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Dating scammer major Smith Pearl


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Name: major Smith Pearl


claiming to be from US and UK
real location Nigeria

Other Comments:
Mail from him:

Thanks for taking the time to reply my mail.I really like the kinda person you are.i grew up with my mum, dad and an elder brother till i was 18 then i lost my brother.. i could not handle it as his death came from lungs cancer. he died at age 25..he was into taking drugs. my parents also where into such.. i lost my parents with a two years interval between both of them .. dad died for of cancer also then mum followed due to high blood pressure.. i left for the UK after my brothers death and did not come back to the state till when my dad died.. its been a hard life for me growing up to be who i am today .. thanks for the grace of the lord i am what i have become today.Got married when i got back from the state at about marriage ended when i found my ex having an affair with the man she is now married to in australia.. being in the force i hardly had the time of being home except when i am on leave which is only a three months thing..I was so hurt and when i asked for an explanation she said i was not there for her ..guess they say sometimes when you love something too much you let it go.. since she felt that way i decided to give her what she wanted. she sure made life a living hell for me.

Sold the house i bought and took all she could off our account.since she knew i was so much in love with her that i could not stop her.Truth is we all have been into relationships in our past.Some have a good tale and some don't,but one good thing is we all learn from our experiences. To say that we should not live in the past is correct,but are we not the result of those past experiences?I believe that anyone who does not have anything to regret, or feel a certain loss from some of what happened in their past, probably never invested enough of themselves in any previous relationships. If you did give off yourself and cared about them, then you can't help but feel a loss.That is not to say that one should dwell upon those incidents to the point that you should loose yourself in them.Rather,that the lessons you derive from them are valuable for your personal growth. But we all have regrets and we all would have done somethings differently, given the chance to correct some of what we did or didn't do.I am happy for you,for who you have become and your values.I feel the same way about myself. I am a grounded romantic (if there is such a thing).I will not tax someone I meet with my past experience with others. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't believe anything can be resolved by fighting, but rather, listening and trying to understand the others perspective view of any situation is far more constructive. In any relationship both parties should be committed to resolving differences. Obviously, if one has the habit of leaving and never having the courage of facing anything, then I pity them, for they stand to miss out on what might be their greatest relationship ever. I'm not saying that anyone should remain in a relationship at any cost. But one should never be so callus as to give up at the first obstacle. On that score I believe, we agree.Spiritually, I feel we are all searching for a reason why we are here. The answer to that quest is sometimes partly realized with the passing of time. But in the end, lucky are those who feel they reached the answer that satisfies them long enough to enjoy the better part of their lives. There is a quote that says:' All we have is the present. The past is yesterday's present, the future's is tomorrows.' So live today because that is all that you can affect and enjoy. You can plan for the future, remember the past, but you can only live in the present. So much for my philosophies. I am happy that i found you so much i could feel within my Heart and soul and you have a good heart.

Maj. Smith Pearl

-What makes me happy: life; the changing seasons; a beautiful smile; having a good laugh; seeing people enjoying each others company; being needed, loved, cared for; helping others realize their potential,traveling,having a chat at a cafe with someone like you; falling in love; keeping it fresh; holding hands or your waist when we walk; seeing you as you come towards me; looking in your eyes to catch a glimpse through the windows of your heart; a passionate embrace; a sensuous kiss; connecting; making a difference; being there; sharing; a sunset or sunrise with someone special like you; ... -For fun: all the above that makes me happy plus: swimming; alpine, cross-country & water skiing; discovering new places & things; going on outings; EPCOT at Disney World ; having a 'crystal rose' at a cafe anywhere with you; visiting new places and meeting interesting people; playing; cycling; going for a drive; restaurants; sights; 'sea-doing';...

-What makes me sad: people giving up to quickly; a child's tears; a sad face; goodbyes; lost opportunities. What about you? What makes you happy, sad? What do you do for fun? all this are what i would sure like to get to know about you.I await hearing from you ..till then have a nice day..

would be getting my leave or in the next few weeks not in the next one year.. it would be nice to come visit you .. i sure would like that. thanks alot for answering my questions.. i sure do look forward to the questions you got to ask me.. well this being said i thought it was best i also answered the questions to which i asked you .. and so i would do just that.

Is situation better there now ? The situation out here is getting much better than it used to be.i am so happy about that .. i hope it keeps this way . although i know it would not lol. but all the same its good to know that i am not having to work on some strategic plan to put in place. and so this is good.

What have you studied at Great Britain ?

I studied Surveying and Geoinformatic Engineering ..and got a bachelor degree in that. also was able to do a leadership course on the side.

Are you considering to build your army career and be there till retirement ?

My bad in the mistake about the statement you made in the earlier email.. well its been close to a year since i got my leave. and i do intend on retiring in the states.. its much better and i intend on working towards that as i hope to get this leave of mine which would enable me put things in place so i need not come back out here.

i would be getting my leave or in the next few weeks not in the next one year.. it would be nice to come visit you .. i sure would like that. thanks alot for answering my questions.. i sure do look forward to the questions you got to ask me.. well this being said i thought it was best i also answered the questions to which i asked you .. and so i would do just that.

How should we agree to handle arguments?

I am a man who hates argument.I believe in listening to each other.Its nice when you know when its best to talk.I would rather allow my spouse have her moment saying what she has to say after which i would say things from my own point of view then we both can come to a compromise.

If you're mad about something how will you let me know?

I am not the type to hide my feelings,So if i am angry about something i would call you aside and let you know how i feel.Most times i tend to walk it off just to calm my nerves.

If you're having problems would you talk it out or keep it inside?

I believe that a relationship is truly defined as two people having a bond with each other and sharing things that they go through in life.So me having a problem i definitely would share such with you ,cos you might just have the right words to say to me to make me work out the problem.

What are your views about same sex friends?

I sure have had alot of friends who happen to be gay,But one thing i have gotten to understand in life is that you never judge people by there color,race or sex gender.I believe in respecting people for who they are.

How do you feel about ex-lovers being friends?

I think there should be a limit to this, and pretty my a little distance ,cos the truth is no matter how much one says he or she is done with there spouse ,You still do not forget those moment you both shared with each other that made you feel loved and needed.

And at some point this moments can make you do things you never wished to do, I have had this happen to some friends of mine and i sure would not like that to happen between me and you.

How important is a girl's or guy's night out?

I believe its nice to always be allowed to hang out with your friends and just talk about things ..i believe in some way it relaxes ones nerves from all the stress one goes through in life.

Who should hold the main financial responsibility in a marriage? I may make

more but we are equal, because anything can happen and one is out of commission then what will you do then?

I believe there is a reason why the man was said to be the head of the family,his main responsibility would be to take care of the family needs, Its nice when the woman works also ,but she should not be the one having to take the responsibility of the financial stand of the family.

Except there is a complication with the man then at that point i would say yes the woman can then take that position.cos as its said marriage is a bond ,(for better for worse).

Should a wife stay home with kids?

I would say i am in different if my wife intends to stay at home or work,the main thing would be that her job does not take her away from her rightful responsibility which is overseeing the house.

What are your views about stay-at-home dads?

If he has some health complication or is disabled then i would say its understandable ,but if none of this is in play then i would that man is a disgrace to himself.

There is a difference from seeking out job and not finding than deciding to be a stay home dad,it just means you not being fear to your wife.

How would you feel about women who make more money than men?

You know i asked you this question cos while growing up i always believed its not right when the woman earns more than the man.but over the years haven read books and experienced life from diverse angel ,i have gotten to understand it does not matter who makes more. rather you knowing your responsiblity in you family and working on it .

What are your views towards handling money?

I believe that most of the money handling should be done by the me crazy but i do think the wife most times know how best to channel the money that flows into the house for good use and knows what should be saved.

Do you feel you should save everything?

Do you feel you should splurge a little?

I believe you should spend enough for your family to feel very comfortable and happy,then you can save some and invest some.

How would you rate your ability to handle money?

I am a very good spender lol.

I see something that i really need i buy.i tend to channel most of my earnings to charity .

How would you handle a debt problem?

This is one thing i hate the most.i would not buy what i can not afford..And so if such happens to be i would rather pay the debt off first and starve than have my self in luxury and still be in debt.

Maj. Smith Pearl

another mail from him :

How are you doing,I feel its just so nice waking up to your email already and i feel delighted that i cant help it,..A part of me gets so happy as if we've got a special thing coming up for us and we're only going to be the one to make this possible...Only the two of us understand how this is going and i hope the outcome of it gets great,.

I just need a woman of your such to have true believe right in me,.

... I want something real and i want to get something positive,My happiness is what matters most to me right now and its all im out there looking for,I will really open up my life to you if you want .

I just have a personal feeling though,you seem to be that special thing missing out of my life,...I just wish time could fly and we could pass the slow process getting to know each other and just have us together somewhere anywhere with you,..telling my whole mind and having you know my troubles plus my joy,...i just want to take you as that Woman for me and i hope you prove me right,..Ive been through a lot and i really to get happy and never disappointed... ..I'm always open to learn things though as far as they dont hurt and i feel everything being in a package just makes one gets better,...

Okay baby.

You On my Mind and soul so much from the bottom of my heart and soul..

Poem 'from him' he sent to me

Rivers of my love run deep,
Into the valleys of your heart,

Neither height, nor depth,
Nor mountains too wide,

Could show you,
The depths of my Love,

Way beyond the seas,
Throughout all eternity,

Could never show you,
The depths of my love,

Into the sun,
Far beyond the sky,

A thousand tears,
That I have cried,

Could never show you,
The depths of my love,

Forgiveness beyond measure,
Memories to treasure,

Love written as a lullaby,
Enchanted dreams of you and I,

Could never show you,
The depths of my love,

Miles and time,
Song and rhyme,

Money or gain,
life or pain,

Could never show you,
The depths of my love,

Loving me, embracing me,

Will show you the depths of my love.

Maj. Smith Pearl


I want you so badly in my life.

Another mail :

Good morning ,

I hope you had a nice night rest and dreamth about me.I sure could not stop but think about you.

Feelings they say are like glass, they can be covered up, changed and even destroyed, but 'like glass feelings' are better when they are made clear this way you let the person you love know how
much you love them dearly from the heart and the person expresses how he or she feels too...I cannot see my heart,I can only speak my mind..I believe its good when you make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know you, so this is what we have been doing.It is all about communication and commitment we have for one-another.. life is worthy living when there is true love you know...Don't tell me you love me; show me that you do,cos telling me will make me feel happy but showing me will make me more happy a person than ever..Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

The truth is like a broken glass, everyone has bits and pieces but no one has all of it you know.. And not all soup taste the same thing.. you find your choice to taste what you like and love cos soup are made of different flavor. But only a cake taste the same thing you know..The best poems don't come from a pen, but from the heart.So was telling you this Words from my heart and from my Soul which is more or less my heart in writing...There is no special time for truth, the hour is now, as always.Friends give us the courage to lift the blinds on our hearts, to open up and show what we generally keep hidden from the rest of the world...

You sure did ask some lovely concerned questions about my well being out here and i am more than grateful for that .. i sure wish i would express and explain every thing i am going through out here to you .. but well i guess someday when we see i would.. i would like you to get a yahoo messenger so we can get to chat more.. or do you use your msn messenger? if so let me know and then i would get back to you on how we can chat

Maj. Smith Pearl


At Sun, 5 Jun 2011 10:26:10 -0400 (EDT), the email sender sent you an email from the IP address located in Nigeria, Lagos.
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IP address latitude: 6.4531
IP address longitude: 3.3958
ISP of this IP: Starcomms
Organization: Starcomms
Local Time of this IP country: 2013-11-22 12:07

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2013-12-21, 10:10:41
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
Later on he send me 'his' photos - the main one with stolen picture of capt. Cecil Wolberton

2013-12-21, 10:12:34
hemisphere from Czech Republic  

2013-12-21, 10:17:21

2013-12-21, 10:21:53
I reported this scammer to

2013-12-21, 10:28:31   (updated: 2013-12-21, 10:28:59)
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks Hemisphere !
Same guy reported onto this site earlier with some different set of photos ..





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