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Dating scammer Michael Myers


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Name: Michael Myers


55 Crescent Avenue
Accra, 00233 GH
Phone Number 233 205567044
US # 1+682-233-5562
company website:

Other Comments:
I live in Houston, TX USA. I started corresponding with Michael Myers on as ImmaculateGuy59 from Beaumont, TX on July 19th. His company is Exclusive Dezyns. In early August he told me he loved me. We could not meet right away because he flew to New York on August 8, 2013 and was supposed to fly back to Houston on August 11, 2013 he was detained he was supposed to remodel a hospital in New York but they asked for his experience with and organization in London and then flew to London on August 14, 2013 and then he was flying to Ghana August 18, 2013 to start work right away to remodel a children’s hospital there on August 19. He arrived supposedly in Ghana on August 18 and he was asking for an iPhone which I delivered on August 22 and I spent $850.00 for the iPhone and delivery. To I still to this day have never got paid. We talked every day and texted. Then he wanted me to purchase 26 Apple Desktop Computers for the hospital remodel. He would transfer money to my credit card. I told Michael my credit card does not work that way so I never gave him any of my account numbers. I called Apple computer here in the US and they told me that he has to go through an Apple distributor in France to have it delivered to Ghana. I told Michael what Apple told and he never bothered me about the computers again. Later during September he told me he had 8 Apple computers for the hospital offices, I wonder who else he scammed. Later in September he needed money for plane ticket he wanted to come out he wanted to take care of his house he wanted to take care of his car he had things he needs to take care of he wanted to meet me. I turned around and made a plane reservation which I turned around the same night and canceled and I told Michael I bought him a ticket but since I am purchasing it and he was flying out of Ghana I had to go up to IAH and show them my credit card and driver's license I had to collect the Houston airport to show them my credit card and ID and I got robbed in the parking lot but I really didn't get robbed, I lied to him. On October 1, 2013 Michael claimed he was so stressed out being there in Ghana and the job he was on stress medication. October 1, 2013, he told me his client paid for his plane ticket to Houston. He e-mailed me all of his flight information. October 4 I wired Michael $500; October 7 I wired Michael $500, October 10 while Michael was supposedly on the plane I wired his driver $700 because his mother was in the hospital in Ghana due to cancer according to Michael. While Michael was on the plane from London supposedly the Houston he was promised me we would go to Chase bank when he arrived here to pay me back all my money. I went to Houston Intercontinental Airport to pick him up on Thursday, October 10. I waited three hours I talked to the customs officials he was never processed at the airport they asked me go over to the British Air ticket counter which I did his reservation was canceled on October 7, 2013, so he'd lied to me and I was scammed $2,589.50. I felt so hurt and ashamed to trust this man I never met.

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2013-12-26, 20:15:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-26, 20:15:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-26, 20:15:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-26, 20:15:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-26, 20:15:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-26, 20:15:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-27, 15:03:17
TXUSAGal from United States  
2013-12-27, 16:18:52
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you for your report and I am sorry that you are scammed . You do not need to be ashamed that you are scammed as you are not alone believe me. By reporting this scam you will get other people aware on this scam and save people from this scammer.
The photos are stolen by scammers from Ghana and the man on the photos has nothing to do with any scams ,so he is a victim in this scam as well .The website seems to be fake as I cannot find anything now on the website ,it seems to be deleted and only used in this scam.Phone number is spoofed US,Texas, land line number. Please post mails the scammer has sent you as scammers uses copied and pasted templates to people ...

All kind regards //Miss Marple//

Michael Myers' interior designing. Exclusive Dezyns is a Texas based firm.
Interior designing that meets your demands. business description

Category: Business and Industry > Construction and Maintenance
Language: N/A
Tags: exclusive, interior, michael, myers, contact
2013-12-29, 14:12:41   (updated: 2013-12-29, 14:20:45)
anonymous from United States  
Correspondence from Michael Myers:
Letter 1
Hey Maureen – thanks for the note – let me say – I suppose we have the mutual respect society here --- you sound a bit like a lost soul mate of mine – as the more you tap the more the minds are melding……and I am not sure I have been able to say that to a lot of folks… You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself which is very fascinating. I enjoy reading every bit of what you write. I don't want to believe online dating is very easy, but with you I think it's been quite easy and fun for me. It's a privilege knowing a wonderful woman like you. I look forward to great friendship as you are always up for that. We seem to have many similarities and I think it will be wonderful to give it a shot.
I don't know where to start now, I guess I have to keep on telling you more about myself... I am trustworthy, loyal, energetic, laugh-a-ble, passionate, hard-worker, but balance the hard work with hard play, kind, considerate, intelligent and accomplished... I just as soon make traveling a lifetime avocation – as it is so educational – and the history of the areas is always intriguing... I've been blessed with health, a sense of humor, a great job and an interesting life. People tell me that I have a beautiful, contagious smile and a spark in my eyes. I've traveled and met people from all walks of life. I'd rather be positive; I like to have fun and make the most of each day. I don't like to create problems because life throws enough of them at you without warning. I've learned that anything can be worked through with the right attitude and perseverance. I love the outdoors, I love to hear the seagulls and get mesmerized by the sound of the waves, the big fat Texas moon, and sand between the toes at Port Aransas and South Padre…and more.
My mom was an accomplished (jeweler) designer, so I was her #1 support – and then took for many years – I am pretty sick about not keeping up all the jewelry designing skills – but can still get some great stuff done… My mom was well established in South Africa and because that is a good source of gold. She built here business so well till my dad got very sick here in the states and had to come nurse him to good health. I believe I have a wonderful combination of passionate backgrounds considering the fact that I grew up in different cultural settings. My father was a constructor so I guess what I do now is influenced genetically. ;)
I hope your day was good and you're having a wonderful weekend out there.
Take care and looking forward to reading another refreshing email from you. xo
Letter 2
Hi honey, I received all your text. I need to get airtime before responding. I will do that on my way back to the apartment. There are lots of work out here I have to finish. I haven't been on my computer all day.
Working very hard so I can finish up my work as soon as possible. Nice telling me about you. Will call you when I get to my apartment later. Take care and have a wonderful day!
Letter 3
Sure, I will give you a call during my lunch time. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Letter 4
Sorry you had to go through all that. I hope you take care of things well out there. Have a wonderful day!!!
Letter 5
Honey... U don't have go to IAH again... Just send the funds via Western Union so I can handle thing myself out here... I am pretty exhausted and need a good rest. It doesn't make any difference. If you love me and trust me a little just go send the fund as I told you. Love you!!!
Honey you could just send the funds and verify as well...
I will be very happy to still pick you up at IAH and I'll be more than happy to drive you to
Beaumont if it works out I'm on my way to Lake Charles but either way I can drive you to
Beaumont I love you!
I do not have to prove anything to Angela honey. I am on medication out here for stress and I am not going to stress myself anymore. It would be very disrespect for anyone to go ask James question about me whiles I am away. I will not do that. I have respected all your decisions and expect you to do same. I am not working today because I am too stressed. I guess we are... I want to tell you something and it's not a promise... I might be coming home next week. Was discussing with my client today.
Sorry honey, will call you later. Love you! Hopefully, u wouldn't lose your job because you got robbed...
Feeling much better now can't wait to see you and be with you too.
Ok honey, I am working now. Will call you over my lunch break Honey, I need a favor and it's okay if u can't help but I really need it. What are you needing I need 1k can't do that right now I'm sorry Ok honey... You don't have to worry about that. I am down on cash and need some money to sort some things out here before I get back If u can help with about 500 that will be okay. Okay
Ok honey... Send it via western union I will pay as soon as I get home honey... I promise!!! I really needed a 1000 but I know how things are now. I promise I will pay as soon as I get home.
Glad i will be home next week. Love you so much honey.
So did your client pay for your plane ticket?
Yes he took care of my ticket.
I will need about 3 - 4 weeks after my break to finish up. I'm hoping you'll be home in time for Thanksgiving.
No... I wouldn't be there any longer than I said That would be wonderful honey. I really need a vacation when I finish up with this job.
Ok honey... Getting back to work now. Love you! Hugs and kisses!!! Xoxo How's your day going? Just finished eating lunch. It's been raining here for about 3 hours now. Enjoy your day.
My car is still there. I
Ok honey To send money to you it cost me $510.50. You mean $510.50 to send or $10.50 to send $500 I sent you $500 but it cost me 10.50 to send it. Oh ok
Question could be my car then answer, chevy LOL!!! I just thought of my favorite color so you'll remember it!! LOL!!! The question could be any question. Lol That is true dear, but I just wanted you to remember my favorite color and flowers red roses. LOL!!! Ok honey... I know you favorite color is RED Guess you busy now... Eating dinner now. Kisses!!
Sorry honey, I dozed off... I guess I was pretty exhausted. I love you! xoxo I love you too! I can't wait until you are here with me! I am counting the days and counting the hours. xoxo Can't wait to be with you too. Hugs and kisses!!!
Hey honey, was very busy today. How are you doing? What are you doing at the apple store? I was able to pick up the funds at western union today. Thanks for the favor. I really appreciate.
It's not been easy for me out here. I would never leave for any job again without preparing adequately. I love you so much and can't wait to be with you.
Can't wait too honey... Love you very much! You are really flying here ? No backing out now....xoxo This is very hard for me but you are the only person who can help me out now... I know your stand now and how much you need funds too but you will have to help me out again so I can pay all back on Friday. I can't back out honey, have my ticket already and really need a time off... I need to be with you.
The very reason why it was very difficult to ask you. I need 500 more... I promise I will pay back as soon as I get to Houston. All I need to do is walk into any chase bank. Please help me out for the last time. I know I owe you 1350, I am willing to pay 2000 as soon as I get to Houston... I will pay back every dime as soon as I get to Houston. You could make it hit 2000 exactly. I promise to pay back
Honey, sorry what I said upset you. I am not going to back out on you. I am going to be with you on Thursday. I just need this one more favor and I will pay you back as soon as I get to Houston. Sorry I have to ask you for more money. You are the only person to help me for now and perhaps I am going to be with you on Thursday.
So you are now you are saying maybe or possibly you are going to be with me on Thursday?
You are using the word perhaps.
I am certainly going to be with you on Thursday. I have my ticket and nothing is going to stop me from coming. Ok xoxo
Ok babe
Can I ask why you need another 500 dollars? Hello?
Have to pay a couple of things out here before I leave. Okay well this is it, my bank is closed for loans.
Are you excited about meeting me in person?
Very excited honey I always look at your pictures I do too... I love the picture you holding Bella in your arms.
Do you still have the greeting card I sent with the phone?
Yes, I have it How sweet! I love all your pictures!
Now we will take some pictures together with our iPhones once you get here on Thursday. Then I am downloading them print them and put them in picture frames for us.
We will take so many pictures together honey. Just can't wait to be with you.
Can't wait to be with you either and I love you! xoxo
I love you more!!! Xoxo
Yes... I had to meet with the guys I work with and brief them on what to do whiles I'm away.
Hope your day has been great so far. Just let know when you get home so I can call. Love you!
Kisses!!!! xoxo
Hey honey, please do not be broken hearted. It was a hectic day for me today. I fell asleep immediately after taking my shower. I love you so much honey. xoxo I feel so tired right now...
Done for the day... Headed to the hospital to see my driver's mom. She has to undergo surgery soon. Will head to my apartment right after that. Hope you having a wonderful day.@ Having a wonderful day. I love you more!
Got back to my apartment about 30 minutes ago. Preparing to move to the airport. Will let you know when I get to the airport.
On my way to the airport... Love you!!!
Okay let me know when you get inside the airport in Ghana.I cannot wait until this time tomorrow!
I love you more! xoxo
At the airport now... Went through customs now. Waiting to board. Will let you know when I am boarding. Love you!!!
Ok let me know.
Love you more!! xoxo Hey how is it going out there? How has your day been? Are you excited?
I've been very busy today and yes I am very excited! I love you! xoxo
I know you're excited too! xoxo
I am very excited honey... xoxo
On my way home. I love you! xoxo I'm already home. I love you. xoxo
Love you more honey Guess you will be departing soon. Have you boarded yet? xoxo On
board... Love u!!!
Love you too! See you tomorrow! I guess you're in London now I don't know what number to use. LOL! Love you! xoxo
Michael my phone died at 5:32 and I'm at the airport parking level five E4 I call me if you can
Michael want to know why you were a no-show today why did you cancel your ticket with British Air October 7 and you never told me I would appreciate if you would please send all the money you owe be to my office address as soon as possible I guess this was the surprise you were giving me by not showing up.
Letter 6
Hey honey, sorry I missed your call. I was very busy working with a machine this morning and had to drop my phone in the office so it doesn't distract me. How is your day going? Just took a lunch break. I am out of minutes. Will call you soon. I love you very much too and nothing is going to change that. We've been strong when things were topsy-turvy and that proves how strong our love is. I love you unconditionally honey. Have a wonderful day. Kisses!!!
Letter 7
Honey... U don't have go to IAH again... Just send the funds via Western Union so I can handle thing myself out here... I am pretty exhausted and need a good rest. It doesn't make any difference. If you love me and trust me a little just go send the fund as I told you. Love you!!! Xoxo Honey you could just send the funds and verify as well...
Got back to my apartment about 30 minutes ago. Preparing to move to the airport. Will let you know when I get to the airport.
2014-01-07, 19:58:17
anonymous from United States  
He's trying to put up another website called
Xclusive Dezyns. His photos to his website or copied from Some of those photos were on his old website I looked it up today. Ladies please do not listen to this man, he is a scammer he'll try anything to get more money out of anybody! If this man tries to contact you delete him from your contacts he will ask for money, Apple computers or iPhones. He will tell you he loves you unconditionally do not listen to him, he'll tell you he's coming to see you that he got a plane ticket he will not show up!
2014-01-09, 10:28:24
anonymous from United States  
One other thing about this scammer, he will try to charm you and sing to you songs by Elaine Paige. Please do not fall victim to this person, he will use his charming personality and call and text you that he loves you more and unconditionally. I was very lucky the scam I was involved in with this person did not put me into a financial diaster for myself.
2014-02-03, 17:32:52
Here is another picture of the same scammer

2014-02-04, 10:46:28
TXUSAGal from United States  
Thank you for another photo of this scammer. I would like everyone who has been scammed by this person, please share your experience you had with this person. Remember if you are silent about the scammer, the scammer wins, if you get the word out about them, you won because it will warn others.
2014-02-07, 10:22:12
TXUSAGal from United States  
Do not listen to this man and how honest he is and he loves you unconditonal and loves you more and sings Elaine Paige's songs to you. He is nothing but a scammer and a liar. He tells you he can't wait to be with you and says he is on his way to see you, he is a no show at the airport, please believe me. Do not contact him block him from every correspondence possible. This man will end up breaking your heart and your finances.


Michael Myers
Owner at Exclusive Dezyns
Fort Worth, TexasArchitecture & Planning




Company Website

Edit contact info



Welcome to Exclusive Dezyns, your source for home decorating tips, ideas, and designing resources! Whether you are redecorating your children's rooms as they grow or looking for a way to freshen up your home by adding new accessories in a fun print, we have all the design hints you need. Our ideas, interviews, and slideshows feature design ideas in both traditional and contemporary styles. You don't need to have a huge budget to create a room that makes a style statement, either. The Texas based Interior Designers, Exclusive Dezyns provides a comprehensive service for private residences, guest house, hotels and commercial premises. Exclusive Dezyns deliver a design service tailored to meet your specific needs from creating a perfect setting for your business or a luxurious interior for your living space.

Exclusive Dezyns is a firm that has unleashed a set of contemporary interior designs. The collection is a mix of modern and mid-century shades, patterns and designs to create an ambient interior. The use of both pastel and vivacious colors as a combination along with print patterns, simple and elegant furniture and warm lighting, bring in a “very homely” feel to the design. Unique lamp shades, snug-looking rugs, a blend of various types of chairs and plenty of accessories, give the rooms a unique and trademark look.

Exclusive Dezyns’ mission is to create a stunning living environments to fit its clients’ individual needs. Experienced in all phases of interior architecture services, the emphasis of Exclusive Dezyns is on clear and logical architectural solutions to improve and enhance the interior surroundings.


Exclusive Dezyns

Additional Info


Quality Interior Designing.


Hotels Development

Interior Design
2014-02-11, 14:08:08
TXUSAGal from United States  
One other thing, this scammer does have a South Africa/British/Australian accent. He always says I love you more or I love your more baby! He enjoys listening to Elaine Paige, please do not fall for the singing or how he can't live without you and you are the only one who can help him. Block all contact with this scammer he will break your heart and your finances.
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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