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Dating scammer mark wall


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Name: mark wall



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I met this man on, after talking to him for a week, his profile was taken off, and he said that it was because he found the woman of his dreams. He claims to have lost both of his parents in a plane crash, as they were on their way back from Australia looking for his mothers long lost sister. He says that he moved to michigan from Alabama because of the hot weather. He has asked me for banking information to have money wired to so that I may Western Union it to Lagos Nigeria. I called a travel agency to verifty the hotel that he says he is staying at, and no luck. When I wrote to him to tell him that I couldn't send him my banking information, he pulled me into a guilt riden I love you and you're my world drama, and why would I lie to you. I did give him the information that he requested, and am closing my account out today. There is no money in it, but I wish I hadn't been so nieve. I would like to know if anyone else knows of this person. He goes by Mark Wall born in Australia, and his email address is If you know of this person, or his picture, please email me at He knows that I'm a single mom, and ims me everyday.

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2008-03-07, 19:19:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2008-03-15, 20:40:27
anonymous from United States  
I met this man also on He gave me the exact same story!!! THANK GOD for google!!!

2008-05-03, 23:01:19
I found someone new on RSVP , he declared his love instantly on many occassions provided me with an email address and cell phone number. He works as an Engineer for Shell in Lagos West Africa - Declaring his love in 5 emails to me - wanting to know a lot of info but has not mentioned money yet

2008-05-12, 15:45:58
anonymous from United States  
yes the one who claims to be mark wall is a big time scammer, i have reported him to several other web sites, He ended up admitting it to me and said he was rich because of what he does, he actually offered to show me his real picture, i blocked him as fast as i could and reported him to match, same story austrailia.
2008-05-14, 13:37:38
anonymous from United States  
I have reported this to as well. The story was the same down to moving because of the heat. He has no compunction about using his name of 'Mark Walls' over and over... if that's even his real name. Beware any story that is too good to be true. I'm so glad I asked a friend of mine to help me research this guy because it just didn't sit well.
2008-05-18, 14:10:05
anonymous from United States  
I just received an e-mail from Mark Austin Walls and received the same story about his family tragic death etc. I knew it was too good to be true and when he told me he was in Nigeria doing business, right there I knew something wasnt right, who does legal business in Nigeria. After asking a million questions and doing research while I was IMing him, nothing made sense.

The hotel never exsisted, he had no return date back to the states, I even punked him and told him I will meet him at the airport when he was to arrived he freaked out!! I googled his business, his name and came across this website. He had asked for $2500.00 because he did not have a proper license. To his dismay being a MBA grad I knew better that you never go into a country to do business without the proper documentation.

Please be careful. It was ashamed that it had to happen on but alas I am smarter than the average bear. My hard earned money isnt going to anyone!

Becareful out there ladies hold on to your accounts .....this one is definietly a wolf in sheeps clothing. I will try to attach his latest photo......
2008-05-18, 20:23:04
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-19, 18:18:54
anonymous from Kirkland, United States  
He almost conned me too. Met him on His profile mysteriously disappears. Still using Mark Walls Using a different photo of course. Same Australian Parents story. He asked me to ship some goods for him, saying he would send me labels or some such nonsense, I blocked him then from an IM - what a creep. I've added his lastest photo.

2008-06-14, 09:17:37
I have met a Mark Walls also, very similar story. He hasn't asked for anything yet but I will definitely be aware of an unusual information he asks for. Here is a pic he sent me...look familiar to anyone?

2008-06-26, 19:34:16   (updated: 2008-06-26, 19:35:26)
anonymous from United States  
Mark is not a scammer he is not all what you ladies says he is i am his ex girlfriend and i know him well he is the last picture but not all the ones you ladies have talked about though im not with him but i did a bad thing to him i hurt him really bad .....mark is a nice guy for the nice lady

2008-07-23, 19:47:04   (updated: 2008-07-23, 19:58:20)

2008-07-31, 14:53:32   (updated: 2008-07-31, 14:55:06)
[hidden] from United States  
I to am being scammed by someone named Mark A. Walls. Has pledged his undying love and devotion. Gave me the same story that he is originally from Austrailia, his parent were killed in a plane crash while searching for his long lost aunt. Has moved to Michigan from Alabama and has a Electronics Business called Walls Electronics. His is in Africa doing business for his company. Had not asked for anything until today, and now he needs money for a plane ticket to get back to the states. One thing I found interesting is that he gave me his SSN and Address so I thought he might be somewhat legitimate. But girls watch out for this one, he is charming online and says all the right things. He is using the email address: Do not respond to him, met him on internet site, and he deleted his profile after a week because he said he had met the love of his life. If this is happening to any of you, please contact me thru this site and I will forward his emails asking me to marry him. Attaching the photo he sent me. Different than the ones above, but guarantee it's the same guy. Do not respond to him, he is a bad one this one.

2008-09-13, 17:02:29
anonymous from United States  
I too got the same story from 'Mark Walls' on Singlesnet. I am so glad I checked this site. He never got around to asking for anything, but I have now blocked him. He was very sweet saying all the right things, but I already had questions as some things just did not add up. He said he was new to Michigan having just moved there two months ago from Alabama where he lived for 20 years. He told me he had been in the states for 30 years so when I asked him where he was for the other 10 years, he said Arkansas, but his profile said he went to school in Michigan. Anyway his picture is below.

2009-03-31, 02:42:28
anonymous from United States  
hes om myspace now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and
2009-03-31, 11:26:20 from Bay Saint Louis, United States  
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