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Dating scammer Robbie Albert Williams, Patrick Arnold Phillips, Pat Phillips, Rob Williams, RAW


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Name: Robbie Albert Williams, Patrick Arnold Phillips, Pat Phillips, Rob Williams, RAW,

Email:,, patphilips1965@yah

2201 S Maybelle Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74017 (doesn't exist)
- Money Gram recipient: 709 W. Main St., Emmett, ID 83617 (a restaurant in Charlottesvill, Virginia)

Other Comments:
Says he’s half British, half American from Tulsa, Oklahoma, divorced with one daughter named Isabella, 6 years old who lives in Texas. Went to Nigeria on business and asked for money to buy a new laptop and then again to support his daughter in the US.
Also says he needs money for biss proposal, will sent many pics of daughter Isabella (Bella)

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2009-11-27, 13:54:27
anonymous from United States  
hey does anyone know if there is a scammer out there by the name of Patrick Lamonte from California, I cannot find anything on him but somethings make me think. just wanted to know if anyone knows. here is a picture I have of him

2009-11-27, 15:12:00
anonymous from United States  
I haven't found anything yet. First, I would make sure he is actually the person in the photos he is sending you. I would suggest you ask him to send you a picture of himself doing something specific that someone wouldn't normally do when having their picture taken. You should have control of what the picture is of. That way you know he's not choosing a photo from ones that have been stolen from an innocent victim. I'm sure you & your friends can come up with something creative. Even if he can prove that it is him in the photos, that doesn't prove that he's not a scammer. That is only a start.
2009-11-27, 15:49:28
anonymous from United States  
I'm having trouble getting my email address off of an earlier posting. I can receive, but not send emails for some reason, so I sent an email to ptiemann_ from a friends computer, any suggestions? And is there a way to change my password? The one I was given is too hard to remember.
2009-11-28, 07:13:21
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2009-11-27, 15:49:28
anonymous from United States

Im sure that the admin will take the mailadress away
if you just write specific in what thread,what posting
you had the info on and what time you have sended
the posting on.There should be no problem that you send
youre mails from an another computer..
The change password issue i will recomend you to have that one,
even if you have hard to remember ,it is a security thing i suppose,
But if you have troubble with sending emails from youre computer
i will recomend you to make an total research on the computer
that you dont have problems with malwar ...

Regards //Miss Marple//

2009-11-28, 15:08:21
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-11-27, 15:49:28
anonymous from United States

Hello just as Miss Marple has told You please contact Peter
the site administrator

Give Him the name of the thread
[ Dating scammer Robbie Albert Williams, Patrick Arnold Phillips, Pat Phillips, Rob Williams, RAW ]

Plus date and time and page # Example [ 2009-11-27, 15:49:28 ] Page # 4

As far as Your pass word You do not need to remember it at all.
When You come to the site hit log in.
Then use your auto fill and put in your address.
Once your address is entered the computer knows who you are.
Just click the box where the pass word goes several times and it will appear.
Click on it and it will then appear in its box then You just enter after that.
It is secure as no one else can go and do this it will not work except
for the computer that it recognizes.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-11-28, 16:08:20
anonymous from Canada  
Wow, I am on and this guy just contacted me today. Felt very uneasy about him, and I am now going to report this Ronald Gable to guys for this. Thank God I checked him out!!! Terrible how they are trying to scam people who are only interested in finding someone.
2009-12-13, 03:32:52
anonymous from United States  
******Becareful he's going by the name on myspace as of 11/05/09 'Paul R. Cole' 'Paul Ronald Cole' on myspace showed. 'Paul. R.Cole'. Email addres:' however he deleted/cancelled his myspace on 11/07/09. He is saying he is from Silver Spring, Maryland..widower of 3 yrs..has daugther Riley Mary Cole 5 yrs old b-date 5/07/66 43 yrs old...he said daughter got suck 11/10/09 9 pm Nigeria time then took her to hospital got surgery for stone on left side of stomach near kidney has stomach swelled up then he asked for $455 or $150 to help buy the remaining prescription drugs..I didn't send him money then he tells me the next day 11/11/09 that she died and buried..please note: he tries to make you feel guilty...he started saying in Nigeria he got a call from his father's lawyer that past away in 2008 to come get his inhertiance.On 11/05/09 he was already there Nigeria 1 week was going to stay for 2 more weeks then come back to the states..please note: Us Americans do not say states...he also says born and raised in Silver spring,Maryland 10yrs old moved to Nigeria his dad worked at Nigeria Airways. ..then Paul came back 20 yrs old to silver spring, Maryland..then married his belated wife when he went to universtity. Note: he is using the same photos that are shown here however on these he put on myspace were with a cute 5 yrs old little girlwith long dark blonde hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes. Note: There is a real 'Paul Ronald Cole in silverspring, Maryland address:2036 Derby Ridge Lane. Can someone reading this contact the FBI (Federal Bureau Investigation) and Homeland Security about this info I just posted. I will try to go in person to the FBI Headquarters here where I live asap. I bet the real Paul ronald cole 43 yrs old doesn' t know his photos, name, being used by Nigeria scammers***we got him***
2009-12-14, 09:57:27
anonymous from United States  
This 12/13/09 comment regards to Paul R. Cole happened in December 2009 this past week. Not in November.
2009-12-21, 12:45:33
anonymous from Conway, United States  
Ok he contacted me through My Space. Same crap as others. He said his name was Paul Cole from Silver Springs, Maryland with an 8 year old daughter named Riley. He said he was in London now collecting his fathers inheritance. Said he was a contracor. He uses God a lot and I Love You Baby. I only spoke to him a few times and new something was up. He never got to asking for money. Used same pics plus a couple. He used Beware!!
2009-12-29, 11:23:50   (updated: 2009-12-29, 11:27:00)
anonymous from United States  
Paul Cole did it again. ***Updated 12/13/09-12/14/09 tanned white male photos posted*** He has deleted or cancelled his yahoo email address: and messenger as of 12/28/09. ** Got him!!! If he does show up again as Paul Cole or other names please inform FBI and/or Homeland Security incase this man in the photos is either a Nigerian Scammer or a USA freeloader or if this man in these photos is really him but using different name to take money from woman/scam love
2010-01-02, 22:02:16
anonymous from United States  
Paul Cole just hit again on around the middle of December of this year. My friend is calling the FBI. Also in a four month span she has been contacted by a Carrie Washington, and Billy Martin. Does anyone have information on these two freeloaders. If you do please post here.
2010-01-08, 15:45:23   (updated: 2010-01-08, 15:47:12)
anonymous from United States  
Who should I contact because Paul Cole from Silver Springs, Maryland has just gotten me!!!! Give me a # and I will be sure to contact that dept. He used similiar scam on me! 1-8-10
2010-01-08, 18:39:30
anonymous from United States  
OK -I am attaching a picture that this Paul Cole sent me. He has many posted to MySpace ID# 515044349. Obviously the picture nor name is really who is trying to contact me.
2010-01-09, 14:16:56
anonymous from United States  
Here is the pic of the supposed Paul Cole who is a scammer and sent me this pic (which obviously is not him nor his name)
2010-01-09, 14:22:01
anonymous from United States  
by the way - MySpace has deleted his account - the e-mail address he us using is
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