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Dating scammer paul raymond


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Name: paul raymond



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said he was 1/2 canadian and have new dehli . He said he lived in miami and was in canada for business then to uk to visit sick mo0ther and then to an island forgot the name of the island then back to miami.. he said he did drilling for curd oil and mining of prescious stones (gems). he had spent a lot of money on a contract that now had some problems and he needed help with a check that needed to be cashed.. got mad when i told him i could not help him.He started laying all kinds of guilt etc. and when he came home he would love me forever ..he would help me if i needed help i said i do need help help me.. well we got into an argument and i told him i believed he was a scam artist probably stole the pictures he sent me. he did not have a land line phone and no incoming calls to his cell phone which had horrible connections and he had a terrible accent. he was shy so he said and was very difficult to understand him.. this was a definite scam and i have 2 other pictures if the site needs or wants them. he also was from match .com and took off his profile and wanted me to take off mine. he was very strange.. God bless and keep helping to stop these scammers.

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2009-07-15, 10:58:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-15, 10:58:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-15, 10:58:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-15, 10:58:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-02-28, 19:22:10
anonymous from United States  
PAUL RAYMOND, (AKA CLEMENT CROWFFORD) ON-LINE DATING SCAMMER. I am writing this on behalf of my friend, who engaged with this man on-line for approximately 8 months. He identified himself as Paul Raymond, a business man from Miami, Florida. He was a former attorney from Kansas, a West-point graduate (sick) and currently working in sales of mineral testing equipment internationally. He of course, in time, was required to travel to Nigeria on a business trip. Just prior to his departure...he was detained by the Nigerian Government and of course, he informed my friend, that he had a large bank account in Canada, but could not access his funds.....As the business for which he came to Nigeria to transact busniness with, did not pay him promptly, his testing kit, materials and his person would be detained until he was able to produce money to pay for 'taxes) He was frightened for his life, asked my friend to provide him with plane fare...(I sent my friend the notice about Paul Raymond from this site-(thanks by the way for whomever posted on this site) My friend could not believe Paul Raymond might be a scammer.

It was not until my friend agreed to contact Paul Raymond's business partner in the 'US on his behalf, in order to assist him by sending him funds via, through my friend's bank account.' The funds were substantial. I becamed even more alarmed and concerned for my friend. Researched the WEB once more. This site provided pictures of Paul Raymond-I sent the pictures of Paul Raymond to her. She identified Mr. Raymond-by the very pictures from this site (he sent the same pictures to her.) Mr. Raymond is currently on MATCH.COM. THE AUTHORITIES HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED and are currenly working with my friend.

PLEASE CONTACT THE FBI, if you have been contacted or are currently engaged with an online interactions with this person. HELP TO STOP SCAMMERS!
2015-03-01, 15:11:05
anonymous from United States  
Is this the same man.

2016-01-19, 17:52:47
anonymous from United States  
I think I might have been scammed by Paul Raymond also. None of these pictures match the one I have. He was an independent contractor, engineer on an oil rig in gulf of Mexico and first needed money for daughter a new computer. then needed money to fix a company control card so he could get his reports done and finish out his contract very soon. even sent me a reloading order sheet to verify that the card existed and needed reload and sent copy of his COm. card. Very vague on personal info making searches difficult to verify information. Passionate, smooth talker. When I couldn't get a loan to help his co card, went wild. Didn't want to believe this is true. My bank looks out for these scammers. Wouldn't process the loan and would not allow transfers to AZ. due to scamming activity. They did some research and told me what to look for. At least I'm not out of a large bundle of money that I really didn't have. So don't wnat to believe it's true

2016-02-11, 13:23:12
Any new info or pictures for Paul Raymond
2016-02-12, 01:09:08
anonymous from United States  
Paul Raymond above blond blue eyes. Still using same scam independent contractor oil rig Gulf of Mexico. Contract up end of month. Daughter needs computer. His acct. Frozen, have to be there in person. Heavy accent. Uses right words then tells you he loves you can't live without you. Can't wait to see you. Wants to be a family. Will come back with a lot of money and take care of you. Sends you music. Very believable. Gets upset. when you tell him you can't give him money for computer. Puts it all on you. Said from Brazil. New York City phone. Works for Exxon, has a home in Cleveland. Photos show very light blond or white blue eyes. When asked said green then changed to blue, hair Brown. When say photos he said hair Brown, but he said hair product may have made it light. Has a dog but said its a guard dog on the rig. He is a convincing lyer. Have several pics different ages. Not sure if pics are of him. His scam story is same as above. Difficult to believe he could do something like this, but if you really look you can see the signs. Accent does not sound like from Brazil. Also wife died of cancer 5 yrs ago. Denies contacting woman above. Last pic he sent me was the same as above.I'm lucky he didn't get money. I'm just embarrassed that I fell for his story.Does sound like her guy.



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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