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Dating scammer Greg Philip


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Name: Greg Philip



phone mumber: +12147026375

Other Comments:
I started chatting with Greg Philip in june. He told me he was US Army captain in Afganistan. He was send to Sudan for Peace negotiations. Like other scammers he fell in love with me very fast. Wanted to give me the World. He is a widdower and has a daught called Courtney age 6. He asked me to send Money to his agent so the agent could buy her a gift for her birthday.

I did not understand comepletly Honey? Do you ask me to send you Money?

21:33 Greg Phillip:
no babe

21:33 (ME):
Oh... Sorry

21:33 Greg Phillip:
i am talking abt the agent
u have to send him and tell him wht he will get for Courtney for her birthday because am not there,,
he have been the one taking care of it for me because i dont have time on here and the nannys know him verywell,,,so they know that anything that comes from him is from me
So you want me to send Money to your agent to buy a presant to our daughter?

21:43 Greg Phillip:
yes love

21:43 (ME):
Okay. How much?

21:44 Greg Phillip:
any amount u can afford for her present babe

21:44 (ME):
But you must have some idear how much you want her to have?

21:45 Greg Phillip:
just a token babe,,,maybe between 300 or 500
are u on skype now???

21:47 (ME):
yes i am.
That is a lot of Money baby.

21:48 Greg Phillip:
so just tell me how much can u afford for that

21:49 (ME):
Yes Honey. I have the Money, but do i know you that well and can i trust you?

21:49 Greg Phillip:
babe why do u ask this question?
offcourse u can and i do the same too
his name is :Tony Robert

21:55 (ME):

21:55 Greg Phillip:
city: istanbul
Country: Turkey

21:57 (ME):
okay. But i cant send Money to a guy called Tony Robert in Istanbull, Turkey? How do i do that?
Does he have a bank account?

21:58 Greg Phillip:
just a western union babe thats all

21:58 (ME):
Okay honey

Ofcause i did not send the Money.

He went on a mission few days later. I told my friends that i was sure he would get shot.
This was what hw wrote to me after the mission
My dearest, God really saved my life today, our van got hit by RPG and the power turned it over,I took a bullet, we got pinned down and no exit, we received heavy firing and secured a safe position till our back up came to our rescue, throughout the 1 hour 23 minutes,of all that with the sound of bullets all through this moment, face to face with deaths and injured ones,,,I never paused calling upon God to arrive for the battle.

I am OK, the bullet passed through my laps, nothing to fear, it is just a flesh cut, at least now I will be out of action for at least a week, I took a walk to the command room just to look for someone that can help me till when am off from here.

The image picture i saw before sending this email is you and it is the person that God directed me for you to help me out on this issue.

Yesterday some wonderful thing happened, something that will change our life forever but then this can only happen if you have the faith that i have for you we can achieve this, I know that you are truly the person that tomorrow you will not turn your back on me.

During our patrol our Intel passed a resourceful information to us and with the lead and our base approval we made the confrontation, and to our greatest surprise, we discovered in their hide out lots of ammunition, a plan for a suicide plot still in planning against our base, huge amount of cash in US dollars,

This people are terrible, how can a human being sit and plan to kill his fellow just because of man view point, it is unbelievable.

On our way back to camp we made a stop and our team head mapped out some of the money for our well being, I can't say no, I took it, the reality of the fact that i will be leaving the Army by next 3 months started unfolding, I remembered so many good comfort the money will provide when I leave the Army, I took it,

I have with me as I am sending this mail the sum of $1.8m US dollars, 'One million and eighth hundred thousand US dollars, my fear is that this money can not be safe in the camp,

Who do i send it to, who can I trust to keep it for me, my dearest no one, faith brought us together for a purpose, I strongly believe in my heart that we are going to see next 3 months in your country, I keep asking myself why now, just 3 months to leave the Army, just now that I am in love,i promise you when i arrive we can sit and share the money i promise to offer you 30% of the fund.

My dearest sent from heaven, from the moment the bag was handed over to me and the question of who will keep this for me, the moment God thought came into my mind, I nursed no fear, i felt no doubt, I believe that it will be safe with you, there won't be any problem, all you need to do is to receive the bag from delivery courier company and safe Guide it until I come over by next 3months, I know that God is already with us.

Do not say a word about this to anyone, the only problem will be when you tell people because they will want to steal the money from you by all means.

My dearest sent from Heaven, would you safe guide the fund for us? our medical supply will be coming in any moment from now, I can plead with the flight accompanying diplomat that clears our medical supply to lift it out of our base.

Your Love,

Whay a guy. After that he asked me to go to Turkey to pick up the box for him and take care of it. When i refusen he got so angry at me.

how can someone that says that she loves me dont obey my command even when its for our own betterment

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2013-07-16, 04:10:24
catballoo6 from Denmark  

2013-07-16, 04:10:24
catballoo6 from Denmark  

2013-07-16, 04:20:37
catballoo6 from Denmark  

2013-07-16, 04:21:15
catballoo6 from Denmark  

2013-07-16, 04:22:03
catballoo6 from Denmark  

2013-07-16, 04:22:45
catballoo6 from Denmark  

2013-11-07, 04:14:53
I think is the same one with another name now and another picture,
it called Eric Bethel.
2013-11-07, 04:19:24
the same number the same story.

2013-11-07, 04:25:13
2013-11-07, 16:18:20
Catballoo from Denmark  
I am happy that you posted him here.┬┤He is very agressiv and dangerous. The last time i saw him online on skype, he told me that he was so unhappy every time he looked at my face. LOL. Dont these guys ever learn?? They are so stupid.



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