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Dating scammer Watton Collins


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Name: Watton Collins



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oszust na portalu Badoo wyłudzający pieniądze.

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2013-08-14, 11:11:59   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2013-08-14, 11:11:59   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2013-08-14, 11:11:59   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2013-08-14, 15:49:31
The Skype user name is: live: collinswatton, born: Born: 10 October 1958 Language: English, Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom, Mob: 447895072209, his friends on the list to four people. The second profile is skype: watton.collins, the data are the same but do not have a phone number. When he was allegedly in Malaysia it gave me the phone number to his son like me She sent a text message that he is in trouble, but did not get any reply to a text message, he said he can not with him in Malaysia contact, that is, the number who owned his reputed son: 447024073539.
His profile on Badoo Watton 54,Bristol and the second profile Watton simons 48 Frankfurt He has an account on Google+, and three addresses emal:, and
On 12.08.2013. created an account on Facebook, you can find it by typing Watton Collins, has his nine friends who come from Malaysia, the Philippines, and no person in the United Kingdom.
2013-08-14, 19:16:38
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you Poland ,yes Nigerian scammer reported as scam with probable connection Malaysia...


2013-08-16, 08:44:17   (updated: 2013-08-16, 08:48:12)
This is the email that he sent to me 20/08/2013. Similar letters written by the scammers found on the dock who write similar letters.
Enclosed is also alleged pictures of his son and daughter, who sent me.
I miss you, my darling, as I always do. I can almost feel you beside me as I write this letter, and I can smell the scent of wildflowers that always reminds me of you. But at this moment, these things no longer give me pleasure. I feel sometimes as if the greatest part of who I am is slowly slipping away. I am trying to hold on, though. At night when I am alone, I call for you, and whenever my ache seems to be the greatest, you still seem to find a way to return to me.
Last night, in my dreams, I saw you on the pier. The wind was blowing through your hair, and your eyes held the fading sunlight. I was speechless as I watched you leaning against the rail . You are beautiful, I thought as I saw you, a vision that I could never find in anyone else. I slowly began to walk toward you, and when you finally turned to me, I noticed that others had been watching you as well. 'Do you know her?' they asked me in jealous whispers, and as you smiled at me I simply answered with the truth, 'Better than I know myself.'
I stop when I reach you and I take you in my arms. I long for this moment more than any other. It is what I live for, and when you return my embrace, I give myself over to this moment, at peace once again. I raise my hand and gently touch your cheek and you tilt your head and close your eyes. My hands are hard and your skin is soft, and I wonder for a moment if you'll pull back, but of course, you don't. I know that this is the moment I have been waiting for and we make love, and I pray that the moment never ends.
Your Man
Watton Collins

2013-08-16, 09:11:30
This is the first Watton Collins e-mail, which he sent to me 22/06/2013.
The ship also attached a picture of his alleged son.

Good Morning friend,
Thanks for taking your time to write me on badoo and given me your email, i really love and appreciate this, because time is one of import_ant thing in every friendship and this what a friend can give you that you can appreciate most in life. Hope you're going to like my pictures that i have attach with this mail anyway i don't have much pictures because i don't like take it and i want you to send me some of your pictures also. I don't even know what exactly i should ask you about first, your biography, or your thoughts about life. Facts of life are fine to learn about, but the most import_ant thing for me to find out what is inside you, what kind of person you are. Do i need to read between lines or are you straightforward? And I'm wondering the same what to tell you about myself, so that you would understand who i am better. Maybe it is hard to trust a person you haven't seen, but I want to tell you about my life as it is, and by the way, your questions will help. I will ask some of mine too, i hope you will not miss any?
First, there are some facts about me, my name is Watton and my father is Collins, that's just in case, I will be 55 years in October, i like number 2, it's one of my favorite. I live in the southwest of England, Bristol city. My father is from republic Ireland and my mother is from Toulouse France. I speak English and my native language is Irish, i speak French when i was young but since i lost my mummy have forgot how to speak French. I have 2 kids ( A boy and A girl) i live alone in my own house with a cat, my children stay in their school hostel because sometimes i travel due to the nature of my job. I have lost My both parents and Am their only child. I lost my parents (what a pity) I lost my mother when i was 10 years old. I also wonder about the place where you live, do you like it? I mean both the town and your own place? How would you describe it?
I am consultant civil engineer, i have my personal small company and i am also a general merchant in all construction materials, i have worked with several construction companies as project manager in the past year but i decided to have my own company. As a consultant civil engineer i am always be on site for a valuation and supervision, reading of civil engineering drawing, reading of structural drawing and giving advise to young engineers and contractor on outgoing projects. Sometimes I traveled dues to the nature of my work. Since divorced, My 2 kids are living with me on holidays, according to the court of law because their mother is not a caring mother, most of the time they both live in the school, sometime they come home on weekends. We are together during their holiday. My daughter is a great girl, she is in one of the colleges in England studying hotel management, she loves participating in shows, all her teachers love her because for that, and she is also participate in sports. My son is in one Of the university in England, my kids are the apple of my eyes.
I would like to tell you more about my family as time goes on about my ex wife and my kids. My kids means a lot to me, if you are interested? What about you, do you live alone? What about your family, where are they? And what about your job, is it interesting? Would you change it? I like learning new things, I like to be creative in everything, in my work if I can get the one I dream about, in cooking, in arranging something for my family.
Well, that's something about me, not much, but I can tell you more. You can ask me what you want to know about me, I also hope you will tell me something besides what i asked about you. Now, when I think about this letter, I really believe this is an easy way to talk about myself, and altogether, the idea of meeting someone from another culture is very appealing to me, i am ready to be relocate if i meet the right woman of my life. what do you think? Are you ready to relocate if you meet the right person for you? There are many possibilities, I guess more chances to meet the right person with the same goals, talking over different interests before starting any relationships, being friends first is what I really want. And who knows what can happen but with the fact let be frank with real and true love because if we believe to start as a friend time may go so think twice and let get there. Thanks for your cooperation. Thanks you so much i will be waiting to hear from you soon.
Watton Collins

2013-08-30, 06:34:10
I present the abbreviation dialogue Skype messages with fraud Watton Collins:
[ 2013-07-17 1:02:21 p.m. ] Watton Collins ? ? , I have a problem here and now.
[ 2013-07-17 1:02:57 p.m. ] ? ? : What 's your problem?
[ 2013-07-17 1:03:32 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I was robbed this morning , when I go to buy goods to buy a taxi driver , and some of his gang
[ 2013-07-17 1:04:41 p.m. ] ? ? : No and now what do you do ? there are mafias themselves and need to be careful
[ 2013-07-17 1:05:15 p.m. ] Watton Collins took all my bags and my money . left me with nothing and just left the station now . I was robbed by Indian gangsters
[ 2013-07-17 1:06:59 p.m. ] ? ? : That is, you have to be there ?
[ 2013-07-17 1:07:21 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I reported to the police and the British Embassy is not in the city and do not know what to do , and just called my bank to block my card , I went out of my bank card portfolio.
[ 2013-07-17 1:09:11 p.m. ] ? ? : How did it happen that you just robbed ?
[ 2013-07-17 1:09:22 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I do not have any money on me now sleep in a different hotel , or money to buy your ticket to Kuala Lumpur , capital of Malaysia , to go to my embassy. I'm really in the shit here . I want to cry now . Baby I'm down , and I do not know what to do.
[ 2013-07-17 1:11:47 p.m. ] Watton Collins this morning and checked out the room to get a better hotel in the evening, because they do not like the service there at night sleep . Then choose a taxi in front of the hotel and gave him the address of the company and want to buy the goods and took me into the bush , where they have their gangs there.
[ 2013-07-17 1:13:45 p.m. ] Watton Collins : When we get to the bush parked and his band came out and started to beat me and gets all my bags and my money .
[ 2013-07-17 1:14:32 p.m. ] ? ? : You really are in big trouble if I could do to help . Is there anything I can do for you?
[ 2013-07-17 1:18:19 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Child, and was beaten , because I'm crying but even saw a gun and cutlass and cooperate with them. Is not eating anything for money, and I called my account officer said I can only get access to my online account and transfer money to another bank account .
[ 2013-07-17 1:20:30 p.m. ] Watton Collins : My mate said account can transfer money to the account of someone , but it will take up to 3 to 5 working days , which I do not have any money with me now, I 'm with you talk in an Internet cafe . I have nothing with me now , I'm totally down. and not knoe it's a stupid country
[ 2013-07-17 1:22:12 p.m. ] ? ? : So what will you do now that you're no nothing
[ 2013-07-17 1:22:36 p.m. ] Watton Collins ? ? , And I do not know if you can lend me some amount of money to eat and get a hotel room so that I can fly to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow and go to embassy. Maybe you can borrow a small amount through Western Union
[ 2013-07-17 1:24:40 p.m. ] Watton Collins ? ? , I intend to give your money back many, if you lend me , I will be grateful.
[ 2013-07-17 1:25:52 p.m. ] ? ? : And how much do you need?
[ 2013-07-17 1:26:22 p.m. ] Watton Collins ? ? , If you lend me ? I do not how much you can afford , I can not bring myself to help me , you have to understand , you have your own problems too. I'm crying now
[ 2013-07-17 1:29:44 p.m. ] Watton Collins : you lend me 600 euros , so that I can buy my ticket and leave this stupid country ?
[ 2013-07-17 1:30:07 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I'm sad that I asked for help my love .
[ 2013-07-17 1:32:31 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Honey, I promise I will not betray your love for me and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you.
[ 2013-07-17 1:32:50 p.m. ] ? ? : Write me exactly where all the data I send money
[ 2013-07-17 1:33:46 p.m. ] Watton Collins Darling, I give you the name of the man in an internet cafe and send it to him, he is a nice man . is to help me with the bush
[ 2013-07-17 1:34:09 p.m. ] ? ? : Ok
[ 2013-07-17 1:35:45 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Please wait let me ask a man to give me your details now .
[ 2013-07-17 1:36:30 p.m. ] ? ? : Ok, wait and then do the transaction and get your money
[ 2013-07-17 1:36:46 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I love you from the bottom of my heart , and I promise I will not fail you. I'll help you if you need me too. I'll be there for you when you need a shoulder to lean on .
[ 2013-07-17 1:38:40 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Name: Salip
Name: Zuraida Binti
Jalan Kuching
Country: Malaysia
[ 2013-07-17 1:39:21 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Last name: Salip
First Name : Zuraida Binti
Address : Jalan Kuching
Country : Malaysia
[ 2013-07-17 1:41:11 p.m. ] Watton Collins : My love , please send me information on my e-mail after sending the money , honey , please send it via Western Union . I love you with all my heart .
[ 2013-07-17 1:41:25 p.m. ] ? ? : About how long we 'll be in the cafeteria ?
[ 2013-07-17 1:41:47 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I'll be waiting for you on skype and e- mail in order to have the information .
[ 2013-07-17 1:41:58 p.m. ] ? ? : Ok
[ 2013-07-17 1:42:59 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I'll wait for you at an internet cafe , because I have nowhere to go and no place to sleep. I love you so much , my angel .
[ 2013-07-17 1:45:35 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Honey , are you there ?
[ 2013-07-17 1:46:07 p.m. ] Watton Collins : can you go now ?
[ 2013-07-17 1:47:10 p.m. ] ? ? : So for a while I transfer you money
[ 2013-07-17 1:47:47 p.m. ] ? ? : I'll do it online
[ 2013-07-17 1:47:59 p.m. ] Watton Collins : ok I'll wait for you my love . you are so dear.
[ 2013-07-17 1:48:14 p.m. ] ? : Only while you wait
[ 2013-07-17 1:50:14 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Honey , you can send only 500 euros online and it will take me 24 hours before and get the money .
[ 2013-07-17 1:53:44 p.m. ] ? ? : That is, if you send the 500 euros it will be longer to
[ 2013-07-17 1:54:51 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I do not know if you think you can send a 1,000 euros now ?
[ 2013-07-17 1:55:24 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Honey , what can you do for me now I'm waiting.I love you so much
[ 2013-07-17 1:57:11 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I'm tired of life , my love that shit .
[ 2013-07-17 1:58:52 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Ok to send 1,000 euros , my love . I love you with all my heart and I'm with you baby
[ 2013-07-17 2:12:57 p.m. ] Watton Collins : You can go to an agent and send it ?
[ 2013-07-17 2:14:29 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Honey, can you go to the bank or Western Union outlet ?
[ 2013-07-17 2:17:41 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Do you have the west bank ? or MoneyGram ?
[ 2013-07-17 2:20:30 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Last name: Salip ........... First Name : Zuraida Binti ..... Address : Jalan Kuching ...... Country : Malaysia
[ 2013-07-17 2:22:39 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Give me your address and city
[ 2013-07-17 2:41:45 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I do not have a bank here in Malaysia. You can only send money to a man by the name of Western Union. I love you
[ 2013-07-17 2:43:13 p.m. ] Watton Collins : Send money to name the man via Western Union or MoneyGram . thank you
[ 2013-07-17 2:44:35 p.m. ] Watton Collins will be waiting for you , honey. send the information to my email. thank you baby
[ 2013-07-17 10:18:25 p.m. ] Watton Collins : We go pick up the money in the money , then buy my ticket. I can not wait to be in your arms my angel .
[ 2013-07-17 10:19:25 p.m. ] ? ? : And if you are flying to the Malaysian capital tomorrow as well. ?
[ 2013-07-17 10:20:14 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I was afraid to give you my heart , but now here you are booked in a special place in the
[ 2013-07-17 10:26:35 p.m. ] Watton Collins : My heart is filled with the love you gave me . In return, I'll do yours overflow .... I will love you forever
[ 2013-07-17 10:30:19 p.m. ] Watton Collins : I can no longer do business in this country , because it deprived me and I have no money to work until I get a shirt of England to access your account ..
[ 2013-07-18 8:50:35 ] Watton Collins : For understanding , sometimes beyond your strength , for your invaluable help , please accept my warmest thanks
[ 2013-07-18 8:51:47 ] Watton Collins : Thank you for the care, support and incomparable love . I am who I am because of you . Thank you for this
[ 2013-07-18 8:53:00 ] Watton Collins : Thank you all for being there for me. Thank you for ignoring my faults and encouraging my merits .
[ 2013-07-18 8:53:47 ] Watton Collins : They say love is good for the reproduction of humanity but friendship for its improvement. Thank you for helping me .
[ 2013-07-18 8:56:18 ] Watton Collins : I do not know how to show my gratitude and I can not say enough good things about it , but I will say a big thank you baby.
Please find enclosed the questionnaire of the alleged bank that I have completed and paid 7500euro but would not do it because I realized that they are phishing scammers money.

2013-09-02, 07:32:31
On 30.08.2013. Collins Watton changed scammer Facebook account to Watton Dylan, Bristol, United Kingdom, with the same photo that was used under the name Watton Collins.
2013-09-03, 15:13:02   (updated: 2013-09-03, 15:16:33)
Introduce the abbreviation recent dialogue and contact Watton Collins via Skype:
[2013-08-07 22:08:38] Watton Collins: Hello
[2013-08-07 22:16:38] Watton Collins: Are you there?
[2013-08-07 22:18:02] ????: hello, you know what for me is also strange. Because you are present on skype every day during the Malaysian is 3 or 4 hours at night., And in the morning you go to sleep. It made me very surprised. For me at the moment is 22.15 evening, in Malaysia it is 4.15 in the morning. It was not strange to me that if you were in England, because there is of course one hour earlier as in Poland.
[2013-08-07 22:20:28] ????: You raised so that also my suspicion that just you lying to me.
[2013-08-07 22:21:00] Watton Collins: I always borrow someone Laptop
[2013-08-07 22:21:18] Watton Collins: The only borrow me this time
[2013-08-07 22:21:37]????: Yesterday I thought about it and for me it was unlikely
[2013-08-07 22:21:51] Watton Collins: He only borrow when Europe is in Night time
[2013-08-07 22:23:40]????: I know not in what I have believe
[2013-08-07 22:24:53] ????: because you have excuses for everything
[2013-08-07 22:25:29] Watton Collins: What excuse??
[2013-08-07 22:25:37] Watton Collins: you don't trust me
[2013-08-07 22:25:50] Watton Collins: that's the problem you are having
[2013-08-07 22:29:24]????: I tell myself that sometimes I think too much at the beginning I trusted you
[2013-08-07 22:30:09] Watton Collins: Why you lack trust in me now?
[2013-08-07 22:31:40] Watton Collins: Why you don't believe me again?
[2013-08-07 22:32:21] Watton Collins: Honesty and Trust are the foundation of true love
[2013-08-07 22:32:58]????: and I sometimes think that it was just a beautiful dream, because it would be all too beautiful, and life is not a bed of roses but to thorns.
[2013-08-07 22:34:36] Watton Collins: ....., i want you to trust me and have believe in me
[2013-08-07 22:34:46] Watton Collins: you are not dreaming
[2013-08-07 22:35:00] Watton Collins: Baby am going to make your dream come true soon
[2013-08-07 22:37:18]????: but tell me how?
[2013-08-07 22:37:54] Watton Collins: When we meet in person soon
[2013-08-07 22:38:27] ????: because I've lost all hope
[2013-08-07 22:38:57] Watton Collins: Why you lost hope in me??
[2013-08-07 22:42:13]????: Some dreams in life do not come true, because life would be too beautiful
[2013-08-07 22:43:31] Watton Collins:......., can you buy me ticket to poland?
[2013-08-07 22:43:54] Watton Collins: the more am here the more things is getting spoil
[2013-08-07 22:46:30]????: why did you wait so long to go from Malaysia?
[2013-08-07 22:47:15] Watton Collins: Because i want to finish my business
[2013-08-07 22:49:36]????: after all, you have a problem and you say you like me you buy a ticket it will not let you board the aircraft. And I do not find money on the street to throw them away.
[2013-08-07 22:51:51] Watton Collins: that is the problem now
[2013-08-07 22:52:04] Watton Collins: but you can't send me the money to buy iy
[2013-08-07 22:52:06] Watton Collins: it
[2013-08-07 22:52:39] Watton Collins: If you can borrow just 300 euros i will be in Poland tomorrow
[2013-08-07 22:54:21]????: money I will not send you
[2013-08-07 22:55:05] Watton Collins:......, will you send me 300 euros?
[2013-08-07 22:55:08]????: it is my firm decision
[2013-08-07 22:55:16] Watton Collins: and let me buy my ticket this morning
[2013-08-07 22:58:24]????: to send money to you now I do not stretch
[2013-08-07 22:58:42] Watton Collins:......, if you borrow me this money will get my ticket this morning and be in Poland tomorrow
[2013-08-07 23:00:15] Watton Collins: I will be greatful if you can help me for the last time and i be with you in Poland
[2013-08-07 23:00:58]????: the subject already told you, I transformed and that more money does not send
[2013-08-07 23:01:22] Watton Collins: I will just buy my Ticket to Poland this morning
[2013-08-07 23:02:00] Watton Collins: I can see you don't tust me
[2013-08-07 23:02:11] Watton Collins: and you are just here to waste my time
[2013-08-07 23:06:17]????: you get me that at this moment I do not believe, because of the money that you sent, you said that you buy a ticket to Gdansk, and you unfortunately you're still in Malaysia.
[2013-08-07 23:07:16] Watton Collins: I told you i made part payment then
[2013-08-07 23:07:25]????: if you are wasting your time on me you have to look for another
[2013-08-07 23:11:04] Watton Collins: ok
[2013-08-07 23:12:37] Watton Collins: Since you want me to look for someone else no problem
[2013-08-07 23:13:08] Watton Collins: I can't continue with a relationship without trust
[2013-08-07 23:14:29]????: so of course, I also can not
[2013-08-07 23:15:26] Watton Collins: ok good
[2013-08-07 23:15:39] Watton Collins: thanks fir the good momeries
[2013-08-07 23:16:41] Watton Collins: takecare
[2013-08-07 23:16:44] Watton Collins: bye
The last email I sent to him asking for a refund, wrote to me, saying, quote:
'Stop Contacting be before I lay a curse on you with bible.'



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