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Dating scammer Henry Cole


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Name: Henry Cole


Chicago, Il, but lives in Lagos Nigeria

Other Comments:
Tells you he has a 13 yr old son, going to airport, get in bad car acciident, son is really hurt, has phony Dr. call from hospital, wants 9800.00 to start surgery on son, but will take $5000.00 send Western Union, now he wants $15,000 from me, as hospital is going to transfer them on private plane to US


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2007-12-22, 10:48:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-12-22, 10:48:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2007-12-22, 10:48:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2007-12-22, 11:20:04
anonymous from United States  
More feed back on Henry Cole and Picture, now today he has a Dr. call me and tell me about the Private Plane they want to use to transport his son Max here and it will cost 20K, so I ask him for the phone number of the private plane company which he tells me the hospital Royan General Hospital in Lagos has, I called 0112348073081302 a man answers the phone and tell me he is a private airline co. Royal co. and he will only take cash, no credit cards, and wants 20K which I will not send, The Dr;s name is Dr. Wilson, Phone number, 0112348078146011, and the number I have for Henry Cole is: 0112348074125095, he uses Yahoo Messenger to talk with you, has anyone else had contact with this man?
2008-01-01, 20:02:03
Just found him on goes by Martin Hills, Michael Moore, always uses his son being hurt, has been a scammer since 2006

2008-01-11, 12:19:41
anonymous from United States  
Well he is back on using two different photos but same profile, I reported him to them, this guy never stops just goes from one to another, please be careful with him as he is a real pro at it.
2008-01-19, 07:22:00
anonymous from United States  
Now he is using peter_jpet and calling himself Peter Johnson on Yahoo Messenger Profile, weh I would not send him anymore money, he came on line as hille-henrycole080 same person and then threaten me with coming over here with a gun to shoot me, like he has the money to do that, be careful as he gets very nasty with you after awhile. he has been at this for over 4 years, now using alot
2008-02-12, 23:37:57
anonymous from Dallas, United States  
I was contacted on by Henry Cole this afternoon...he says he is a widower and he is in West Africa with his son Max doing a contracting job. Everything he said was too perfect....thankfully there is Googling for this kind of person!
2008-03-23, 06:02:05
How interesting, I was contacted by and we chatted, he wanted money after awhile of course. But what is interesting is that the picture of the boy here supposed to be his son, is also a boy that 'Richard Woods' who is a geologist in Benin, in Africa says is in a oprhange there and wants to bring back to the US to have a 'family' life LOL. Look out for this one too
2008-04-07, 15:30:46
anonymous from United States  
Interesting - I just got a wink from Mr. Cole - wants to chat with me - I' blocking him -yes he says he is a widow - isn't it supposed to be widower if your a man - please - i have had 3 guys try to scam me - thank god for this website - now I know what to look for I stop it before they ever get a chance to ask for money - please people no one should ever ever ask you for money and if they do stop all conversation - it is amazing how many of these guys are on - just be careful -
2008-05-08, 14:01:55
anonymous from United States  
my mom called me and was asking me if this man seemed a little off and i googled him and saw all this. Mom said he sent her a picture of a blonde haired boy named Max. But it was all the same, he lives in West Africa and has a PhD but is doing consturction and has just earned $2million dollars and is flying to US Monday to be with her. This is man is horrible.
2008-06-02, 14:50:57
anonymous from United States  
I have been corresponding with him too on and downloaded messenger t talk to Henry Cole...the same story as everyone else...son named Max, widower, lives in West Africa, construction, waiting for his $2M will relocate for me... What seemed strange to me was the wording of his messages..first he seemed like he was a foreigener using bad English, and then I get an email that is college level perfect diction...I told myself this guy was too good to be true and now I know he is...thankyou so much!!! there is also another guy who says he is working in Africa and was there with his sick daughter but wouldn't answer any direct questions...his name is Robert J and he also was on as Robert_sweetv ...when I wouldn't talk to him on messenger, he sent me about seven emails in a row asking me to please just let him meet me and decide for myself....I told him I had no intention of relocating to Alabama and he FINALLY took no for an answer...he's probably a scammer too .
2008-06-09, 02:29:05
Just received an email from hille_henrycole through with a photo that matches the one at the top of this page. This is the first time I've felt compelled to google someone who has contacted me and look what I find.....just so over the top! I reported him to the Beware your instincts!
2008-06-09, 07:53:11
anonymous from United States  
He's definitely working over time these days - I had an email from him, too through He told me about his 13-yr. old son and that he had just made $2M in Nigeria building a school. Stay away from this one ladies - he's very smooth!!! He's aware of this site, so be careful that you don't give too much information that will enable him to be even more sly when approaching unsuspecting women in the future.
2008-06-18, 06:27:12
Had an email from Henry this morning from, supposedly in Africa as well. Remember ladies if it seems too good to be usually is. Googled him immediately and blocked his email careful with this one, he is scary.
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