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2013-07-15, 20:26:50   (updated: 2013-07-15, 20:38:03)
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you !
I have been on this site too long and seen too many victims on this site ,scammers are cruel and I know what they can do to people if you do not watch out ,that second can be the chance the scammer takes advantage on ...scammers are very manipulative ..
2013-07-15, 21:47:42
Miss Marple

there is still some things that keep suprising me - i have met a man on - who later tried to scam me - whose English was absolutely perfect - and I checked his IP adress was NIgeria, though he said he is from the USA. He is on different dating sites - but keeps posting the same pics - like he has a limited number of such pictures. I will definetely add him here as a new scammer - simply have to find time for that - but I have a feeling that the pics have been stolen from somebody who has no idea his pics are used for the purpose. He is also on facebook. https://www.facebook..m?fref=ts. Please have a look whether this looks familiar to you. thank you.
2013-07-16, 04:50:49
Ok here we go - after claiming he loves me and currently being in the ship somewhere in the Ocean - it has started - the ship is sinking - let's see what happens next:)

How are you today?I guess you are fine as always?Sorry for not replying your emails in time,the reason is that Our ship have developed a major problem at the Indian ocean and the brain box of the ship have also be affected and we are working seriously on it so that the ship will not get sink.

Please pray for me and the crew members that nothing happens to us as everybody is confused now and we have contacted the rescue teams already.This is the first time am experiencing this kind of problem after so many years.Don't get panic as I believe so much in God that nothing will happen to us.

Let's see what's his next move :)

2013-07-17, 04:53:51
OK so my scammer in Australia in a sinking vessel :) He is sinking and he is asking now for my bank account to transfer money from the ship by a security company into my bank account - hahha - he got one - a fake of course - let's see what happens next - I suspect he will be saying that while the money is in transit I could send him some money by WU - heard that before :)

I will keep him running to the bank a hundred times and he will never get a penny. Will post his data in my next message - girls beware :) - his email

sorry - wrong pic - I got confused among those ghosts :)

2013-07-17, 14:29:15
Dear Miss Marple

on of my scammers sent me a parcel - I suspect he faked the delivery company and the waybill - trying to figure out the company

2013-07-17, 15:13:31
OK ladies - I found an article about a 'parcel scam' - read this scenario carefully - as I receied from my scammer that he is sending me a parcel - and also a tracking number nad a waybilll - unless you think - it all looks perfectly genuine

Except when u think why would a parcel travel from London to Latvia through Malaysia ??

Just to pretend it is being detained by Malaysian customs :)

2013-07-17, 18:54:49
anonymous from Australia  

I too have received an e-mail to let me know that a parcel is being sent to me, a 'SPECIAL' parcel that requires secrecy...The problem is that I know nothing about the sender or about the parcel...The sender writes as if he knows me, but I know this has to be a scam. I have just received another e-mail, letting me know I will have to pay the courier costs of said parcel, which amounts to $375.00. The mail then goes on to say, the 'parcel' is a copper consignment box containing the sum of $200.000.00. I think these scammers are getting bolder, sending e-mails to anyone, just to see if they will get a bite & be able to lure someone into depositing this money into a bank account whilst at the same time wanting to know your Name & Address, the name of the bank you want the money deposited into (this was supposed to be a parcel to start with) & your cell phone number. Is this a new SCAM ???? or has it done the rounds before & is just re-surfacing. I sent a reply asking about the parcel, but not by using the reply button & not even using the same e-mail account. I'll post the reply if & when it arrives....WATCH THE PARCEL SCAM......
2013-07-17, 19:15:18
anonymous from Australia  

Loved the story about the sinking ship, the ship also has a 'brain box' we learn something new everyday..If he's sinking in the middle of the Indian Ocean, how is he going to collect money ???? He certainly didn't think this one out clearly. Don't worry about him as GOD is going to save him, maybe he will also send him some money to tide him over until he reaches land...These people never cease to amaze, the most ridiculous scenarios that they expect you to believe. It is good giving them the run around, but do be careful as Miss Marple say's they are CRIMINALS & should be treated as such..Make a report to the authorities, you can find the sites almost anywhere. CID, FBI, INTERPOL, or go to your local police station, these people deserve to be caught, don't bother with them.
2013-07-18, 06:23:24
Hehe - the guy from the sinking ship is sending me 85000 GBP to save his money from the approaching pirate ship(lololol).

Whatever -I am just waiting for the money to arrive - but I am sure soon something will happen and somebody will start demanding some kind of payment for something. This is going to be fun girls - I will keep you updated :)
2013-07-18, 06:33:11
The Parcel scam

can u beleive how stupid they are :) My parcel from London to Riga goes via Malaysia and - oh suprise - suprise - it had already reached Malaysia in ONE DAY - what a wonderful world.

Now I expect some message from 'Malaysian customs' demanding me to pay because the parcel contains cash :)

ladies - read the message from the Malaysian customs office
lease do not respond to any emails, websites or notices from parties claiming that your goods / parcels have been held by the Malaysian Customs and therefore certain payment has to be made to them in order for the goods to be released by us. Some of these parties have also created false Customs documents to trick innocent victims and lure them into their traps. It is a scam by unscrupulous parties and responding to these people may lead to monetary losses on your part. Please be informed that we will NEVER require you to make payments (of tax) through third parties. Payments can ONLY be made by the importer at our payment counters located in every Customs stations, collected by a proper officer of Customs. For more information, please contact 603-88822414 / 413 or E-Complaint
2013-07-19, 10:52:43
To: MIss Marple

How would u figure out where the mail comes from if you see the Header description like this

Coulc you plese explain what is the originating IP?

thank you very very much

Received: from (EHLO (
by with SMTP; Fri, 19 Jul 2013 08:24:48 +0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 19 Jul 2013 08:24:45 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 19 Jul 2013 08:24:45 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 19 Jul 2013 08:24:45 -0000
2013-07-19, 13:03:26
anonymous from United States  
2013-07-20, 06:05:25
I think a link to this site should be in every dating site :)

2013-07-20, 10:14:06
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-07-19, 10:52:43

You can not determine the X originating IP from the 1 sender IP on the header,it is always the last IP on the header,scroll down the header you will see the X-originating IP which is the only correct one,all the other information given on the header given is sender IPs which can be several ones ,it depends where it routes forget everything else just look at the last IP on the header..go into the link below ,you will find good information on that site.

When you trace a header you have to copy and paste the whole header ,and copy and paste into a tracer ,otherwise you will not get the correct information .But let me warn you also when tracing headers from suspected scammers they do not always show Nigeria and Ghana ,but do not let that think it is not a scammer for that sake .Scammers forges IPs and it can show IP anywhere in the world .But if you are a good scam detector you will know anyway if it is a scammer or not with specific behaviors and signs the scammer is carrying you will know when they are lying with or without header,but the header supports your suspicions ....

If you have difficult with this please post the header here and I will guide you ,please edit out your personal information from the header before posting ..

Trace IP:

2013-07-20, 10:18:49
Bax from United States  

I've thought, include a scam warning with every new computer or device.
It'd probably be good for scammers but not DelphiFAQ,
if every scammer could search this site.

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