have good lawiers in Jordan, we will keep on until you are in the jail, dont worry, we have money to keep on the courtcases,soon we will publish the first courtorder here on this site

2010-03-01, 15:30:09
The Mata Hari  
Forgot to say, that Mohamad has dropped his standards now, he is seeking women over 60 years on, guess they are easyer victims and of course more chance that they have money
Comon the guy is 42 years old.....................

2010-03-01, 17:26:06
The Mata Hari  
I would like to live my life with someone that we can build our life together, full with love and respect.

42-year-old man
seeking women 60-65
in Jordan
Relationships: Divorced
Have kids: Yes, and they live away from home (2)
Want kids: Not sure
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Body type: About average
Height: 5'9' (175cms)
Religion: Muslim / Islam
Smoke: Daily
Drink: Social Drinker

I am a smart, honest, kind and compassionate, i like travelling, hiking, driving, camping and discovering new things. I have a very good since of humar i like to laugh and to make the others laugh. life is too short lets enjoy it.

2010-03-02, 12:47:31
The Mata Hari  
Thinking Of You
Tuesday, , 2008 18:22
This sender is DomainKeys verified
'Mohamad Mashaleh' <>
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I am alone,
so very alone

I hurt,
so very bad

I am ignored,
just thrown aside

I am security,
for others to have

I am lonely,
there is no one close,
no one sees the pain

I cry,
hope is gone

I am alone,
and no one knows

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2010-03-04, 06:36:20   (updated: 2010-03-04, 06:37:46)
anonymous from United States  
I am so happy that everyone is finding out what a bastard that Mohamad Mashaleh really is. He is such a very bad man. His scamming women have to stop. He is the biggest thief. He has stolen so much money and lied to so mant women, me including. I have money, but was smart enough not to fall for his charms. He uses women. But why do we fall for him, he is certainly not handsome, it's his words. He dosent even spend any time with his kids, and they love him. And his poor Jordanian wife. She is stuck for life. He hits & abuses her, as he did me. he is a no good lousy, bastard cheat. He should rot in hell. He almost ruined my life. Nice try Mohamad(son of a bitch)
2010-03-04, 08:26:29
The Mata Hari  
To 2010-03-04, 06:36:20 (updated: 2010-03-04, 06:37:46)
anonymous from United States

Thank you for your comment, Im sure you have a lot of his email ''masterpieces''

why dont you share it with us?? We can use a good laugh of the pig

2010-03-05, 19:54:34   (updated: 2010-03-05, 20:29:22)
Agent 86 from Bastrop, United States  
Hello Everyone

Sorry the Party is over here.

I am back and will remove any more garbage that pops up.

Legitimate postings concerning the Scammer { Mohamad Mashaleh }
will be respected.

I will keep a very close on eye on this from now on.

Kind Regards Agent 86 and 99 \\'^o^'// <><

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