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Network (local network and Internet) programming under Windows with Delphi.


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Progress bar with the TWebBrowser component


How can I make the TWebBrowser component display a progress bar?


The TWebBrowser component cannot display a progress bar on its own. You need to add a TProgressBar component from the Win32 component palette and hook into the TWebBrowser.OnProgressChange event as shown in the code below.

procedure TForm1.WebBrowser1ProgressChange(Sender: TObject;
                    Progress, ProgressMax: integer);
 begin { TForm1.WebBrowser1ProgressChange }
   if Progress>0 then
     ProgressBar1.MaxValue := ProgressMax;
     ProgressBar1.Position := Progress
   end { Progress>0 }
     ProgressBar1.Progress := 0
 end; { TForm1.WebBrowser1ProgressChange }
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