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Dating scammer Robbie Albert Williams, Patrick Arnold Phillips, Pat Phillips, Rob Williams, RAW


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Name: Robbie Albert Williams, Patrick Arnold Phillips, Pat Phillips, Rob Williams, RAW,

Email:,, patphilips1965@yah

2201 S Maybelle Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74017 (doesn't exist)
- Money Gram recipient: 709 W. Main St., Emmett, ID 83617 (a restaurant in Charlottesvill, Virginia)

Other Comments:
Says he’s half British, half American from Tulsa, Oklahoma, divorced with one daughter named Isabella, 6 years old who lives in Texas. Went to Nigeria on business and asked for money to buy a new laptop and then again to support his daughter in the US.
Also says he needs money for biss proposal, will sent many pics of daughter Isabella (Bella)

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2010-01-09, 14:27:17
anonymous from United States  
ok - here is the picture Paul Cole sends of himself (he claims he has a 5 yr old daughter names Reily - I cut her out of the pic).

2010-01-09, 19:18:47
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States,

Thanks, we need to protect the minors.

here is the picture Paul Cole sends of himself (he claims he has a 5 yr old daughter names Reily)

2010-01-11, 01:39:26
Got him from United States  
****update from 12/13/09,12/14/09,and 12/29/09*****I believe I found him as 'Time2Shine09' on there is a recent photo of 'Paul Cole' states he is from Lubbock,Texas. He is also tanned but a little older. This could mean this same man in the photos is the real man scamming all these ladies for money. We need to update FBI to check on the man in the photo that has been going by different names states he is at Lubbock,TX.Since he is pretending to be a 'Nigerian Scanner'when indeed he is here USA. I don't know how to post this photo I found on has same pose from side wearing a navy color cap and navy shirt from my iPhone.
2010-01-12, 18:20:08   (updated: 2010-01-12, 18:25:09)
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-01-11, 01:39:26
Got him ,Usa

[[Since he is pretending to be a 'Nigerian Scanner'when indeed he is here USA]]

You have written this in youre posting here ,and i must correct you in this

because there is NO ONE who wants to pretend even to be an Nigerian Scammer!!

This is an Nigerian scammer pretending to be this man you see on these photos.

I must tell you some facts about Ngerian Scammers and scammers in general

so you understand that this man is innocent to these scams

All scammers from Africa such as Nigeria,Ghana ,ore other west african scammers

uses stolen identitys and that means that they steal photos from the internet ore

use pixes from other victims also from theire other scams,so this is not the man you

see on the photographs that you are telling is the scammer pretending to be a Nigerian

scammer .This is an black man who is making these scams and he I say he because

they are almost just men who makes theses sort of scams,and they also pretends to be

women also,please look around this site and read and learn the facts about scammers

in general,dont accuse this man you see on the photographs becuase he has nothing to

do with this at all.And he is not in the United States either.So please stop writing things

like this and learn about the facts about Scammers in general.I will post to you some

informative links please watch and learn!!!


The scams is made from different internet cafes and they scam several victims at the

same time.The FBI do very little about these scams ,because they are very hard to

proove the scams because the scammers uses stolen identitys,and also it is very hard

to catch foreign criminals also,I do recomend you to learn about about scammers and

how they operate and work out.I post an picture here and you can see scammers

who are making these sort of scams on the internet.

Regards //Miss Marple//

2010-01-12, 21:36:38
anonymous from United States  
Yes, you are 100% correct with respect to Nigerian scammers. Why else would they want you to send money to Nigeriai!!!! Think about it!!!! Well, I am glad I read all this before being sucked into these scams. BUT are you ready for this??? I decided to turn the tables, knowing what I know. So, now I am scamming him!!! I will beat him at his own game!!! I have him right where I want him, in a sense, anyway. So, I am just going to let him stew a little more. He actually thinks I am sending him money!!!! He wants to play games???? I will beat him at his own game!!!! Don't get mad - don't be stupid either - get even!!!!!! :o)
2010-01-12, 21:46:19
anonymous from United States  
By the way, because I tend to go on blind dates with guys I meet from the internet (and you can never be too sure - even with people you do not meet from the internet), I google ALL before I meet in person (provided I have a last name). It's amazing what you can find out!!! I will also google their e-mail addresses - no telling what you may find out. I am glad I did this time. One can never be too safe these days!!! To all the women out there - think about it!!! Be smart!!!!
2010-01-12, 22:07:05
anonymous from United States  
I find it pretty 'funny' and ironic that at the bottom of the scammer page it has an add for Russian Love Match - join free. HELLO!!!!!! Did ya not learn from reading all these scam pages???!!!! Please people - find someone in our own country - USA!!!! My personal opinion - if you do go on a love site like that - most people WILL be from out of the USA - and in that case, you get what you deserve. :o)
2010-01-13, 05:18:31   (updated: 2010-01-13, 05:24:40)
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@ All LADYS!!
I assume that you are all ladys who make postings,please forgive me if the case is not

otherwise correct me in this,and PLEASE use somekind of Nicknames when you post

here ,there is many unknown and anonymous posters here at this site,so we can

distinguish you from eachother and avoid missunderstandings,and for the one who

wants there is an registration functionality here at Delphi also.

@2010-01-12, 21:36:38

Yes you could write due all respect Nigerian scammers i understand what you mean ,but

my self i dont have any mercy to these scammers who destroys peoples life in this cruel

ways,but let me remind you that scambaiting is for those who has deep knowledge of

criminals and scammers in general,and there is an big risk to scambait ,because there

is also and risk that you can get in deep truobble also,and it is very dangerous to,this is

criminal people who you are dealing with,so my recomendation for you is not to

scambait just for fun,you can have an lesson that you never will forget if you are

unlycky,i dont want to scare you ,but this is buisness for these scammers and Nigeria is

an country that is corrupted and has lot of contradictions with different political and

religious groups, so the money laundry is an big problem in Nigeria.So what i want to

tell you by this is i dont recommend you to scambait ,you can have treaths,you can have

youre computer destroyed by virus and also you are dealing with people that dont have

any empaty ore mercy for no one,scammers are very manipulating and are

psycopaths,and the cruelness it is much far what you can expect if you piss them off


@2010-01-12, 21:46:19

Yes be safe out there on the internet when you go out online ,you never know what

people you dealing with,even if it is not an scammer,you have to be carefull anyway

Never ever give any personal information to people that you dont know,never send

pictures if you dont feel that you can trust the person you talk to,and never ever SEND

MONEY that you have not met in the real life,if the person seems to be to good to be

true it is offen like that also,yes have youre brain with you when you date online.

@2010-01-12, 22:07:05

You can never TELL people that they get what they DESERVE,becuase everybody has

theire own choises in life who they want to be involved with ore not,many times even if

you get contact with people on the dating sites and they have written in the profiles that

they live near you ore in youre country it can be false information,my self i met my

scammer on a dating site in Sweden and in his profile was written he lived in Sweden

and was infact an scammer from Nigeria.And I have an friend In Usa that have

experienced the very same to that the person pretend to be in America and was infact

an russian scammer also,so that is not an 100 % guarantee that you meet what you are

looking for ,but as I said everybody has theire own choises who they want to meet and if

they want to meet an Russian girl for some reason and want to find true love in that way

it is up to them.Never judge people for theire choises in life,and you know the majority

peole for instans in Russia are good people and feel also ashamed that the scammers

abuse many innocent women by stealing theire identitys and use theire pixes to scam

men from all over the world.You must remember this is real proffessional criminals who

makes these scams and they are very manipulating and very convincing in theyre ways

to people,and if you dont have the knowledge of scams ore never have been online

before and you meet someone for the very first time and get in love,so what can you

do??Do you really believe that the man you talk to tha he is an criminal in the first

place.NO you dont i can assure you that,these are criminals they know what theire

doing,they know how to talk and know alsohow to get somebody to fall in

please dont judge people,and of course this is an open forum to everybody to have any

oppinion as well ...

So be carefull out ther and stay safe

Regards //Miss Marple//
2010-02-07, 23:04:19
anonymous from United States  
Paul Cole is on MySpace now. I new he was a scammer the first email he sent. He says he is a contractor in Nigeria, but is from Silver Spring, MD. And has a daughter, age 5 named Riley.
2010-02-08, 10:26:57
Albert Wilson  
2010-02-08, 10:36:14
Re: that is so great dear
Mon, 1 February, 2010 20:58:20From: Albert Wilson <> View Contact


Hi my love

thanks for getting mean so much to me and whenever i get an email from you i always feel so loved ..well Yes i always have samuel on the go with me wherever i go and that is simply becuase i have no one i can drop him with..but i hope that would not be anymore becuase i now have you and i know that both of you would be good friends and hopefully more than friends....So my dear like i did told you previously i have gotten my flight ticket to you and that means i will be coming over to you on fridayy and you sure have no probelm if you can't come and pick me at the airport,i would check into an hotel and we can arrange on how to meet later,but something honey..i really would need your help about something..please i will need some cash for me to use as BTA ,i have no cash on me to do that becuase all the cash i have with me as been used in settling hotel bills and every other things here and i made the ticket bookings with my credit card and they don't allow it here..

Please understand that i am not asking you to give me but something like a loan and when i get there i will give it back to you and just so you know i am coming to cash my check over there,so you better start getting prepared for me honey becuase it is going to be some show down with you..and most importantly don't forget and all i just need is at about 1000 pounds and like i did said earlier it will be given back to you as soon as you and i see when i get there.

hoping to hear back from you real soon my beloveth


2010-02-08, 10:39:53   (updated: 2010-02-08, 10:42:26)
Answers to your questions honey
Sun, 31 January, 2010 17:00:46From: Albert Wilson <> View Contact
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nothing Compared To You...
Sat, 30 January, 2010 5:34:29From: Albert Wilson <> View Contact


My dear lovely

it gives me so much joy at heart whenever i hear back from you..i hope you are doing just fine?? little Samuel is doing fine and and just after i was done sending you that message i did told him about us and trust me he was so happy to hear that and i am more happy that both of us have decided to put whatever might have happened between us aside and move on to hopefully make a good ending ..

Thanks for always putting men your mind honey and just so you know no one has been able to put a huge big smile on my face like you and Samuel have been doing and i want you to understand also that i have really miss the fact that you and i are one,but we still have took this long in meeting in person,but like i did told you in my last message to you i really think it is right time for you and i to get to meet in person,i really have been feeling this way and have really miss you alot my dear so for the fact i am almost getting done in Nigeria and just so you know i would really like to come over to Uk,and not abut that,i really have to come so i can claim my payment of what i have really labored so hard to earn and you have no idea how really lovely this is that my pay check would be cashed there.

So deary i want you to start getting prepared for me because i really can't wait to grab and make sweet passionate love to you,i just am thinking right now how it will feel on our first gaze at each other....hmmm trust me i hope you don't mind he french kiss because that would be my first approach to you. i will be hoping to hear back from you real soon and maybe i would have already gotten my flight ticket to come over to you,and when we meet we sure can make plans for the future.

Yours Wholeheartedly


Hello Dear
Happy Sunday my dear warmhearted Guardian Angel
It gives me so much joy at heart whenever i read from you and i want you to understand that you have really brought out the real me in me since you and i have started this relationship which hopefully i pray to God everyday to make is someone more serious and just so you know today,i am strongly hoping on God for his leading you and i through the right path someday.
Well to start with, i want to say thanks so much for the lovely response and Samuel is doing pretty cool and about the picture i think that might have to wait because i presently am dealing with alot of rounding up here and it seem you have no idea i really want to set my eyes on you,well to break the news to you..i by the special grace of God will be at your place this coming week and i am talking about some matters of days,i already had someone make my bookings so i will forward them to you as soon as i can, So my answers ,i was married for over 10 yrs,and i hope that does not scares you away...and Yes..i really would love to have more kids with are gifts from God and i love top expectation is honesty,i would really want you to be honest with me so will i not hide anything away from you,so i guess we share the same believe and passionately affectionate to each other..i really think you and i can do that right....!!!i think we both have to iron that out together..abusing will do nothing but disrupt to the relationship, so i will say we both just have to avoid insultive and hurtful words whenever we are mad at each other..and trust me nobody is going to bed been mad at each other,i would rather prefer we solve it before going to sleep because i love snuggling whenever we are together so you better be ready for some loving...and never would i do such thing as hitting a woman..i want you to understand that i am not trying to be nice but ,i really want you to understand that i have never done it before and pray never to do such thing to you,my mom raised me the right way and i understand really how to treat a woman...
Well honey..i want to believe i have answered all your questions for now..and i would not mind getting more..and please do ask if you have some more questions..or you can save them for me when i get there..please i really would like to know the nearest airport to you is very important.
have a wonderful night rest and know that someone somewhere is loving you.
2010-05-04, 04:51:07
Paul Cole just contacted me today. Through a dating site. Same story as every one elses. The email address he is using is and The dating site is Cougarlife. I have delt with many others like him so i have learned what to watch for. Thankfully i am a suspicious person and know when something isn right. I will get in touch with the dating site and inform them. Just letting everyone know that he is still out there. Be very careful. If it seems to good to be true then it brobably is...
2010-05-05, 03:54:26
The man that claimed he was being robbed in Lagos,Nigeria named Eric Bright01, is a fictitious Construction Engineer.he is not a human being existence intended for illegal internet scamming activity .I am a victim at onlineThis has been used and signed as eric in several online dating sites hiding his original name of a hungry black wolf of Lagos,Nigeria named Aare Olalekan Ayo Adewuyi Address: n0.78 ladipo street,Mushin,Lagos.Nigeria,Zip Code 23401 Everything very inconsistent the pictures o eric bright did not match.Please Ladies.BE CAREFUL.This black wolf Olalekan Adewuyi is disguising as white american,using other emails addresses with white american men in pictures at online datings sites,all love messages are well scripted, well rehearsed and copied pliagarized, example no. 1 is not really in person but an Alias using white men american pictures just to scam you.Do not believe this email address it is a scam. I m a victim. He is now asking me to send him his fare back to States with his son. Shame on him.WANTED:OLALEKAN AYO ADEWUYI ALIAS ERICBRIGHT01 IS TO BE ARRESTED for internet crime.He can be located at Facebook named Aare Olalekan Ayu Adewuyi.You can search him there.

Action Spy
2010-05-12, 16:46:05
anonymous from Canada and
this is the scam artist latest email as of today may 11, 2010
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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