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Dating scammer Sivewright Frank


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Name: Sivewright Frank



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Conversation started today

Why Should Tell
are you in a thing with sivewright frank not trying to get in your business but he is macking on me and if you are with him i want to end it before it starts

Debbie Doremus
Yes we are, why ate you talking with him just want to know
You live in edgewater park funny l used to live there for years...

Why Should Tell
he contacted me dont worry ill blow his mind ill tell him the truth that i wasn't born a women

Debbie Doremus
Did wtf. Is he trying to pull on me and he wants ne to send him money O Hell. No Ty tell me how it goes.

Why Should Tell
out of respect ill share with you the log

Why Should Tell
Saturday 7:17pm
nice to meet you.. well how is the weather out there been with you.?
It was an enjoyable day
that sounds pretty god to here
it sounds pretty good to hear from you
So how can I be of service to you
nothing much just saw you on here when i was browsing trough my computer,.. am new on here due to the work..
Sunday 6:34pm
11 hours ago
Good morning
Good morng
How are you feeling my dear
I am babysiting my niece
about an hour ago
How are you doing
Are you there
on my slow laptop
Oh ok
Are you a single mom.?
Are you a single mom lol.?
no just an aunt that babysitsdaily
i hate this lap top
baby sits daily
Oh ok that sounds pretty cool to me...
What do you do for your living and do you live alone .?
cant wait she goes back to school in a week
i am looking for work and i have a roommate
What type of work do you wish or what is your profession .??
pc repair
or bartending
or striping if i lost 200 ibs
Wow sounds nice well I do work in the Army
i know i saw your pics
Am stationed at Syria city of Damascus and will be back to the state in 3 months time
thats great
what state are u going home too
Beverly Hills state of California
oh i am on worng coast
Good to know
Have you ever been married.?
yes why is that strange
Do you have any kid.?
Well am a single man to,,... If you don't mined how old are you.?
You there
Wow am 39 hope you are ok
yea i am good
Nice have you ever been to any relationship .?
not really
all ways was a nerdy type
prefer my video games to guys for lots of years
How long do you want to live single .?
What is your dreams and goals in life too.??
i dont have many just never do a job and keep doing stuff i love
You sounds so cool and looks beautiful which I believe any man would love but all the same I wouldn't mined to have you beside me
thats sweet of you
Yes lol
What do you want to see in a man you will love to marry?
someone strong and who dont care what the world thinks
Yes you are right and I also need a woman whom do feel love for me, lovely, caring, faithfully, trust and no one will ever came between us not even a friend..
My heart is so soft right now having you here with me really makes me feel wanted lol
Have you ever been hurt before .?
in what way
Something like falling in love.?
no takes me a while to fall in love
But sometimes I do think maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right ones...
It takes a minute to get a crash in someone an hour to live whiles takes a life time to forget someone..
Anything cames for a reason and meeting you on here I think really meant to be Lol
we shall see
Yes lol and very glad you have me the chance to get along and I think it will be a dream came true
What do you do do fun?
youtube time with family and learning to cook new things
Then I hope you shall cook something special for me right
What kind of music do you love.?
County classic rock
U know 80s music

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2013-08-27, 10:05:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-08-31, 18:05:18
men suck  
He emailed my friend 2 days ago but when he found out she was married he asked if she had any single family/friends. I doubt he is even in the military and if he is he is an embarrassment to the USA and it military force. Pathetic slime ball.
2013-08-31, 21:32:59
men suck  
FYI, he is not from Beverly Hills, CA. He is from Virginia Beach, VA and lives there when he is not deployed. Such a liar!!!!
2013-08-31, 21:32:59
men suck  
FYI, he is not from Beverly Hills, CA. He is from Virginia Beach, VA and lives there when he is not deployed. Such a liar!!!!
2013-09-01, 06:37:14
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
I have read your conversation with this person. Seems that he is rather using picture of Army Sgt. 1st Class Dave Sivewright you can find photo he used here

Pity that you do not have his mail account but even then in my opinion he is scammer using photo of abovementioned sergeant. In the article is also written I do quote
'Sivewright’s wife and the couple’s seven kids remain in Ridgefield, where he hopes to return after his two-year stint in Salt Lake (article is from 2011) what only confirms that he is not what he say.
2013-09-09, 20:38:03
anonymous from United States  
frank sivewright is a scammer for sure he ism not from calif he told me virginia and that he is in afghanistan he is liar and a scammer stay away
2015-02-24, 17:57:20
anonymous from Tampa, United States  
Google military, scam, Africa... Or romance. Realize that this poor man is the victim of identity theft.

People in Ghana are using his photos... Currently using name Sivewright Spener on Facebook. They use his pic to try to get close to women who are single or divorced in the hopes that you fall hook, line and sinker. Then try to get you to send money to help for some need.

Don't blame a man who has served his country for some BS scam a foreigner is pulling on you. The man in the picture, Dave Sivewright, obviously is not the one doing it. They got his pics and info from the news.

My daughter said oh accept his friend request. I did.. But realized things weren't right pretty quick. I prayed about it and what came to me was Google as I mentioned above. There was the answer. I reported it to Facebook and the account hopefully will be removed, but these scammers won't stop. They prey on women on social networking sites. I knew what they were doing. Now I know who they were using. Wonder if Mr. Sivewright knows.
2018-07-04, 17:01:49
[hidden] from United States  
This man Cole sivewright, has been txing me for 4yrs , ad just now asking for money are my version acc . why do these people do this ad how do we all get together ad expose him for what he is. I'd love to be able to get a hold of his wife to tell her what is going on . thank you



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