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Dating scammer Jerry Myers


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Name: Jerry Myers


713 Stockwell Road London

also Naa Densua Hotel in Accra

Address Joseph Sarfo 44 kojo thompson road Accra-Ghana 23321

Other Comments:
I know they are still operating from the same email addresses and 'collect' goods from FedEx and DHL and 'cash'' from Western Union.
The boy is allegedly his son George.

There is another man operating from the same email address he admits to being a black man from Ghana, and claims to be a pig farmer.


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2009-03-06, 18:52:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2009-03-06, 18:52:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

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2009-03-06, 18:52:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
2009-03-06, 18:52:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2009-03-06, 18:52:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2009-03-07, 02:50:45
Having read other submissions I saw that I should have given his phone numbers. Well in Ghana he uses 00233 271 313 117 AND he also uses one I think is on 'Orange roaming' Sim card that number is 0871 317 0038.

Examples of his emails

Thank you so much to arrive and have emails to read from you,am happy and happy now because i have you in my life my darling,i was really thinking so much about you when i was in the flight and George was saying that he wish you could join us my darling,we think so much about you and we can not wait to come home and meet you my darling,i think the time difference is the same my darling....Ghana voted yesterday to elect their new president and everything is going on nicely and peace for them as they still have not got who is the winner yet my love,am also praying for them so that they have peaceful election my darling,i have my sim card now and i will give you the number so that you can phone me and talk to me and i will be glad if you can send me your cell number too so that i can phone you,i care so much about you and will be glad to hear from you can call me on this number anytime my darling..kisses and love...Jerry

Good morning my darling,i feel so proud anytime i get ab email from you and also happy and happy when am with you on the phone my love,you have my heart and it is yours forever my darling,i really can not wait to be in your arms and share all kisses and love with you my darling,Honey i have got an American Passport and that is what i use to travel every where my darling,i have been in UK for 5 years and i really love it here my darling,i will be here forever and ever in my world and i will be glad to share all my heart and everything with you my darling,you mean the world to me and i will always be yours my darling,i care so much about you and really can not wait to come home and get the passport done for you so that we can travel around the world my love,you are my Angel and my heart and i will never and ever do anything on earth to hurt you my darling,you mean the world to me and i will always be there to be the faithful and honest man for you my darling,George was swimming in the pool when i was talking to you on the phone my darling,i will be going to join him now since the sun is very hot today my darling,i wish you could come and join us in the water my love,you are my Angel and i will always be there to be your King my love,i need you and love you and i will always love you forever my love.please remember that nothing is better and happy than love and my love for you will last forever and ever....I have attached picture for you and i hope you will love it my darling,i love you with all my heart...thinking about you....Jerry

Good morning my darling, first i have to apologise for the dead of my phone last night and i remember telling you that i had a low battery and have to put the phone on charge my love, Honey i care and love you so much and i will never do anything to hurt you my love, please do not use what you have done for some one to judge me my love, am good and real for you and am what to make you happy and you are who to also makes me happy my darling, i will proof you wrong when i come home next week my darling, sweetie i did not tell you that i did not have money my love, i deposited this travelers cheque to the Bank here in Ghana and the manager said my money will not be available until Monday 9:20 am in the morning my love, i will get this money on Monday and then i will start working on processing my cars my love, i will pay you back soon as i get home my darling or i can wire it back to you soon as i get the money from the bank on Monday before going to the sea port to get my cars cleared my darling, i love you and i will never and ever do anything to hurt you my darling. please trust me with all your heart and you will never and ever regret for helping me but rather you will be happy in all your life because you did something for me when i was in a different world facing problem with my son my love. George thanks you so much for what you have done for him and he will never and ever forget it as he keeps playing the video game and i was even playing with him when you called my darling, i love you and i will always be yours and please do not think negative my love. you are all that i need and want my darling and i will always love you my darling .Please clean your heart and open it with love and caring and help me out and you will never regret helping me my darling, i love you and i will always love you. i will give you the information below as you have requested my darling, i love you and i promise never and ever to hurt you in life my darling...kisses and love........Jerry

2009-03-12, 02:52:40
If anyone recognises this photo I am sorry if he is your son complian to [ /quote]

2009-03-17, 15:33:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
07624106677 is his alleged London mobile phone number!
2009-05-14, 11:17:16
anonymous from South Africa  
Met Jerry on 'Head over Heels' a month ago. Jerry also contact me for funds, and sad to say did sent him ZAR19000.00 this is a big loss as i lend this money and have to give it back.
Address used: 75 Brighton Drive, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. 6012
Tel in UK +447624106677, Now in Ghana and use No+23327196066. Told me his wife Carol and son George died 5 years back in motor accident! Also got lot of letters, more or less same as in this article.
His 'partner' is Joseph Sarfo, registered now with 'Friends@KNUST'
He will contact me tonight as he need more money!

I also received same photo's from Jerry per email (still use same one) and also Skype.

Ms Gerda de Bruto
email address:

Just a sorry I trusted him, and then trace his name!
2009-06-06, 04:08:45   (updated: 2009-06-06, 04:13:28)
anonymous from South Africa  
This man is now also using the name Jeremy Gray and the photos he use is of a very attractive blond man but the photo of his 'son' is the same as above. Unfortunately I deleted the photos before deciding to post this comment. He conned me out of almost R15,000 with the same modus operandi as with the above ladies. The email address he used for the email sent to me was and the Skype address was jeremy.gray6.
2009-06-08, 00:17:53
anonymous from South Africa  

2009-10-02, 09:48:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  
this man is also using the name jeffrey pietro - he has been contacting me on a dating site fun at fifty and asked me to send goods dx to theNaa Denusa hotel in Ghana - playstation games and some some suntan lotion would you believe. Of course I didn't. What an idiot! Have informed the Metroploitan Police
2009-10-02, 14:43:17
I recognized some emails that I received from Barry Greenfield (49) ,with Argentina's passport, self-employed ( auto car parts), widowed 5 years ago ( he lost his wife in a car accident), son John (11). Live in London. In June he 'won' a big contract in Accra, Ghana. He needed a lots of money to clear car parts at the port, and for many other reasons...
Unfortunately, I also sent PS3 + games for his son..... He sent me some pictures and many emails ( some of them I put on Henry Mills 4th page to compare). He is using 'follow me number' to pretend that he is in UK. They start from 0703,,,,,
2009-10-04, 13:59:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This creep's membership of fun at fifty has been discontinued after I informed them. Apparently yahoo don't take much notice of this sort of thing. The best you can take from it is that we were all duped because we are kind if rather naive individuals and these guys are pure evil. Don't feel too bad is what I am trying to say.
2009-10-25, 05:46:21
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I to was almost conned having so many e mails from a so called JEFFREY PIERO and son called GEORGE, and pictures. sob story it was his sons birthday. he was in the country waiting a shipment of cars to arrive from usa and couldnt let his son out on the streets and wanting a ps3 and games, like a fool i bought them parcelled them up. Something just didnt add up as he told me the address 44 Airport road accra ghana, but not to put the hotel name which is Naa Densue hotel, I did some research on here, couldnt find the hotel then googled all different names and car businesses. To my amazement Dating scam address stockwell london which then resulted in this site, as he told me he lived in stockwell london.
He wanted me to use DHL the cost of packing was £160 plus the goods and he also wanted sun cream and at the last minute asked for a football shirt. I have the goods in my living room the police have been imformed and he thinks the goods are on route and keeps msn for the tracking number.
I feel so stupid yet on the other hand pleased with myself for finding out just in time. The phone numbers he is using are the uk and 00233271313117 where ever that may be.
hope you may find this useful I was contacted by him through singles365 he has since been removed from that site.
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