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Dating scammer Peter Curtis Gadget


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Name: Peter Curtis Gadget


profile says Anchorage AK but he says today he is in Louisiana will try to get more info!
Staying in UK for work @ Village Hotels RM #559
Address in Louisiana was stated as: (how he typed it)
8730 Perkins Road.
City, Baton Rouge. State, Louisiana. Country, United States. Postal/Zip Code, LA 70810

Other Comments:
This is the 2nd scammer I have come accross online. So nothing new to me at this point. I even told him if he was a scammer I would find out but he continued to chat for 2 hrs today. Want to pass this along as I don't want anyone to actually fall for this guy and get hurt! His profile said he was from Anchorage AK, today he says his home is in Louisiana. Profile says 40 yo he said dob 10/16 and 45 yo today. Hope this helps someone out there! Will attach the photo I have and have asked him for more and will update when he sends them!
Went to UK 10/20/08 to do work as a Network Management Engineer

UK Phone # +447031891424 says he'll be returning in 3 days (today is 10/23/08)
12 yo son Sean
His DOB 10/16 just turned or as he stated PLUNKED 45

Chat 12:25:01 PM 10/18/08
Peter Gadget: Hi sweetie, I really admire your profile on bbwpersonalsplus and can't just help not mailing you. I do feel everything about you and will really love to meet with you in person. Love to chat with you.Peter
ME: hello
ME: And are you on bbw also?
Peter Gadget: yeah I am
ME: What is your user name???
Peter Gadget: nice meeting you
Peter Gadget: heavensmile
Peter Gadget: you can check my profile and get back to me
ME: brb
Peter Gadget: okay
ME: Nice photo... AK I have family up there
Peter Gadget: okay
ME: How are doing this lovely sat afternoon?
Peter Gadget: I am doing great my dear
Peter Gadget: got my profile?
ME: My dear and sweetie all in 1 conversation WOW... lol
ME: Yep got it in the other window!
Peter Gadget: ah ah
Peter Gadget: okay
Peter Gadget: whats your favourite thing to do dear?
ME: Hands dirty to tux in 30 minutes your
ME: Talk to but that just started
Peter Gadget: lol
Peter Gadget: yeah
ME: Actually hang out with family and friends would be the real answer!
Peter Gadget: I will be leaving for some little conference meeting soon, and will love to meet with you when I am back
Peter Gadget: that will be in about 20 mins time anyway
ME: and your fav thing to do... other than look good in your picture?
ME: AWE so soon?
Peter Gadget: ah ah, just to check around the world
Peter Gadget: I plan going to the whol countries in the world
ME: Can I come with???
ME: lol
Peter Gadget: yeah, that will be nice and I will be so happy to have you by my side as I drive along over to the place
Peter Gadget: How long will you be online dear?
ME: I will probably be on later I have to get going soon. I have a memorial service to attend
ME: But I am always online!!!
Peter Gadget: Am so sorry to her that
ME: He was the perfect match for my friend
Peter Gadget: yeah
Peter Gadget: all is going to be fine okay?
ME: Of course it will now you can fill the void of 1 of the nicest guys I've
Peter Gadget: wow, really?
Peter Gadget: am so amazed at your words
ME: Everything happens when and how it is meant to be.
ME: What amazes you?
Peter Gadget: just you, I just dont know
Peter Gadget: you look much like the woman I really dream of everynight
Peter Gadget: I was made to understand in my dream that I will meet my right woman online
ME: Yeah right you're just saying that
Peter Gadget: I just ont know how but I will
ME: Just be careful who you talk to there are some crazy 1's out there in online land!
ME: not me of
Peter Gadget: I will need to go now dear, but before I go what do you do for a living?
ME: Office manager for a small business
Peter Gadget: thats great
ME: and you?
ME: other than look good!
Peter Gadget: am a Network Management Engineer
ME: WOW that's a mouth full
Peter Gadget: yeah it is
ME: maybe I need to extend my title I'll work on it and let ya know what comes of it
Peter Gadget: it takes me around the world a lot
ME: sounds like fun1
Peter Gadget: ah ah
Peter Gadget: yeah it is
Peter Gadget: I am about leaving now dear
ME: chat at you later???
ME: Sad 
Peter Gadget: okay dear
Peter Gadget: I will watch our for you okay?
Peter Gadget: common am sorry
ME: Just kidding I'll be on later looking for you!
Peter Gadget: okay baby
Peter Gadget: see ya
ME: baby, dear and sweetie your racking up the points!
ME: Later
Peter Gadget: ah ah
Peter Gadget: later (12:46:49 PM 10/18/08)

07:16:30AM 10/19/08
Peter Gadget: whats so amazing?
ME: You?
ME: Good Morning
Peter Gadget: good morning love
Peter Gadget: how wasur night?
ME: Could have been better...
ME: You could have been here!
ME: And your night?
Peter Gadget: great baby
Peter Gadget: Ireally miss you
Peter Gadget: where are you at now?
ME: Are you busy today?
ME: At home in bed!
ME: Waiting for
Peter Gadget: not really baby, just trying to get holdof some files I have misplaced
ME: That's not good... Don't be losin stuff now.
ME: How did your meeting go yesterday?
Peter Gadget: Iknow, butI just dont know where I misp;laced it
ME: Want me to come help you find it?
Peter Gadget: it was great baby,I need to get hold of this documents before tomorrow to have the contract awarded
Peter Gadget: I have much more points than the rest
ME: more points?
ME: Where are you at right now?
Peter Gadget: am athome with Sean
Peter Gadget: heis right herewithme
ME: Sean?
ME: Where is home?
Peter Gadget: Louisiana of course
ME: Who is Sean?
Peter Gadget: Sean is my Son...
ME: Awe so in your profile it said you lived in AK???
ME: Little confused...
ME: What company do you work for? (AVOIDED ANSWERING THIS QUESTION TOO)
Peter Gadget: yeah...That was when I registered the site, Irelocated and didnt remember to change the name
Peter Gadget: The location I mean
ME: PS. if you are a scammer I will find out and you will not get any money from me... I have been scammed in the past and with what I do for a living will find out!
Peter Gadget: thats an insult baby, you dont need to talk that way
Peter Gadget: Thats insultive
ME: Just letting you know now!
ME: upfront and direct that is me!
Peter Gadget: Iguess you are wrong with the way youapproched right now
ME: Wrong how?
Peter Gadget: The way you talked right now, I didnt expect that from you
ME: Just don't want to be hurt and won't be...
Peter Gadget: you should learn howtoknow the truth and not doing sucj
Peter Gadget: you wont be hurt, that is why youwill needtobecareful
ME: Oh I am more than careful...
Peter Gadget: Deb, I understand you and will proove so much to you
Peter Gadget: I have earlier toldyou that I want tomeet with you
Peter Gadget: I diont love the chat thing for a longtime
ME: Yeah when are going to be in the area?
Peter Gadget: anytime you want me there
ME: Really?
Peter Gadget: Iam less busy now, orcan you come over?
Peter Gadget: yeah...
Peter Gadget: Iand Sean can come over
ME: I am unable to travel at this time... Next weekend???
Peter Gadget: are you promising me that?
ME: you can come next weekend???
Peter Gadget: okay, that will be better
Peter Gadget: your prayer worked for me Deb
ME: what prayer?
ME: and D E B are initials
Peter Gadget: remember the contract I am telling you about, or didnt I yesterday??
ME: not first name
ME: uh no
Peter Gadget: alright, whats the full then??
Peter Gadget: Ohhh really?
Peter Gadget: That cantbe true
ME: so what contract are you working on?
Peter Gadget: There is a problem with atelecommunication company in the UK, so will have to handle that
Peter Gadget: I have once been there and worked on it better
ME: So is your last name Gadget???
Peter Gadget: yeah
ME: What's your middle name?
Peter Gadget: funny??
Peter Gadget: Curtis
ME: Peter Curtis Gadget!
Peter Gadget: ah ah
Peter Gadget: funny?
ME: and any accent in the voice?
Peter Gadget: voice?
Peter Gadget: how do you ,mean?
ME: Just wondering how you sound?
ME: Do you have any other photos?
ME: Would like to see more !
Peter Gadget: YEAH I DO
Peter Gadget: i guess you have one or two of it right?
ME: Just what I see on here and bbw
Peter Gadget: okay
ME: But missing your head on pic here
Peter Gadget: I will send you more toyour email alright
Peter Gadget: lol
Peter Gadget: ah ah
ME: ok!
ME: when are you gonna send them?
ME: Im impatient or I've been told so!
Peter Gadget: SOON
ME: What's your fav music?
Peter Gadget: right??
ME: That's 1 of them
ME: and yours?
Peter Gadget: love blues and hip hop
ME: hip hop really? What group/singer?
Peter Gadget: just any...Love the G UNIT thing..ah ah
Peter Gadget: whatabtyou?
ME: like all kinds of music... no 1 particular artist just individual songs
Peter Gadget: OKAY
ME: Check out if you were here tonight by Alexander o'neal pretty good
Peter Gadget: okay
ME: google and u-tube are my best friends online
Peter Gadget: what are you doing now?
ME: can ya hold on a second gotta go check on something?
ME: Thinking of you!
ME: brb
ME: Why ya buzzin?
ME: I'll be right back!
Peter Gadget: you there Sweetheart?
ME: Back in a sec.
Peter Gadget: okay baby
ME: I'm back
ME: Had to get morning coffee
ME: too early
Peter Gadget: thats nice
Peter Gadget: what abt mine??
ME: Come and get it!
ME: All of IT!
ME: Ok sorry mind in gutter
Peter Gadget: ah ah, common you need some for yourself too remember
Peter Gadget: lol
Peter Gadget: you must be naughty
ME: Never
Peter Gadget: ah ah
ME: I just wanted to share some of my coffee and myself with you...
ME: Nothing wrong with that right?
ME: What time is it there?
Peter Gadget: notthing, thats the best my love
ME: Shouldn't you have had your morning coffee already?
Peter Gadget: nope, still with you
Peter Gadget: i will soon anyway, when I am done with insearch of the file and you
ME: AWE how sweet!
Peter Gadget: Sean is helping out
ME: Helping look for the file or typing to me?
ME: Should I watch what I type?
Peter Gadget: Lol, nope I am doing the typing and talking with you while he do the search for me
ME: Good to hear ya had me worried there for a sec
ME: So what's your fav color?
ME: fav food?
Peter Gadget: its okay baby
Peter Gadget: just thinking about the time I make l2ove with youi
ME: and how will that go?
ME: When are you planning on that happening?
Peter Gadget: once I get to you...
Peter Gadget: At first sight I giveyou the big kiss
Peter Gadget: and then drag you overto the nearest center to show the love
ME: center?
Peter Gadget: ahah
ME: That might be a little too soon 4 me...
Peter Gadget: common, thats true love honey
ME: Like to get to know everything about ya first
Peter Gadget: what other thing will you love toknow baby?
ME: Haven't been in a real loving relationship lately
ME: everything about you
ME: your birthdate
Peter Gadget: CAnyou ask pls love
Peter Gadget: 16th October
ME: Man I just missed it!
Peter Gadget: LAst week Thursady was my Birthday, I plucked 45 lahst week Thursday
ME: Happy belated birthday
Peter Gadget: Yeah baby
ME: 45? years old???
Peter Gadget: yeah honey
ME: that's a lot of candles
ME: your profile said 40
ME: you should really update your info!
Peter Gadget: 40?
Peter Gadget: Iguess there are a lot I ned to update
Peter Gadget: Is there any reason to update that?
Peter Gadget: I have you alrready
ME: Why update? great minds think alike
ME: thinking the same thing as you were typing
ME: whats your fav color?
Peter Gadget: pink
ME: Really...
Peter Gadget: yeah, what abt you??
ME: green!
ME: fav food?
Peter Gadget: ...thats bad
Peter Gadget: GReat good looking color anyway
ME: why bad???
Peter Gadget: Wedont have the same likes in color
ME: Just more to love... like can change
ME: likes can change
ME: can't type this morning
ME: so where is seans mom? is she there in LA near you guys
Peter Gadget: Dead baby
Peter Gadget: If not I wouldnt have met a lovely lady like you
ME: how and when? How long has he not had his mom?
Peter Gadget: 2 years now baby
Peter Gadget: ever since I have been lonely
Peter Gadget: I neeed a soul mate
ME: do you think you have found 1?
Peter Gadget: I do think
Peter Gadget: and I have
ME: how old is Sean?
ME: What happened?
Peter Gadget: network problem
Peter Gadget: he is 12
ME: Thought You didn't like me anymore?
ME: I was about to get sad
Peter Gadget: common, that wont be honey
Peter Gadget: Common baby..
Peter Gadget: I love you okay?
ME: so you'll love me FOREVER!
ME: even though we haven't even met
Peter Gadget: forever and ever
ME: How sweet
Peter Gadget: i promise, and what about you, will you love me forever?
ME: maybe...
Peter Gadget: maybe? what that mean?
ME: just checkin to see what you would say
ME: lol
ME: If you are who you say you are!
ME: and only time will tell
ME: but I tend to fall fast
ME: so probably
Peter Gadget: HOney, I feel so bad
ME: why do you feel bad?
ME: you shouldn't
ME: I'm still here
Peter Gadget: i canthold you tight now
ME: awwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee
Peter Gadget has signed back in. (10/19/2008 8:47 AM)
ME: you should fix that network already
ME: Hold me and never let me go!
Peter Gadget: I will baby
Peter Gadget: I need you so badly
Peter Gadget: Sean is asking me who you are to me
Peter Gadget: jwhat should I tell him?
ME: What do you want to tell him?
Peter Gadget: I dont know baby
Peter Gadget: what do you expect me to say??
ME: what do you want to be to me?
ME: I expect to tell him what you feel I am to you and then let me know!
ME: or let me know 1st then tell him
ME: I'm open
Peter Gadget: I said she is my wife
ME: ok now we're married?
ME: that was quick
ME: I might have started with the soul mate or my perfect match...
ME: but hey why wait right
Peter Gadget: I have said it honey
Peter Gadget: I cant just help it..I feel you in me so much
ME: do you want that from me?
Peter Gadget: want what?
ME: Me to be your wife and spend the rest of my days with you... and Sean
ME: How many kids are we gonna have?
ME: cause the more the merrier!
ME: Am I scaring you now?
ME: What's up
ME: Did I lose ya?
Peter Gadget: Thats the best that I can be given from DEB
Peter Gadget: if you give me that,forever I promise to be yours and never let you go
ME: you're toooooo sweet
ME: and how many more kids do you want to have with me???
ME: I'd like to have a BIG family
ME: more LOVE
Peter Gadget: honey, what doyou expect from me or want from me at this hour>???
ME: sex and kids... ok maybe just your love
ME: lol
ME: What hour is it?
Peter Gadget: howmany do you intend having?
Peter Gadget: nope baby, Ireplied you..didnt you get that
Peter Gadget: yeah baby
ME: It all depends multiples run in the family lots of twins so...
ME: BIG family suits me fine
Peter Gadget: what abt 3??
ME: 3 trips to the hospital could mean 6 or even 9 with me!
Peter Gadget: 11
ME: ok
ME: we can have an even dozen with Sean added in!
ME: Love kids
Peter Gadget: lol, if thats what you want
Peter Gadget: Wow, relly?
Peter Gadget: we juat need tohave the kids we can control
ME: hope you can buy a bigger house!
ME: Kids are angels around me
Peter Gadget: yeah
ME: Have nephews and nieces and god children!
ME: Love them all
ME: was that a yeah to the bigger house?
Peter Gadget: ah ah
Peter Gadget: yes
Peter Gadget: Ineed to check for this stuffsbetter
ME: Check for what?
Peter Gadget: I mean the files I toldyou abt remember?
ME: awwwweeee back to that
Peter Gadget: yes
Peter Gadget: Iwill be back in 20 mins okay?
ME: Do you need to go cause you have been chatting for almost the 2 hours
ME: whatever you need to do honey!
ME: I'll be thinking of you
Peter Gadget: Okay baby
Peter Gadget: Will miss you
Peter Gadget: common baby
Peter Gadget: I am alwayswith you okay?
ME: promise to miss me!
Peter Gadget: I will always miss you
ME: Love YA
ME: do you love me?
ME: and how much do you love me?
ME: what's your email I wanna send you something
ME: While you’re looking for your file
Peter Gadget:
ME: And how much do you love me?
ME: or do you not love me???
Peter Gadget: 103%
ME: 103% just a little bit more than 100%???
Peter Gadget: yeah baby
Peter Gadget: much more better love
ME: I can only imagine how well we will be together
Peter Gadget: brb
ME: k
Peter Gadget: Let me get hold of it okay?
Peter Gadget: Love you
Peter Gadget: I do also baby
ME: Go find your file already!
ME: I'll be here waiting for your return!
Peter Gadget: lol, I will baby
Peter Gadget: okay
Peter Gadget has signed out. (10/19/2008 9:21 AM)

heavensmile is now no longer on reported him earlier just checked to see if they took him down and sure enough he's gone.

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2008-10-23, 13:44:05   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-10-30, 06:12:54
anonymous from United States  

2008-11-01, 04:36:49
anonymous from United States  
IP address info wher e-mails originated:
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descr: Dynamic IP pools for Direct on PC Ltd
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descr: wireless Internet services for Abuja and PH.
country: NG
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person: IP Administrator
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address: Plot B, Block 1
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address: Illupeju
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address: NG
fax-no: +234-1-2713554
nic-hdl: IP1-AFRINIC
mnt-by: DOPCNG-MNT
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source: AFRINIC

Ladies watch out he is not who he says he is!
2008-11-01, 04:37:58
anonymous from United States  

2008-11-05, 18:56:50
anonymous from United States  
I ran across this guy just recently on

PETER FROM MATCH.COM ====Match id cuddles007639==mine==petergadget010

2008-12-02, 20:37:36   (updated: 2008-12-02, 20:42:12)
Thank you so very much for this info. I was just contact by him yesterday via And after I googled his name and this site came up it SAVE me!!! I told him off on the IM after I read this!!! So Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
2009-06-08, 23:41:43   (updated: 2009-06-08, 23:48:31)
He is still on Contacted me via IM on match. Said he was from Nevada. He is going by Much of what I read is the lines he's been giving me. Even said he was coming to see me.......Thanks so much for this information!!!

2009-06-08, 23:59:42

I was in heaven in my dream last night when I suddenly saw myself in the middle of three Angels all guided around me. I then asked them where am I, they said I am on the top of the world where the destiny of life lays, I then asked what am I doing here they told me I am here to choice the real bone for me bone. Wow!!, it was a little surprising as I said how will I do that. One of the Angels with a diamond crown brought out a diamond basket and said inside this basket is the name of the women you will have to marry, they said it is ordained right from the beginning for God to choice a real woman for a man but they needed me to choice. They gave me the basket telling me there are 5 women in there, with the best quality of my life.

I looked straight worried and said how could this be. I moved forward to take one out of the basket and gave it to the other angel having Gold crown on him. He opened it and Called 'XXXXXXXX'. They then asked me do I know her? I said I cant really tell just met her online, they then told me I have made the right and best choice. She is meant to be yours, if she is not yours no other one will be the best for me. Ohh My GOD!!, I was shocked and suddenly rose to life.... Do you know what this dream means??


2009-06-22, 10:51:54
He was also on as Petercut, supposedly living in Agawam, MA. He said his name was Peter Third. His birthday was 10/16 and his son, Sean, birthday was 6/16. He said he was a network engineer who was just awarded a contract to work in the UK. One week after supposedly arriving in the UK he said his son got sick and he brought him to the hospital where they diagnosed him with stage II lung cancer. He told me he needed $1200.00 to get treatment for his son. Within 24 hours of me telling him that I wouldn't send the money he told me his son was dead, on Father's Day.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2009-06-24, 00:59:56
anonymous from United States  
Nice to see others are finding the info I posted and saving themselves money and emotional heartbreak. Be wise do your research and don't let the bad ones get you. There are good men out their we just have to find the right ones and not the liars. I better understand why they do what they do having spent a month in 1 of the 2 most popular countries in Africa that these scammers come from. Life is no where near as great there as what we in the US and European countries have. This does not excuse what they do I just understand why they do what they do better now.
2009-07-27, 12:56:28
anonymous from United States  
This person is the biggest liar walking on the face of the earth!
2009-07-27, 14:21:46
anonymous from United States  
Peter Gadget is the name of a movie character and this guy is a liar. He is one of the biggest liar I have ever met. I feel sorry for people who do not have enough drive and motivation to make a honest living and hurt others by stealing from them. it is horrible to be a victim of one of these scams. I can hope the same for the con-artist.


Lied Too
2009-07-27, 14:47:56
anonymous from United States  
Peter Gadget is the name of a movie character and this guy is a liar. He is one of the biggest liar I have ever met. I feel sorry for people who do not have enough drive and motivation to make a honest living and hurt others by stealing from them. it is horrible to be a victim of one of these scams. I can hope the same for the con-artist.


Lied Too
2009-10-31, 23:22:24   (updated: 2009-11-01, 00:11:05)
funcargirl10 from Oklahoma City, United States  
Beware...this man contacted me through using the name Frabs De Luca...his email address is He said he was living in Albert Oklahoma with his son Sean...same story...had to go to UK for a contract...Sean was in hospital with Stage II of cancer...needed $800 to finish paying the bill...asked me for $400. He sent me the pic of him in green sweatshirt/arms crossed, and pic of him and Sean in the mirror...also the pic of him riding the horse...we have talked approximately 1 month where Sean is in the hospital...He is very, very convincing...when I wrote him and told him that I found him on this site by the phone # at the hotel I also gave him this website so he could read what I wrote...Beware ladies...thank God I never sent money...not that I have any to send...He is very, very cleaver. Says he owns a house in Indiana where his mother lives. He has the following info:
Birthday: 16 Oct...just turned 46 this year. He is 6'1', blue eyes, bald, right handed, his best feature according to him is his chest. Says he is Italian by birth and lived and
attended the university in Rome...has been living in the states for last 20 years
Widower: His wife died in a car accident on her way to work never saying goodby
We talked quite a few times on the phone # in UK that i found him on here...He has a very strong accent that sounds Russian...he had left me a voice message that was supposed to be in Italian and I couldn't understand a word of it...sounded more like Russian or a Nigerian accent. He was quite charming...when I refused the money he was very angy and kept telling me not to make him mad...that he was a 'hothead'.
2009-11-01, 00:45:59   (updated: 2009-11-01, 00:47:21)
wanwan from Spain  
@2008-11-01, 04:36:49
anonymous from United States
Thank you for your report,
but please don't post minor.
Please protect minors because they are greenness.

IP address info wher e-mails originated:
inetnum: -
descr: Dynamic IP pools for Direct on PC Ltd
descr: Fixed wireless broadband
descr: wireless Internet services for Abuja and PH.
country: NG
admin-c: IP1-AFRINIC
tech-c: IP1-AFRINIC
mnt-by: DOPCNG-MNT
mnt-lower: DOPCNG-MNT
changed: 20070327
changed: 20080215
source: AFRINIC
parent: -

person: IP Administrator
address: Direct-on-PC Limited
address: Plot B, Block 1
address: Illupeju Industrial avenue
address: Illupeju
address: Lagos
address: Nigeria
address: NG
fax-no: +234-1-2713554
nic-hdl: IP1-AFRINIC
mnt-by: DOPCNG-MNT
changed: 20080215
source: AFRINIC

Ladies watch out he is not who he says he is!

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