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Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh


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Name: mohamad mashaleh


he is from Jordan and he has already scammed couple of women, and he is trying hard on many sites to find a victim, he has been in jail for it already, but is free at the moment

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2010-01-21, 11:07:11
Hello Wan Wan yes this is me who posted the above one, This woman Jana is an innocent victim of a jealous woman, the ex wife of the cheater Mohamad Mashaleh, and I here I put a pic of the cheater Mohamad Mashaleh and his ex wife, and for you the ex wife from Albany : we can ask people to vote, you started this and called this innocent woman euro trash and ugly woman

2010-01-21, 11:07:59

2010-01-21, 13:47:09
wanwan from Japan  
@2010-01-21, 11:07:11

I will control the traffic of this thread.
I have some questions on you.
First question !
Are you the original poster or not?
Please tell me.

I ask you to tell me the posts you have put here.
Please answer me,OK?

1) page 1
2009-10-29, 14:00:56 (updated: 2009-10-29, 14:57:03)

2)2009-10-30, 10:08:25

3)2009-10-31, 17:50:43

4)2009-11-08, 08:01:35

5)2009-12-26, 08:23:27 (updated: 2009-12-26, 08:42:35)
his american wife from Albany, United States

6)2010-01-09, 16:21:43

7)page 2
2010-01-12, 09:26:31
anonymous from United States


8)2010-01-12, 10:52:14
anonymous from United States

9)2010-01-13, 05:11:58

10)2010-01-15, 13:40:24
anonymous from Germany

11)2010-01-19, 10:25:29
from Albany, United States

12)2010-01-20, 15:56:04

13)page 3
2010-01-21, 07:47:07

Tell me your posts which you have put here.

2010-01-21, 14:04:02
Hi Wan Wan yes im the original poster, I put post nr 1, nr 3 , nr 4, nr 6, nr 10, nr 12 and nr 13, I know the person who put the post nr 2 in, so that one is right also, and please could you take out this picture of this inocent woman, she has nothing to do with the scammer Mohamad Mashaleh, its his ex wife which is not completely normal which is putting her picture of her here, she has got it from her myspace, thanks for good job
2010-01-21, 15:04:44
its a long story,but will try to make short, the person from Albany new york was married with the cheater mohamad mashaleh, then she was chatting with an egyptian guy, she is not normal so he stopped chatting to her, and he started to chat with this woman, she is from Germany and her name is Jana ,thats all I know, and the woman from Albany is so jealous, so she put her picture here, this Jana has nothing at all to do with the scammer mohamad mashaleh,and her pic should not be here on this site, she is an innocent person, its just from a jealousy of a sick minded person
2010-01-21, 15:22:11   (updated: 2010-01-21, 15:38:58)
wanwan from Japan  
@2010-01-21, 15:04:44

thank you for your explanation on her.
But it is not the time to remove the photo of Jana.
Because I don't find any proofs that she is innocent on this issue.
Off course when we get the proofs she is innocent,
we will remove her photos immediately.

But please listen to me.
The admin only can decide to remove her photos or not.
I don't suspect Jana at all.
But I don't have any proofs she is not a scammer.
That is the reason why we can not remove her photos.

One more question.
It is OK?
I must clarify the true colors of this person.
We must know this person much more.
So please tell me about her you have known,it is OK ?
Please see her photo below!
1)tell me her real name
2)She was his EX wife or not?
3)She is innocent or complicity of Mohamad?
4)This person is an American wife in Albany New york or not?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh

2010-01-21, 15:39:10
yes I have a lot of informations about her, her real name is Sherry Lynn Cole, but she uses the name Sherrie Mashaleh, she was married to the scammer mohamad Mashaleh, but the marriage wasnt legal because he had already a wife before,and she even lived with his jordanian first wife, anyway, she knew everything about his scamming and was sending nasty emails to women he was cheating, she is very sick minded person, and she was madly in love with this egyptian guy, and now this egyptian guy is chatting with this german person Jana,and she is so sick minded,Sherrie I mean, I dont like to put his myspace adress here, but can you please remove it after looking at it, because this egyptian guy and the german woman has nothing to do with Mohamad Mashaleh, they are just unlucky to have got known to the sick minded Sherrie, http://www.myspace...spirit_egy you cab see on his myspace,the woman Jana but please then remove it from here
2010-01-21, 15:40:57
ohh yes she is the ex wife from Albany, you can know her from her comments, she is nasty and rude
2010-01-21, 15:53:21
and there are thousnds of pics of her all over the net, if you google her under the name sherrie mashaleh, she is everywhere
2010-01-21, 16:06:31   (updated: 2010-01-21, 16:08:42)
wanwan from Japan  
@2010-01-21, 15:40:57

Thank you for your efforts on this serious issue Mohamad.
I think your informations will be able to control traffic on mohamad & his EX wife.
I emailed my friends personaly and I asked them to join this issue of Mohamad & his EX wife.

Now they are reading your posts and they are thinking of this issue.
So please give us some time to think of ? OK ?
Again thank you.

And I ask you to put your nickname(alias like BB,AA,CC ect).OK?
Because '' anon '' ,it is not good for us .
Because we can not recognize you from other anon poster.
See you soon.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh

2010-01-21, 16:07:22
one of the websites http://www.easyfind..tos/34581/ websites
2010-01-21, 16:26:27
wanwan from Japan  
@2010-01-21, 16:07:22

Thank you for your links.
Just now I have Googled your links and I have found her so many informations !
She is trying to find her new LOVE or VICTIMS ?

By the way
I want her statements on this issue from Albany NY in USA.
Can you hear me?
You must put your statements on Mohamad.
You must explain to us about the relationship with Mohamad.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh

2010-01-21, 16:44:44
ok Wan Wan, my nickname will be sherlock holmes, and its better to put the name she uses, its Sherrie Mashaleh or Sherrie Cole, her real name is Sherry Lynn Cole, but she doesnt use that, for not being traced I suppose
2010-01-21, 17:01:30
sherlock holmes 123  
ok Wan Wan I just registered with this name, sherlock holmes 123
2010-01-21, 18:00:18
sherlock holmes 123  
here is the marriage contract between them, Sherrie and Mohamad Mashaleh, but its not valid, as he pretends he is divorced, but he had 2 kids but he divorced his wife before consummation, maybe the wife did eat something bad so she got pregnant, anyway her is their marriage contract
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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