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Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh


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Name: mohamad mashaleh


he is from Jordan and he has already scammed couple of women, and he is trying hard on many sites to find a victim, he has been in jail for it already, but is free at the moment

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2009-10-29, 14:00:56   (updated: 2009-10-29, 14:57:03)

He doesnt ask for money, first he want the woman to come to Jordan, he will borrow some money and buy the ticket, then the tragedy starts, he says he is divorced, but he is not, he even married an american woman, and she became the second wife, without knowing it.
He can be very sweet, like all scammers are. He is on many date sites, and he uses this picture, its an old pic and photoshopped also, WOMEN please bevare of him

2009-10-30, 10:08:25
He is really master of cheating and lieing. He doesn't respect anybody, not even his family. He has a wife with two kids, but he talks about her only as she would be a dirty person. In his copy-paste e-mails he cries about it, that he never loved her, he married her because he loved her mother sooooooo much, that he fulfilled her wish. He has two kids, the girl has problem with her hand, and he used to cry about it professionally, to get more money. Of course, the girl didn't get anything for operation.

First he really didn't ask anything, he had only big plans, how we could live together and make common business. The main topics: internet cafe, restaurant - and the favourite: travel agency. He cheated me for a lot of money, I got pictures about the office, showed me licence for it, I worked a lot on the homepage. He used the name of working travel agencies, and he is partly owner, or family member in his stories. Of course later he will be victim of cheating and he has to find another business possibility. He has at least two valid marriage. We can prove everything, we have valid judgement from the court in Amman against him. Jordan is wonderful, and the people are mostly very kind and helpful - he is a shame for his country and for his family.
2009-10-31, 17:50:43

yes he really is a scam, I met him on a dating site, he called me, he told me bad things about his family, his wife, and that he gave houses to his brothers, cars to friends, what a bull shitter, and he said he worked in his travel agency, I came to jordan and then I found out everything was lies, he wasnt even working, he sat in internet cafe all day long, trying to find women to cheat, what a bugger
2009-11-08, 08:01:35
Some emails from the KIng Mohamad

Date: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 7:35 AM

Hello My Sweet heart, I am feeling very good, Hoping that you are very well too. Its so lovely what you are writing it makes me feel like an angel, you touched my heart, that would be my dream too, to be with someone like you, you are all my thoughts since the minute i got an email from you,
Of course i want you to come and to be together, i do want to meet you and to share you all of the nice moments,
Please tell me how will you arrive to Jordan? and tell me whats the details of your flight so to prepare my self and pickup you from the airport.

All kisses and love
yours Mohamad

From: Me Me <>
Subject: Re: airport
To: '1' <>
Date: Thursday, October 22, 2009, 7:32 PM

Hello My darling, thats make me very glad evrytime to hear from such a cute things, it is a verey busy season these days and i am working very hard if you look inti this website you will know many things about my city and country. this travel agency is owned by my brother.
i would love you to be with me all the time and enjoy evrything together, you make me feel i am just born.

yours forever

And the funniest thing now that he has been chatting with a russian scammer, thats when the shit hits the fan, ha ha will attach email here

To: 'Me Me' <>
Date: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 10:42 PM

Hello dear Mohamad! I have good news, very good for me and for you! I
with impatience waited within this day. Today I have visited travel
agency again. I can have the visa, but again and again I should buy
the ticket, and the visa to me will give only within 2 days before the
beginning!. I am very happy.. I shall be capable to see you in The
person!!! I have addressed to travel agency which sells tickets
Through which I to order the visa. I have asked them as I shall be
Capable to go to Amman to arrive in 5 of November and how many it
would cost. They have told, that the ticket will cost USD for 1232 $.
I have asked them to find cheaper ticket, as the price - also Highly
for me. But as has appeared, which I shall not be capable to have
Cheaper ticket so quicly, date Is too early. Tickets should be kept
during long time beforehand. I have asked them to offer me another
variants of flight. We have found the most suitable. Flight, is - a
begin also arrival in 5 of November as it is necessary for us. Ticket
USD of expenses for 1097 $. I have asked to reserve the ticket for me.
But they have refused to do told, that they had many clients. They
cannot reserve my ticket without adwanced money. I asked them. But it
did not work. They have told, that they will help me with big
pleasure, but them could not. Rules - so. I was in a panic, I have so
disappointed. Then I have asked them if which I could give only parts
of Money. But they did not agree again. I have asked them during Long
time speaking, that my groom Mohamad waits for me. If I have Asked
they would be - small bats longer me explosion from shout. Probably
the God heard my inquiries, and service worked coordinated to reserve
the ticket on my conditions . But I have not enough time to a payment,
for the ticket. They would tell, whether I have made day another a
part the price for the ticket, I would be free money which I have
already taking into account them. I was angry, but they have
explained, that it will be be very difficult to sell the ticket for
the plane which flies. They should lower the price. I have agreed.
They have told to me the Payment USD for 1050 $. But it was too much
for me because I had only 400 $. I have asked to wait for me within 2
hours. I have left travel agency and to go to my mother. Mum has met
me in doors. I have told to her all. She has understood all and
adviced me to insert the hostage our gold of an ornament to the
Pawnshop. Mohamad, it was very difficult for me to agree to do it. I
did not want mum of burden. But at the same time I want to meet you,
Mohamad very much. We have inserted treasures of the hostage, me Have
received USD for 50 $, and I have paid a part of the price for USD the
ticket for 450 $. It There was my last money, it was for the plane
Which I am going to arrive to you. It was very difficult for me to
tell to you this history. I have Made everything, that I Could. I have
paid for the visa. I have paid for a Part of the ticket. But it was
insufficiently. Money were There is not enough. I did not want to
burden you. I wanted to arrive in You with any help. I thought, that
my money will enough eat. But I The transferred refusal . Now I feel
guilty myself. I am not qualified to do All myself for our meeting. I
did not think, that that - be will interfere With me to meet you. But
I should pay other part of money for The ticket, it - only 600 $ USD.
I, Now I feel guilty, that I could not Do it, I promised to arrive to
you with my own Money. I always do That I promise. I feel il easy now,
I am ashamed to ask, that you have helped I. Probably I should tell to
you, that I shall not be capable to meet You becouse, I will not be
capable to pay to the whole sum of Money Independently. Certainly I
understand, which I should not ask, that you Has given me money. But
during time I cannot only which I shall not be Arrive to you. I have
made too much to organize our meeting. If I Refusal to meet you, it
will mean, that all was in voun. It - torrible For me to refuse, to
arrive in you, I have made everything, that I Could. Now I want, that
you have helped me, and I think, that Was not present That - be
horrable if I ask that you have helped me. Certainly I Understand,
that there can be you, have no any feelings to me and There can be
you, you are not interested on our meeting. I understand, That the sum
of money is too big. I know it and, for this reason it More difficult
for me to ask it from you. But in sametime any person Can appear in my
conditions. And now - Only one thing By which I can do. I only should
tell, that I shall never arrive in You. But I do not want to tell so
because I want To meet you. For this purpose The reason I should be
fair, I require your help. Certainly I understand, That I should not
do it. But I am fair the person. I - ashaneed to Ask, you to help me,
but lives - a difficult thing, everyone can happen. Certainly it - up
to you to decide, whether you want to help me Whether it is valid. It
is bad, but not fatal. I shall be free my money. It Is bad, but not
mortal also. USD for 131 $ which I have paid for The visa and USD for
450 $ which I have paid for the ticket, it - is too much For me. But I
do not regret, that I have made for our meeting. Actually Money our
treasures are only paper, Only metal details. For this purpose The
reason I was the first who has decided to meet each other. But I do Do
not want, that all my efforts have been spent unsuccessfully. I do not
want, That you thought, that I - not the fair person. I wanted to show
it You (but to not ask about the help). If you can help me, I send you
My coordinates. In travel agency have told, that you can use the some
people sistem. I have addressed to the closest bank. They have told,
it They have ' the Western Union '. They have told to me, that it is
The best way for me to receive money. There is other remittance The
system, but now unfortunately it does not work all time because the
some people Reconstruction also modernizes of the the equipment and a
signal The system of system is made there. But they speak, it '
Western The union ' always works, and people trust this. I allow you
Necessary Details to send me of money ' the Western Union '.

Name Tatyana
Surname: Kolesova
The country: Russia

They have told to me in bank what to receive money from you I The full
address should tell to the worker of bank your full name {a name} {the
name , You, the exact sum of money which I should reach and some
people confidental numbers (MTCN these 10 digitals). To this number
your bank if you send me your help will allow you. Only in Case when
the information sends me, I should receive your help. Please Forgive
to me my words. I speak so because I am in despair. Now, when Only one
step can connect us, I am afraid. I need in you, I want to be With
you, I need in you in the help, I believe me, I am fair with you. I
Are not qualified to estimate my forces. And all mine spent efforts
Unsuccessfully. I understand, that the sum of money is too big for
you. I have made Do not want to ask you. I can do all Independently.
My loneliness has Made by me strong. I always lived with my own
efforts on which I always Put independently. I have asked - to help
who to me very much selcom, But now I ask, that you have helped me. I
shall give you all Money back as soon as I am capable. Probably I have
made, you Offended. But I need in you. I do not know if my letter
satisfacted You or disappointed. But I have written to you the fair
letter. I look forwarol to you the answer. I hope for you. Yours

2009-12-26, 08:23:27   (updated: 2009-12-26, 08:42:35)
his american wife from Albany, United States  
Yes He is a very big cheat and liar. We married in Jordan. He used some other womans money to buy my ticket to come.
He had a hungarian woman come to Jordan at the same time as me. He is the biggest scammer that I know, I could write a book and make alot of money. I have more to tell than anyone else. Feel free to ask me anything about my looser ex husband.
2010-01-09, 16:21:43
Hi there ex-wife of Mohamad the cheater, do you know his where about now? and also do you have some email to contact you thanks, victim of him
2010-01-10, 00:44:14
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2010-01-09, 16:21:43

Hello Anonymous

Please be extra careful about talking to
[ his american wife from Albany, United States ]

It is no problem at all for the scammer Himself to have made that posting.

I am not being paranoid just telling You this site is watched 24 / 7
by the scammers and they will try anything to get hooked up with their victims again.

My advice on this is to never post Your email address on this site
no matter what is said.
Communicate through postings on this site only.

The story that this is the ex Wife smells at the very least.

Scammers try many things on this site.
Be safe rather than sorry.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2010-01-12, 09:11:34
anonymous from United States  
he is the scammer

2010-01-12, 09:13:18   (updated: 2010-01-12, 09:20:33)
anonymous from United States  

2010-01-12, 09:14:48
anonymous from United States  
This is what the scammer looks like now
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2010-01-12, 09:17:02
anonymous from United States  
another pic of mohamad mashaleh, the scammer
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh

2010-01-12, 09:18:11
anonymous from Schenectady, United States  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh

2010-01-12, 09:21:33
anonymous from United States  

2010-01-12, 09:22:47
anonymous from United States  
mohamad mashaleh
the jordanian scammer

2010-01-12, 09:24:37
anonymous from United States  

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