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Dating scammer Alex Jonathan


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Name: Alex Jonathan


P.O.Box 3333
Santa Monica CA 90402 USA

Other Comments:
I became a friend with a scammer (Alex Jonathan) on Facebook in April 2015. He told me he used to date a Nigerian woman but she left him for a younger guy. He is divorced and has 24 years old daughter. He preferred dating a Nigerian woman instead of European women. We were on and off on the Facebook and Skype. He claimed he traveled a lot because of his job as engineer with Newcrest Mining in Australia. He was temporarily in Washington DC on job related assignment for a short time. He invited me to visit him at Washington DC but I turned him down. He was not able to visit because of his assignment. In July 2015, we spoke and stated that he will be traveling to Nigeria in few months. I never took him serious. Then it was August 22, 2015, he send me a message on Facebook that he was in Nigeria to invest on real estate (investing on property). I told him I could not help him because I left Nigeria a long time ago. I suggested to him to come to the USA and invest his money because it is more trustworthy to do business here. He stated that he preferred doing business in Nigeria because Nigerians pay cash money. The first two weeks in Nigeria was fine. We spoke on the phone every night and Skype. Suddenly, he told me he lost his wallet in the cab, and didn't have money. I told him to contact his company, Two days after, the drama started. He told me his company didn't respond. I told him to contact Australia Consulate or Swedish Embassy because he told me he was born in Sweden and received naturalization as Australian citizen. I advised him to speak to his business partners in the name of Mohammed and a Nigerian lawyer to help him out. He told me that it is not businesslike to ask them for money. I told him to contact his daughter in Sweden since she lived there. According to him, nothing worked because Western Union will not allow his daughter to send money to Nigeria. He begged me in the name of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ to help him with something because his credit card and driver license were in wallet. I felt so sorry for him and sent him $300. He was excited that I sent him money pending the time his company will respond. He told his daughter, and his mother to call my number and thank me because I sent him money. He gave me his address in Canberra Australia, US address, and his family home in Sweden. This guy was so real and confident. He was so affirmative, family man, and sensitive to my feelings. As this was going on, we were romantically engaged on the Skype, Imo Apps, and telephone. Still, he didn't hear from his company. Now, he needed my help to loan him money to get a ticket to get to Canberra Australia to get a new credit card. I sent him $3000. When he got to ticket agency, the direct flight from Lagos to Canberra was $6900. I sent him again $1000 and his friend in Australia sent him $3000. The day he went to buy his ticket, he must pay ticket agent a commission. He asked me to loan him more money. I sent him another $1000 at his request. When he went to pick the money at Western Union, the bank manager told him somebody else picked up the money. He had to contact the police. Due to investigation, he was not able to leave Nigeria that day. The case was later resolved three days later. Again, he needed $2000 to clear his hotel bills because his company didn't respond, The day he supposed to leave Nigeria, cocaine was found in his luggage and was detained in Nigerian Police custody. He was sad and crying on the phone. He needed my help again in the amount of $5000. I refused to help him. He called his personal lawyer in Australia and he was in the available flight to Nigeria. I didn't hear from him for a week. The second week, he called telling me that his living condition was very bad. He needed a bail money in the amount of $5000. His lawyer helped him with some money but he didn't have enough. I sent him $700. He got a bail and traveled out of Nigeria to Australia according to his statement. I received a call from him three days later that he arrived safely to Australia. I didn't hear from him anymore. Suddenly, he sent me a message that he was arrested by Australia Police because of his drug issue in Nigeria. Again, he was in police custody because he didn't have clearance documents to show that he left Nigeria legally. His account is frozen due to drug issue until evidence is presented. Now, his lawyer needs to go to Nigeria to straighten everything out. The lawyer called him. Nigeria Police and Customs need N2,000,000 (equivalent to $13,000. At this point, I called him a scammer, and I refused to continue my relationship with him. He was upset, and asked me how can he remit my money to me when he gets out from the custody. The lawyer returned to Australia without documents after a week in Nigeria. He called me again begging in the name of God for me to help him. I fell for it again, I loaned him $2800 again. He promised when he gets out he's coming to the US. The lawyer went back to Nigeria. This time, he returned to Australia with necessary documents, On November 1, 2015, he called to tell me that he made it home and needed my account information to wire $50,000 into my account. I told him to send the amount I loaned him through Western Union. On November 2, 2015, we were on the phone for hours talking. On November 3, 2015, I received a call from his so-called lawyer that he was rushed to the hospital. He was not able to breath on his own and was on life-support, and his phone will be turned off due to too many calls from friends. His daughter was on her way to Australia. I asked the lawyer what was the symptom. He told me Alex had low white cells. THIS IS WHEN I KNEW FOR SURE THAT I WAS SCAMMED. On November 7, 2015, I received a call again that Alex died. After his death, his lawyer told me he left me his house in Canberra and 1.2m Australian dollars. The lawyer sent me his prepared Living Will that was signed by someone named Mark Morrison, and needed the copy of my passport (the name and photo page). I replied and asked him to sent to me his Australian passport or identification card or driver license before I could sent my information to him. I never heard from the lawyer since then. These scammers are so clever with the ways they scam people. His accent was so Australian. His sentences construction and knowledge of geography were so perfect. We spoke about current affairs, family, education, health and fitness and much more. He knows so much about United States. He told me he has traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other 15 countries through his company. He likes to fly first class; flies Emirates Airline. His lawyer has mileage club with Emirates.I just can't believe I got scammed. My life has never been the same since this incident. I was so disappointed, and disconnected with everything. I'm telling my story so other women can learn from it.

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2015-12-25, 23:41:55
anonymous from United States  




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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