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Dating scammer daniel york


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Name: daniel york


Address: NG 259
GHANA 00233

Other Comments:
mobile number 07031983569
i think he goes under daniel york also daniel reid and daniel narh-dorh

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2008-09-19, 18:08:35   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
2008-09-19, 21:04:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i first met daneil york on dating direct ,he stated he lived in hayes middlx but was in the american army based in basra and as it was in a war zone was unable to chat to me on the phone so we communicated via msn for a month or so the came my birthday and he wanted to send me flowers which where very expensive and nice but then came thousands of pounds worth of goods t.vs computers mobiles clothes perfume ..i called the police who came and took all the details and a few days later got back to me saying everything was paid for and they could not find any crime committed so i let daniel arrange a dhl to collect the goods and ship them to ghana which i questioned and was told it was to a new zone which educated africans ...silly me believed him ...but i got suss when he slipped up on something on one of the receipts was a mobile number ..i hide my number and called him syaing i was from dhl and had a query about the consignement ..i was suprised to hear a black african on the other end ...thats when i delved deeper please be very carefull i dont know how he is getting the goods but more than likely its from stolen credit cards ...DONT SEND HIM MONEY OR GOODS ...he claims he loves you without meeting
there are genuine guys out there s good luck
2008-09-19, 21:07:43
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2008-09-19, 21:08:50
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2009-06-07, 18:12:20   (updated: 2009-06-07, 18:19:38)
This person approached me on a british dating site under the name of an US colonel serving in Iraq on the 31st Dec. 2008.
He told me he would retire in three weeks after the first contact and than come home to Britain but has a house in California too.
The time came that he should come back and before he ask me for money to pay something to the custom in Accra/Ghana where some of his luggage was already brought to by an iraqi friend. He ask me to send 1.000 GBP - I do not have the money, the transfer did not take place but we where still in contact - all in a very nice and descent way, suddenly the connection broke up he never came back to me. But this week on Wednesday he was on the messenger and told me he was ordered to Basra and he has had no chance to contact before. Than he ask me for money, only to support him for some days, he would not have access to his accounts either in the USA or in Britain. I sent him 30.00 GBP stupid, stupid, I know but I wanted to know how far he would go and if he will contact me still - he does not contact me any more, not lucrative enough.
The name of the person who would help him to collect the money was Daniel Darh-Dorh, Accra Ghana, see above.

2009-06-12, 06:04:59
I found a photo regarding this scammer linked to Daniel york or Daniel narh-dorh on the website of contra-romance-scam. (scammers jan. 2009)
I am pretty sure that this is the person I was scammed by. His name there is stated in the photo as johnson wadsworth. He is pictured in civil clothes. I will attach another photo which I have of him and which was on the messenger always, that time in US uniform.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer daniel york
Dating scammer Colonel Joe Wadsworth

2009-12-06, 14:46:10   (updated: 2009-12-06, 14:58:28)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
C:\Users\sonia tropical\Pictures\wds.jpgnC:\Users\sonia tropical\Pictures\wds.jpg i
I was taken in by this man who claimesd to be a wodower with an 18 yr old addopted son called Daniel. He says hes Anglo/American his mother English his Father American born in England Harringay and lives in L.A I caought him out on skype by accident my comp was left on and his name is now on my skype and he comes from pittsburge, But is this the real man as he says he is not from there when asked , he was due to retire in a couple of weeks and they turned into months as he could not get a release date. also as he would be home soon could i faward all these parcels that had arrive and id be paid back when he got home to uk, what a ploker I am ,I sent them and it cost a fortune all the money I had saved towards going to see my son in Australia, being a pensioner you do not get a large income, after the third time he asked me for some money £2000,00 to get a case through customs I offered to go over and fetch it through but he declined as it was a dangerous place to be, my best friend and William wadsworth strted to e-mail each other for which I was grateful as i needed him to tell me if he noticed anything odd about it all, I felt there were two people talking to me, anyway they got chating and he asked my friend for £3000.00 to get this case through, we then decided to try and catch them out as there was definately two menone good with enlish the other dreadfull, I told him that we had found a site with his picture on and it was a scam , he denied it so I offered to contact the American Embassy Military attache to catch the man impersonating him, would this be ok,ever heard from him again.Parcels were sent toDaniel Narh,box AN 2287, Accra North Ghana. money orders were sent to Cyril.Nyemi-tea. via money_grams I know him as wiliam wadsworth/Daniel Nar Dorh/RichYork/ad now read that he was under the name of Johnson Wadsworth. So how do we stop this, I sent him a phone and alo it had been opened to tak any sim card I put credit on the t/Mobile then sent an o2 sim as thought it would be cheaper for texting only to find that when I dialed the no it came up with free call, so he has to be in UK worhing in cohoots woth someone in Ghana
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer daniel york
Dating scammer Colonel Joe Wadsworth

2010-05-06, 14:07:05   (updated: 2010-05-06, 14:14:42)
jelly323 from Spain  
Also known as Colonel Joe Wadsworth serving in Iraq and due to retire in June 2010..widower (wife died of cancer 5years ago) He says he has a 17 year old son who wants to be a doctor. His luggage was blocked at Accra International airport and he needed money (£1,250:00) to renew his diplomatic security tag he would then pay me back with interest when he arrived to spend time with me. I foolishly sent £400:00 that was collected by a Martin Amoah, when I refused to send any more his attitude became quite abusive, he continued to MSM me saying he was under the Doc. for stress and was on medication Vit B and Actonel!!! (Actonel is for bone problems not stress) his email address is and the IP address which is Ghana Telecom, Accra North.

2010-05-06, 14:19:56   (updated: 2010-05-06, 14:43:25)
anonymous from Spain  
This is the second picture of Colonel Joe Wadsworth he also said that professionally he was a mechanical engineer.....that he supervised the maintenance of the jeeps and cars at his base at Al Asad...that he was English but had served in the American Army for 34 years.

I think we need to remember that these pictures are not the actual scammers who are all Nigerian but they are mainly as much a victim as we are having had the photos stolen from somewhere on the we need to be aware that if we sent photos they may also be used in this way.

There are a lot of genuine guys out there lets hope we are luckier next time!!!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Colonel Joe Wadsworth

2014-10-10, 13:37:02
Daniel Harrison what ascammer he said he got a daughter in Georgia at bording school he is a art dealer in England and Indiana is holding his stuff he need money for his hotel he is a widow always telling me we are getting married wants to send me check to cash and send to his buisniess partner so I did now I am going to jail for 10 years if found guilty for bank fraud and stolen checks be careful love is not worth it



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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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