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Dating scammer Carl Hamm


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Name: Carl Hamm


Raeford, North Carolina

Other Comments:
Typical Scammer. IP address is Ghana from staart to finish although went as far as pretending to make a trip to my state, hotel reservation too. Script was to cancel, have to take a trip, disappear for a while, reappear and ask for things to be sent to him. phone is area code in NM, same as american express stolen creditcard

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2008-09-14, 17:54:24
anonymous from United States  
This guy contacted me awhile back. I believed him, until i did some searching on the net. I found an actual Carl Hamm, his wife his kids, my find was on and myspace. I stopped talking with him on the PC because i thought he was cheating on his wife. Had NO idea it was a dating scam. I also didn't realize the last picture and the first picture were one and the same man. I was given 2 different names, can't remember the first guys name now. Jerks.
2008-09-28, 16:35:13
anonymous from United States  
I met Carl Hamm on and he is using the email address Mickael I have been talking to him for 4 months now and am still talking to him. He states that he is from West Palm Beach Florida and went to Ghana to purchase raw gems to sell so that he can open his on jewelry store. This guy is very slick in what he says and does. He can also be fond on myspace as Hamm3. Ladies please beware of him.

2008-10-01, 17:42:32
anonymous from United States  
Why in the world are you still talking to him?? GET RID OF HIM AND GET HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE!!!!
2008-10-19, 22:04:39
anonymous from United States  
ladies listen up this guy is a peice of dog crap sweet talking if you want to give him your money go ahead
2008-12-09, 19:44:06
I met this guy in the summer and we communicated for about 5 months. he is very good at waht he does. He suppose to have been in Ghana buying gems. My story was for us so we could start a good life. I sent him money because he kept telling me the duty was more then he had thought. He even sent me documents from the Ghana customs and a receipt showing me the gems were being shipped to me in my name. Beware ladies, this guy also comes accross saying he is a Chrsitan and he loves god and wants to become a pasteur. So all you christian ladies beware. he is far from being a Christian.
2008-12-27, 08:00:30
Is anyone still talking to this guy Carl HAmm. You have to be very careful of him. he is very slick has really nice words and tells you what he wants to hear. First he sau-id he was from England but his accent is very strong then he said he was in Mexico for a number of years and thats why he has an accent. He has a really god knack for avoiding questions and he can really make you believe he is in trouble. I don't know if the girl on this is still talking to him but can you please let me know what his story is now.
He is still trying to contact me and his stories are out of this world. He should really write abook.
I get alot he loves me alone and he sent me a airline ticket telling me he was coming here and guess what no show... how surprising.

So please ladies beware and if anyone has any more information on him can you please tell me.
2008-12-30, 11:12:57
I have been talking to Carl for 6 months now and he is very good at what he does and will give you all the backup you need to make it real. I send him money believing in what he said. Everytime I wanted to stop speaking to him he said I didn't trust him. There are signs and I saw them but he had an answer to very thing. He said he is in Ghana and trying to get home. He went there to do mine oil business and used all of his money and can't get home I am not working and I send him what I had and he always needed a little more. I call the American Embassy and they told me that is person never came their for help. Ladies make sure that you see the person first before you send them any money or check them out first they give online dating a bad name. PLEASE BEWARE OF HIM HE IS VERY GOOD
2009-02-21, 22:39:05
Ladies i too got caught with this man he is a smooth talker sent me flowers told me he love me kept calling me babe wanted money kept avoiding questions i threw at him
very sweet every women's dream. they do give these dating places a bad name. beware
2009-02-28, 17:52:28
Ladies I got caught for a lot of money with this guy. He is really good and like the previous lady said he is every womens dream. he stopped talking to me when I refused to send him anymore money, He wanted my banking information. He told me his life was in danger and he was in Italy and the man keeping him there was holding him has a prisioner. He was to come and be with me but always needed a bit more money. His famous word were I LOVE YOU ALONE BABE,MORE THEN YOU KNOW> HA HA what a joke
He is so good you don't even know you caught till your caught. Has a back up for everything he says. But he is a liar and a cheat. Has no consience. Doesn't care about anyone but him.
Refuses to answer any questions when they get too personal. He was buying gems in Ghana and there was always something that came up for him not to be with me.
Always a matter of more money. He is amazing. I guess he used the money I sent him to buy the ladies Flowers. Its sad but true. He is a fraud.

Beware ladies you will never get to see him and before you know it you will have no more money. Nothing he says is true.
If anyone is writing to him now let us know. I have reported him to the FBI.
2009-02-28, 20:10:40
Ladies! Sorry you all got scammed by this thief. You say he may have used the money to buy flowers? No chance!
You can bet the flowers will have been paid for with a STOLEN credit card!!
2009-03-01, 20:16:27
anonymous from Fayetteville, United States  
He can be found on I saw his picture and this is the same guy. He has contacted me, but he looks SLICK!! Thank you for the heads up!! He's using carlmforlove on yahoo and on hotmail. Thank goodness I googled his name first!!!!
2009-03-07, 09:03:18
Well he at it again. He is now from NC and the story is the same except he lost his wife 7 years ago to a tragic car accident and now he is so lonly. He is a engineer but goes to Ghana to mine raw gems. He has a store in NC that is why he travels so much. He told me he never goes on the sites he is on and he is still there. He is pathitic and lies so much. He can't even talk english. He claims he is part Indian and his mom is Irish.
I don't understand why The FBI can't do anything about these scum bags. I lost 10K to this man and I wish That when you go on a dating site there are warnings about these people.

Well Ladies all I have to say is be careful of him he is a scammer through and through. Nothing he says is the truth. Don't get caught up like I did. He says all the right things. I fell like a fool and its not just the money I lost but my heart. I fell in love with him as I know these other women did so to. I just wish we could something.
If anyone knows the sites he's on we can jsut report him and get him off the sites. Maybe we will save some other poor victim.

Good luck ladies and Beware of this garbage out there. I am sure not everyone is like him. Please keep posting your stories maybe if there is enough stories we can stop him. I so would like to get back at him but he is a professional and has back up. I advise you to read the site toogoodtobetrue. Its posted by the FBI. If I had only looked at this before. LADIES PLEASE BEWARE OF HIM AND ANYONE WHO FALLS IN LOVE WITH YOU TOO FAST.
2009-03-10, 22:28:48
anonymous from United States  
Hey, he contacted me also. Thought it was very strange. Even gave me a phone number.Called it a few times before he answered. Could hardly understand him. Traced the number back to Fayetteville, NC. Told me the same sob story about his wife and family. Told him he was a scam artist. Still wasn't sure because he sent me those fake pictures of his passport and drivers license. Also said he was going to Africa to buy gold. Only talked to him for 1 week. Sent me love email. Knew that no real man would do that who only talked to you for a week. Found these quotes online tonight. I'm sorry any of you lost money. Told him the other day that I would never lend friends money. Only make enemies among you. He even told me that he was scammed once years ago. Oh the lies.
2009-03-11, 21:17:47
Good girl. He is something. He at it again. You should hear soem of the stories he told me. Stopped writing to me when I refused to send him money or give him my banking information.

Ladies beware he preys on the lonely women and the good hearted ones. Comes across has loving God and is a christian. Before you know it you tell me all about yourself and then he uses your insecurities to get you.

Be very aware of this thief.
2009-03-12, 21:53:07   (updated: 2009-03-12, 22:43:16)
anonymous from United States  
Heard from him yesterday on IM after I emailed him and told him what a scam artist he was. He wanted to know how I knew. Told him his name was all over the Internet as a scam artist and how he had taken money from women. He tried to lie his way out of it, but told him I was too educated and worked on computers for a living. He wanted the site name, but I wouldn't give it to him. Also told him I had no money. I said if he was real then come to my city and prove it. He then signed off. Didn't hear back. I did email yahoo and speed date about his id that he was using. Thought about contacting the police in Raeford, NC and give them the phone number he gave me. It is a real number in NC because I googled it. He did answer it because I could not understand him. By the way, I did contact the police in Raeford and gave them the address of the real Carl Hamm and the phone number I was given. If I hear back, I will write and tell you about it.
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