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Dating scammer R Beal


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Name: R Beal


says Calif. could be Newark NJ, Ghana Af

Other Comments:
Said he is from Calif, but is from Ghana, smooth, says is wealthy, lots of homes etc, investing, starts with a interest you like and goes from there.. after falling in love with you and wanting to travel with you etc. gets stuck in Africa and can't use his credit cards or cks. starts asking for money.. gets mean when thing dont go his way.. He has an accomplice, in Ghana Abraham Nanor... always saying he can take care of you all the thing women want to hear... watch out... all untrue. Will do documents with your name on them.. they look like the real thing but they are not... watch out... He said his name was Richard, but it could be Rafael or Michael.. his poems read just like scammer David Smith on this site...

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2009-02-22, 00:09:37   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-02-22, 00:09:37   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-08-30, 18:22:35
anonymous from United States  
This man also goes by Brian Beal, Brian R. J. Beal, Brian Robin Juno Beal, and says he is from Chicago but grew up in Spain and thus the accent. Says he is an industrial engineer. Watch out for this bad man. He is a coward and a scammer.
2012-09-04, 16:22:18   (updated: 2016-01-23, 10:50:19)
anonymous from United States  
This man also goes by the name Brian Beal and says he is from Chicago. He posts pictures of a completely different person to represent himself. He is all that it says above, plus he's a coward.
2012-09-10, 13:48:37
anonymous from United States  

2012-09-14, 12:55:32
anonymous from United States  

'THEY SAY In life, we receive a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love. Love comes in many forms. You love people in different ways and for different reasons, depending upon how they have touched your life. Love is a very powerful word and can describe a multitude of feelings, but its main context carries the same meaning.

I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms, only to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything. You are everything to me.

You are everything I do. You see and bring out the best in me. You are the one I want to share everything with - my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Thinking of you makes my heart feel full. You are such a source of inspiration for me. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have brought to my life. So, to repay you, I promise you my heart and all the love in it for the rest of my life'
2012-09-14, 13:13:01
anonymous from United States  
I write in hopes of you knowing how much I care. Nothing besides God has occurred in my life more beautiful than you. Actions may speak louder than words but these letters should come close. The day when you are missing from my life is the day my heart will stop from beating. Through thick and thin goes the old saying but I will try to make it thicker rather than thinner. My love for you shall never be extinguished, it will keep burning through time. Every man needs a woman to love, I thank God for the woman I met. Her love is sweet and never sorrow. I pray to God to let her know how much I love her and to keep us in our every tomorrow.. YOU RE MY LIFE.
2012-09-14, 13:17:33
anonymous from United States  
More S**t from this dirtbag:

the silly things i write before bedtime.....11.10am

I am sitting here somewhere in the world thinking about you, thinking about all the things we've spoken about,
all the things we've said to each other. I know you are somewhere at the other side of the world thinking about me too.
Wherever you are and go, you go with me. I walk by your side. When you go to bed, I am stepping in it at the same time you are. When you sit down to eat, I am next to you to eat too. When you are combing your hair, I am there kissing and stroking it, smelling the smell of the shampoo you use. I can even feel you here ... behind me, touching me, saying, 'Love, come with me.' I would come with you without hesitation.

Now I have you, and all I want to do is be with you and feel ALL of you. Know that you are wanted ... how much?
That is not something I can describe in words - eternally much, horribly, awefully much? I can't wait until I can embrace you,
kiss you, to melt with you, to show you HOW much you are wanted. We will be together soon ... I know, a look in your beautiful eyes .

Here is to the woman I thought I'd never know The one who stole my heart so innocently, but with care and grace and perfect love. The perfect thought is us together forever. The sweetest word is your name now . And the greatest thing is your attention and affection..I hope we never lose.i want you with all my faults and all my achievements. I want you with all that I am. I want you for who you are. I hope in the quietest of the night when I whisper out to you you know just what to do. You listen to hear my voice echoing how much I want you.
I didn't think it was possible to want someone so fast ... but, this has totally proved me wrong. I am truly happy to be with you. I will never leave your side I will be right here waiting for you. You have given me a new perspective on so many things. I will always treasure our time and keep it safe.
2012-09-14, 13:34:05
anonymous from United States  
the things he wants to be to me, UGH! If I had known how unattractive he was...:

Be your best friend.
Get caught with you in the rain.
Dance with you in the rain.
Stargaze on a clear night.
Watch the sunset together.
Spend all day with you doing nothing.
Moonlit walks on the beach.
Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment.
Go on a carriage ride through the park.
Do a crossword together.
Go to brunch.
Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger).
Go for a twilight horseback ride.
Watch a bad movie together.
Spend the rest of my life with you.
Have our picture taken together.
Eat ice cream with you.
Make love to you passionately.
Go to a museum together.
Talk to each other using only body language.
Give you space when you need it.
Accept you totally and completely - flaws and all (I already do).
Discuss current events in a heated debate.
Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion.
Carve our names into a tree/table.
Go for a walk at dusk together.
Be one with you.
Send you a singing telegram.
Spend all night thinking of 101 sweet things to do for you.
Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you...and tell you.
Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes.
Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic.
Spend my life making you happy.
Spend my life making our family happy.
Feel your heartbeat.
Go roller/ice skating together.
Give you a backrub just because.
ALWAYS being honest with each other.
Go hiking/camping together.
Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we very successfully weathered the storm - together.
Marry you.
Laugh at someone together.
Share a plate of spaghetti.
Give you a stuffed animal just because.
Go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of.
Treat you like my Lancelot.
Go on a road trip across America.
Count thunder together during a thunderstorm.
Envelop you in my soul.
Cook your favorite meal/meals.
Know you better than you know yourself.
Go to a Renaissance Fair.
Plant a tree in our yard together.
Look over at you during an office/military/family party and have you know without me saying a word - that I love you.
Be able to say 'I love you' in 89 different ways - in 89 different countries.
Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most.
Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding.
Wipe away the days' stresses and issues, with just one hug/kiss.
Grow old with you.

Enjoy your day......Brian
2012-09-14, 17:25:18
Regarding the last email and the 'list'. I received almost the exact same list from someone calling them self Michael Carausu. Yes, he is a scammer too.
2012-09-14, 19:49:20
Miss Marple from United States  
Scammers changes names and pictures often ,the mails sent to you are templates and you can find them if you google them .Scammers sells and steels also templates so even if the templates gives hits on certain scammers reported online as scams it do not mean it is the very same scammer behind the mails but it can give an hint from where the scammer is operating from but in this case we know it is Ghana...please post more pictures and also if an phone number is given too post also the money asking letter here ,thank you for posting !
All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2012-09-19, 13:54:20
anonymous from United States  
2012-09-19, 17:28:10
anonymous from United States  

2012-09-19, 17:29:34
anonymous from United States  

2012-09-20, 18:55:48
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you for postings these photos stolen probably from an My Space account link below.the man on the photos is not of course for real, Brian Beal it is only an scam artist name a fake and only used to scam people with,so who the man is for real is hard to tell ..the only thing i am sure on it is an scammers from Ghana behind all this as the phone number is to Ghana..

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