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Dating scammer Mark Johannessen


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Name: Mark Johannessen


Calle 90 Carriopuert, Colonia Popotia codigo 11440
Mexico City, DF

Other Comments:
Please beware of this person. He is not working alone in Mexico City. There are three men or more that I know of working together. Mark Johannessen, vary educated, widower, single child, mom that is 90 years old. He is from Iceland, going by engineer working for Siemens contractor, into Solar Energy. He says he as an interpreter goes by the name of David Martins Jackson. Also has brother by the name of Michael Anderson or Andersen.
I meant Mark Johannessen on a website called Zoosk. We have been communicating now for over 8 months. He told me that he was working on a project for Siemens as a contractor. Went to Mexico to build this prototype at a factor had hired works and when Siemens receive the prototype he would get the contract. He was excited about it because it meant other contracts. He told me he had complicated his work and he was on his way back from Mexico for us to get together and we could final meet.

A problem arose, He told me that he was having problems with Mexico custom officials, trying to ship out this prototype back to the US because this prototype was over 6ft tall and weight over 600 lbs. He went on talking about the paper work that was involved and the cost. The he asked me if I can do him a favor, lend him the money and when he gets back he would pay it back to me. Sol I went on asking him about the prototype he explained in details using engineering language what he was working on, and the function of this prototype.

Well ladies I believed him and sent him the money.

Then another problem arose, that he needed to get the paper work stamped by Mexico officials which was separate from the custom fees.

Again I believed him and I sent him the money.

Then another problem arose, I get an international call from him crying stating that he was at the Mexico police station. He proceeded to tell me when he was on his way back from the Government building with the stamped paper work, he had gotten into a taxi, and this taxi took him into a neighborhood where men approached him bet him up woke up in the street where Mexico police had taken him back to the police station supposedly to fill out an incident report. He then proceeded to tell me that these people that bet him up took his passport and what money he had on him to fly back home.

When he was back to his hotel he called me I then started to telling him that he need to report this to American Embassy that they would be able to help him get back home and that if he wanted me I can call for him.

He started to get upset and said that he was a quiet man that he just came down here to get his work done and that he just wanted to get back home. That he was afraid for his life. However that he would go to the American Embassy just for them to issue him a new pass port.

“Well guess what ladies” I sent him the money for the pass port. You would think that I would have already had a red flag. Noooo I believed everything he was telling me I was so emotional invested by then.

That’s not all please read on.

Then another problem arose, with leaving the hotel, didn’t have enough money for the hotel because the people that bet him up had taken what money he had to pay off the hotel cost…. Again I sent him money.

Then another problem arose, a couple of hours went by and I get a call from him that he is in a hospital call Escando. He started to tell me that when he was going to pay the hotel fees he and the manager started arguing that the manager miss calculated the hotel cost and it would be more. The manager from the hotel told him if he did not pay the balance that the hotel manager would call the police and have him arrested. He told me he could not handle the stress that is when he fainted and ended up at the hospital.

Well I told him I did not have the money to pay the hospital. He said that it was ok he would figure out something... I proceeded to tell him he should try to sneak out and get to the airport as soon as possible. Well he took my advice he did and got caught… He went on to tell me that the hospital would not press charges if he would pay off the bill but they would hold his passport until he pays the hospital bill in full. So until then he was going to stay with his interpreter house. I have been sending him money so he could buy food.

He played with my emotions so much making me fell guilty. That I ended up sending him the money.

Last week finally booked a flight but something told me I don’t think he would be on it. Never got on the flight. I was pissed off. I was sending him messaging calling him and the interrupter. Why would he do such a thing to me?

Well the next day he call me up, being as pissed off as I’m was he is trying to explain to me why he did not get on the flight. On the way to the airport. He got into a taxi they sprayed him with chemicals took him back to a house where he is now being held until some one pays the ransom money of $3000.00 dollars. Told him will not be able to sending him the money but I still loved him.

I learned the hard way ladies. I ended up in total sending him over $10K. Please be in the look out for this man on websites.

Called the authorizes there is nothing they can do except fill out a fraud form.

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